Ragini and swara (epi 3)

Thank you all for the comments..but i atleast need 15 comments so as to confirm that story is good and for continuation
Episode starts with
At night
Laksh calls ragini to ask about the accident
Laksh: why is she not picking phone?what is she doing?cant she take care about herself…
He calls her 5 times but she will not pick..and he asks himself..why im worried about her ,she did so much to my family..i hate her..let her go anywhere she wants to

Ragini to herself maybe laksh called so many times to tell about the divorce.i know he is eager to give me divorce..but if he tells directly my heart breaks..im not ready to face this

After 1 hour
Laksh is not able to divert his mind and calls again to her .this time ragini picks up
Ragini: hel.. laksh starts speaking
Laksh: what are you doing ragini? Cant you pick the phone..i was worried about you..sanskar told about the accident
Ragini in her mind : worried…does he know meaning of it.He is giving me divorce..whats there in worrying.
Ragini: im fine now..shall i cut the call(in rude way)
Laksh didn’t know what to speak
Laksh: okay bye…ragini take ca..but she had already cut the call

Laksh to himself why did she speak like that.she never spoke to me like that ..may be she is not feeling well
He again calls her
Laksh:why you didn’t come
Ragini in her mind so he wants to tell about the divorce face to face.hoe can he do this
Ragini: i’ll come after 2 days
Laksh: why
Ragini: ive to care of maa
Ragini: bye
Laksh: bye

Ap calls sanskar,uttara and laksh to have dinner
Ap serves them
Laksh: ragini can you pass sauce
He realises that ragini is not there and all are staring at him
Laksh: sorry i forgot that she is not there..uttara plz pass
Sanskar : don’t act..(sanskar thinks that laksh is acting in front of maa that he loves ragini)
Laksh doesn’t understand and ignores

After finishing the dinner
Sanskar: maa..my stomach is full ill go for nightwalk
Uttara: upto baadi right
Sanskar: ya..realises what she asked..no around the house only and playfully he beats her.
Uttara:ohh is it so then ill also come for nightwalk around the house
Sanskar: no girls shouldn’t walk at night..as ghosts will be walking
Uttara: so you are ghost….

Sanskar:why are you troubling me..and this he says in low voice yesterday you said that you scored less marks in economics right..should it tell maa
Uttara:fine..you can say directly that you don’t want to take me to baadi so that you can meet swara alone..and don’t tell about the marks and she goes to her room
Laksh who was seeing this smiles at them and he goes to his room

Sanskar goes to baadi
He climbs the pipe goes to swaragini’s room through window….first he sees swara who is sleeping peacefully as a cutie doll..and his gaze shifts to ragini..who is crying

Precap:same as yesterday…

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  1. Laksh started to love Ragini but he is unaware about it.. But Ragini started to hate him.. Nice episode but too short.. Update soon

    1. I’m trying to update as long as possible. ..ty for encouragement

  2. well done yaar…waiting for next episode..

  3. vry nice make it long….

  4. nice…pls write some more lengthy ones

  5. plz continue its amazing plz ..

  6. nice make it little long plz

  7. Nice…update long episode yaar..

  8. Very nice and plz make it lengthy

  9. see gear dont worry abt comments…. continue & after every chapter u will see comments increasing.

    1. K…but I wanted to decide whether to continue. ..but I’ll definitely continue..I love all your ff abt ragini

  10. laksh finally start to feel for ragini nice, make it long

  11. U doing a gud job dear… Ur story is very nyc so plsss continue…

  12. sorry kruti i thought it has swaragini update page and commented really i am very sorry yaar

  13. God……..I am loving it! Frankly speaking, I was getting bored of the, 5 years later Ragini ffs. She always ended up with another guy. I don’t think she needs any man to complete her………. She is very strong. And you are brilliant and I love your ff cause you are showing Ragini and Sanskaar’s friendship…………something lost somewhere in midst of Swasan. Thank you, keep up the good work and PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!!!!!!

  14. please continue with ur ff because this one of my favorite. A lot of my friends love ur ff but they are silent readers. I’m not even a North Indian and I don’t live in India either but still I love reading ur ff. I’m South Indian?

  15. Varsha Darshini

    Dear, there are many silent readers like me also… So please dont stop it for the sake of less comments. Its really suprb<3..

  16. Am already in love with ur ff..pls do continue? n Raglak..RagSan bonding both were sooo cute??waiting for next?

  17. ur just awesome…

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