Ragini and swara (epi 6)

Hey guyssss…continuing sorry for late update
By mistake laksh instead of entering ragini’s room enters dadi’s room.as its dark he cant recognise anything.
Laksh: ragini, get up..(and he touches dadi’s hand and says surprisingly)..oh my god ragini i know that you met with the accident and you should take rest..but i didn’t know that you’ll get fat in just two days..see your hand it has become so motu like dadi..

Ragini gets worried as laksh didn’t come until now..so she goes out to see him…and comes near dadi room and listens to laksh voice

Laksh: i know your mom will prepare awesome food but you shouldn’t overeat..
Laksh sleeps on dadi’s bed and dadi in her sleep puts hand on him..
To which laksh shouts..but he holds fis mouth tightly so no one shouldn’t get up..
Laksh thinks..maaa..

Dadi(in sleep): shekar’s father when did you come…(shekar’s father has gone out of station)..i was missing you so much..there is no one to take care of me as you do..i love you..

Laksh was shell shocked and heard ragini laughing..
Laksh thinks: oh no this is dadi’s room ..and even in this age she romances ..great..even now dadi’s hand is on him..dadi’s hands are like hands of body builder..tries to remove dadi’s hand.but cant

Laksh: ragini instead of laughing come and help me
Ragini: who is there?did robber come…(in a voice only audible to laksh)..
Laksh pulls ragini’s hand and tells her to help..ragini helps him..and both come out..
Laksh gives sigh of relief ..and sees ragini laughing..for the very first time he gets mesmerised seeing herfor the first time he is falling in love with her…for the first time he is seeing her face properly…for the first time he is being proud to call her as his wife and gives a proud smile…and he comes out of thinking..
Laksh: instead of laughing you would have helped me..your dadi’s hand is like bulldozer..my stomach is still paining..
Ragini:when did you come laksh ji..wait wait what did you say about my dadi’s hand..
Laksh: ragini i’ve come from mm for your sake only..to check your health and all..but you are not worried..
Ragini: so you came here to ask about my health..im good please leave now
Laksh: ha,.,.you are asking your husband to leave without giving atleast water to drink….(in mind: not only that i want to confess my love to you and ask you sorry)..
Ragini: okay water is on table..please drink and go..im sleepy i’ll go..(in mind: i thought he wou;ld say i love you..but sanskar thought in a wrong way)
Lakshi: ragini(saying her name seductively..)
Ragini gets excited thinking he may say now and turns back..
Laksh throws water on her face..
She gets annoyed..and turns to leave….
Laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer and now his chin is resting oh her shoulder…and whispers baby you look so cute when you are angry ..sorry for throwing water..and listen tomo whole day you have to spend with me..be ready at 6 in morning…
Ragini: no i cant as me,swara and sanskar are going for picnic
Ragini:swara and i want to spend time together so..
Laksh: then y sanskar..
Ragini: he is my best friend so..
Laksh: im your husband ragini..you should do as i say..its already 2 go and sleep..ill come at 6
Ragini: no need to come..if you come also i’ll go with my bestie and sis..
Laksh: we will see darlinggggg..

Precap: swara,sanskar and ragini going for picnic..and ragini gets kidnapped

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