Ragini and swara (epi 5)

In baadi
Sanskaar consoles ragini and says we will teach him a lesson.tells her jokes to make her laugh. Swara gets up hearing laughing sound…Sanskar says to ragini that swara is so short that i cant even …swara who hears this gets angry and starts beating him and says ill see you after marriage and you ragini you are my sister and you are laughing at me
Ragini : hmmmm…i give importance to my best friend than my sis ..sryy
Swara shows fake anger
Ragini : im very sorry sanskar always my sis first..
Sanskar: its okay cutie…im very happy to see you together
Swara and ragini: you should be
Swara: sanskaar we shall go to picnic tomo
Sanskar : okay mam

Swara and ragini realises that he has come to baadi at night
Swara : why did u come here
Sanskar : should i not come and give respect to your husband
Swara : so you came through window…good not bad
Sanskar: actually swara you know ragini is pregnant so i came here to check about her health as we both had accident
Swara : really..im very happy..she only told about divorce papers..but
Ragini : i cant be happy or sad..see my fate
Swara : don’t get sad ragini…
Swara comes near ragini’s stomach and says baby tell your mama don’t be sad
Ragini: ok ok i should go now you both talk
Swara : no need of that sanskar ..i want to spend this whole week with my sister…i got my world back..plz leave
Sanskar gets happy seeing their sisterly bond after many days and he comes to mm

In mm
Laksh who was waiting for sanskaar
Laksh: bhai how is ragini now..is she fine ,..did she eat did she..
Sanskar: if you want ask her..y r u asking me
Laksh: bhai i know you had been to baadi..and must have met ragini so i asked
Sanskar goes off
Laksh : y is bhai behaving like that..

In laksh room
He sees ragini everywhere.
Laksh: when did you come
Goes to touch her..but she disappears
Laksh: yes as mom told she has changed..im deeply in love with her..i cant give her pain ..from beginning she has loved only me only me…i cant imagine my life without her..i cant see her in pain..though she has got accident im in pain…how dumbhead i am..i think she is angry on me..but why..may she has seen divorce papers..dont worry ragini..ill not give you divorce….i should now go to baadi to see my ragini ..what??..how come my join in..he smiles and says yes she is my ragini..lucky’s ragini..only lucky’s…ya i’ll be possessive about her..i’ll give all happiness to her..i’ll love her more than she can imagine..i’ll have lots of kids with her..i’ll ..lucky smiles at wat he was saying..and now i should go to baadi to meet my babe..
Sanskar hears this and gets happy and calls ragini (he knew that ragini will not be sleeping because of the tension)tells everything and also tells that he is coming to baadi just to meet her’’
Ragini: how can i believe him bestie

Sanskar : u trust me right
Ragini : yes
Sanskar : he has realised feelings for you…but try to act being angry on him atleast for 2 days
Ragini : okay..bye bestie,.you are the best bestie i could ask for

Ragini is very happy and opens the window so that he can come easily..she is waiting for him
She sees him coming and pretends to sleep..
Laksh gets confused with the room..instead of going to swaragini ‘s room he goes to dadi’s room….

To be continued

guys i planned to write about tejaswi and parth (kyy) ff…what do you think guys??

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