Ragini and swara (epi 4)

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Sumi in mind: why ragini is looking upset and she didn’t even it..i should take her food and should ask the matter.
She takes the food and was going..but swara stops her
Swara:maa i’ll take the food to her..i saw that she is upset and saw many missed calls of laksh on her phone..most probably they had fight i think..
Sumi: she may scold you ..and may think that you are faking concern
Swara: no maa believe me..you will see swaragini together again
Sumi : hope so ..my blessings will always be there for you

Swara goes towards the room..ragini who was crying hearing the footsteps wipes the tears and closes the eyes
Swara enters their room and sees ragini sleeping
Swara: ragini i know you are not sleeping ..plz get up and eat the food.
Swara starts tickling ragini..ragini laughs..but gets up immediately and scolds swara
Ragini: why are you doing this?i don’t want to eat or talk ..and don’t behave like a child
Swara: okay ragini..im sorry..and starts doing sit ups..saying 1 sorry , 2 sorry , 3 sorry,5 sorry..
Ragini : swara you missed 4
Swara gets happy
Swara: ohhh…someone said that they will not talk
Ragini : i didn’t talk to you , i was talking to my self..
Swara: then wat are you doing now
Ragini realises ….ragini to escape from this situation
Ragini: maa im feeling sleepy…ill sleep.and switches off the light
Swara: maa im not feeling sleepy..and i want lights on..and she turns on the light
Ragini: maa this is my room also..and its night..everyone will be sleeping.and i don’t get sleep if lights are on…

Swara also gets up and turns on the light..both are switching off and on the light…swara now keeps hand on it and she falls due to shock
Ragini gets worried
Ragini: swara i told you not to behave like a child..see wat happened plz get up..
Swara sees ragini’s concern and acts as being unconscious
Ragini: swara plz get up ..i cant lose you..im nothing without you..i should have turned the light on..why did i behave like a child..im sorry..i know first i behaved wrongly with you for that laksh ..so i was guilt i couldnt see your face and talk i wanted to tell you sorry from long time…im very sorry plz get up..what should i tell sanskar?..this happened because of me..plz get up..i love you very much..now i cant see you in pain..i know you are only one who loves me truly..lets forget the past things and we shall be swaragini again.already i have lost my love and i cant afford to lose you..ill never be hurdle in your life..i’ll do whatever you say…you wanted me to eat right..if you get up then only ill eat..
Swara: okay eat..
Ragini: swara you are conscious..you scared me..i hate you..
Swara: ohfo..i heard everything ..plzz now don’t act..sit quietly and ill make you eat to my ladoo..
Swara is making ragini to eat..ragini is sitting like a child and eating..
Both have tears in their eyes.
Swara starts scolding ragini..ragini if anyone is unconscious you should take them to doctor otherwise should do first aid..you were sitting and crying in front of me
Ragini:sorry shona..
Swara gets happy to hear shona from ragini ‘ s mouth
Ragini: i didn’t know wat to do..my heart stopped at that moment ..i was not ready to lose you..im sorry..

Swara: oh its okay..wash hands..lets sleep…
Ragini: can i hug my shona
Swara: no need to ask…we are not different ..u r my soul..come lets hug
They hug tightly and cry..
Swara remembers ragini telling that she has lost her love..and remembers the missed calls..
Ragini: what are you thinking swara..ill never do anything harm to you..i will always love you..you have done so much for me..this is the time to return
Swara : ohk if this is true..you should tell me truth
Ragini : offcourse i will do anything for you
Swara : so tell me why you said that you lost your love..
Ragini :nothing..you don’t ask me that
Swara : okay don’t talk to me..do whatever you want
Ragini: no swara don’t be angry..and she tells about the divorce papers and she also tells about the accident and how sanskar saved her
Swara feels proud about sanskar..
Swara : wait but why did laksh called you so many times…
Ragini : may be to tell about divorce
Swara : did you pick up the call
Ragini : yeah

Swara : wat did he tell
Ragini : he asked about the accident
Swara : we should teach him a lesson…
Ragini : don’t do anything to him..may be its punishment for my wrong doings
Swara : don’t tell like that..you know right that everything is fair in love and war..
Ragini : it suits only in films
Swara : no babe…lets teach him a lesson..and tomo lets i mean only you , me and sanskar lets go to trip
Ragini : why should i be a third wheeler between you and sanskar
Swara: no no..you are not the third wheeler..actually sanskar is third wheeler..i wanted only you and i to go for trip..but we don’t know driving..so
Both laugh
Ragini : so swara you are calling my best friend as driver..ill tell him
Swara : so you are on his team
Ragini : yes i am
Swara : ill not talk with you
Ragini :kkk..babe im in both the teams..
Swara : lets sleep..because we should get up early
Ragini : k
Swara sleeps and has smile on her face..because swaragini are both together now
Ragini is thinking about laksh and crying just then sanskar comes and sees swara sleeping happily and ragini crying ..but they both are holding hands..he is confused..

Precap: same as previous episodes

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  1. wow…hope same bond will be seened in curent track also…

  2. wow…hope same bond will be shown in curent track also…

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