ragini true love VS/ destiny (Episode 1)


Ok gues let satrt the story hope u like it
At police station
At a meeting hall their r some officials seated sanlak acp sir, abhishek, and dya r also their
All r seated sanskar is lost in his thoughts
Acp notices that
Acp: u gues tell me why we r here
Daya: sir to discuss about our plan about the bomblast
Acp: eaxcatly and laksh what u bro is doing
Laksh sees him and shakes him
Daya: oh half time romeo come out of ur dream world

Acp: u didn’t answer me laksh
Laksh tautly: he’s busy in thinking about ladoo ops……… sory I mean my have to be bhabhi
All laugh
Sanskar: will u all stop sir I was thinking about isha
Laksh: when did she replace rago
Sanskar: no one can take place of my rago I am talking about that terrorist
Acp: yeah akram informed us that she knows about all plans
Laksh: if we catch her our problems is solved
Daya: I don’t think its so easy
Acp: I got to know something he tells them (it muted)
Sanskar similes
Acp: what happened
Sanskar: sir my rago used to say something
Daya: how is ur julet connected to this
sanskar : I have plan we catch her she will definetly pass the information about bomb blast to other mebers of group if we can get the place where they would meet we can catch her
Laksh: but how would we recognise her
Daya: ha we don’t have any pic of her
All r tensed

At a old factory
Ragini, avinash, and karan
Ragiini: why u called us here its so risk
avinash: because sp sanskar maheswari is behind u he want to catch u
Ragini: what sanskar is kolkata’s sp
Avinash: ha do u know him
Karan: no one know him better than her(giving teasing simile)
Ragini: this is not time to talk about all this
Avinash: what is next plan
Ragini: I’ll handle sanskar and any information about those officer
Karan: no……
Ragini:ok we should move
The next day
At dargha
Karan and Ragini r wearing a burka their r lot of people lot of crowd they came too meet a officer to pass the information about blast sanlak got to knew they were their to catch isha

Sanlak is also their their r wearing bruka
Ragsan r feeling eachothers presence their their is tight security their r many officers who have disgussied themselves
Ragini saw a officer having gun she said karan that they r here to catch isha
Karan : ok u go that direction I’ll go this have this
(he gave her a gun)
Someofficials saw this and informed to sanlak they too spilted sanskar was behind ragini and laksh was behind karan
Sanskar saw her he ran behind her sanskar got hold of
Sanskar: don’t dare to move
Rag: first catch me
She freed herself and ran sankar saw her eyes he was memerised to see those eyes it seemed to be familiar to him sanskar was likespell bond to those

Laksh comes their
Laksh: bhai what to do know they ran
Sanskar is lost in his own thoughts
Laksh: bhai he sees a letter he picks it
Bhai sees this
Sanskar take it and read
“ jisi trah kutte ki dhum kabhi sisdi nahi ho sakti usi tarh tum logo ki koshi kabhi sawafal nahi ho sakt””
Their was a sign like a symbol sanskar got very angry reading that
They move to police station
He shows letter to all

All r shocked and tensed
Sanskar: sir know I will get hold of her at any cost what she has thought about herself she has
sanskar maheswari’s ego she has to face the consequence know
Acp: cool down they r upto something big
Sanskar in his cabin
He is lost in his own thoughts he sees letter and that sign
Sanskar: it looks like I know this
and goes to FB
ragsan r sitting in garden holding each others hand
Sanskar: ragini if some day u went somewhere if u hide urself then how would I get ti know thats
Ragini: why this question suddenly
Sanskar: answer me na
Ragini thinks for a while
Ragini: ok she takes a pen and paper and signs but it looks like a symbol
She gives that to sanskar
Sanskar: what’s this

Ragini: if u see this sign anywhere rember that its me
Sanskar: why this
Ragini: because its a symbol more than a sign
Sanskar: looks like u became intelligent being with me ha
Ragini: acha ji and starts hitting him playfully they laugh and have fun
FB ends
Sanskar sees that sign carefully and its the same as ragini drawn
Sanskar: this is same as ragini drew that means she is ragini but how can that be possible waht’s happening with me is she ragini my herat is saying that she is ragini but how that be what’s happening
Just then laksh comes he sees sanskar tensed
Laksh: bhai what happend
Sanskar: why I am feeling that ragini is around me
Laksh: what new in that u always feel that
Daya and abhishek comes in
Daya: what’s going on

Laksh: talking about his lady love
Abhi: omg can’t u stop thinking about her for a while
All start to laugh sanskar is tensed
They stop their laugh seeing him
Daya: what happened
Laksh: I will tell u he feels that ragini is around him
Sanskar: laksh plsz I am serious
Abhi: why did u feel that
He shows the letter
Abhi: this is same letter what’s new in that
Sanskar: see this sign
Laksh: bhai its just sign
Sanskar: no lucky this is ragini’s sign

Daya: how can u be so sure about it
Sanskar: because this is her specia; sign and she does not do more than sign its a symbol
Laksh: bahi ur thinking so much
Sanskar: I really don’t know
ON the way to secret room
Its a long tunnel
Karan: rag why did u write that letter
Ragini: because I know sanskar after reading it he will do either of two things
Karan: and what’s that
Ragini: by my letter his ego will be hurted an by my sign he may think that I am ragini
Karan: how

Ragini: because I wrote ““ jisi trah kutte ki dhum kabhi sisdi nahi ho sakti usi tarh tum logo ki koshi kabhi sawafal nahi ho sakt” and I know after reading it his so called the great sanskar maheswari will come out and he will do anything to catch me
Karan: then its trouble for us only
Ragini: no because his all action r planned by me I mean I know him how he will react
Karan: what may he doing know
Ragini: I am sure he’s tensed to see the sign and know he’ll try to catch isha at any cost
Karan: what r upto
Ragini: I want to know those corrupt officers name that means I should be caught to free me they will come out I know their names by this we will get strong evidence
Karan: ok but why that sign
Ragini: to confuse him btw isha and ragini u know if he is determined to catch isha it will be more trouble for me because how will he catch me would create a great difficulty for me and in that situation I may have to reveal my identity and I don’t want that
Karan: handa off to u awesome planning but if he gets to know that ur ragini what will he do or
what u will do

Ragini: he will trouble me I know that for sure and about me I don’t know
Preacp: sanskar catches isha(ragini)
Ragini’s true identity reviled

Gues hope u’ll like it plsz comment I know its boring but after ragsan and swalk come together their will be lots of nokh jokh, romance but spare me I am unable to write those scenes to show how cops work I am weak in expressing such scenes those r serious scenes and I am not so serious so plsz pardon me………………. thank u’ll love u……………. plsz plsz plsz plsz comment…………………….
Thank u ……………………….

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