Ragini and swara (epi 2)

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After coming out of hospital Ragini cries vigorously. ..Sanskar says you should be happy but why are you crying. .She tells about the divorce papers she saw..and again starts crying..Sanskar gets angry on laksh..Sanskar says “I’ll tell him everything come with me now”..but ragini resists and says may be he his giving punishment to my wrong doings which I deserve..sanskar you go as swara might be waiting and can you please give groceries to home as Maa asked..plz give it to her..I’ll go to baadi and come ..Sanskar gets worrier for her and doubts if she doesn’t go to baadi..
Sanskar : ragini come I’ll leave you to baari. .
Ragini: no ill go on my own
Sanskar: don’t you want to listen to your best friend
Ragini gets happy about what he said and hugs him and says yes only you are my best friend and only you can help me..I’ll come to baadi withyou but you shouldn’t tell about my pregnancy to anyone promise
Sanskar had no choice so promises her
Kavita who was listening to all this clicks photo of both hugging
Kavita in her mind ab aayega asli maza

Sanskar leaves ragini to baadi and directly goes to mm to give groceries to ap..This was insisted by ragini he happily obeys..
Ragini goes inside the baadi all gets worried seeing her injuries and band aids
She tells them that she is fine but someone helped her from causing big accident. .
Sanskar gives groceries to ap
ap: Actually I told ragini to get this ?where is she? Why fid you get injuries? ?
Sanskar : Maa ragini went to baadi..you know Maa ragini is pre….(Sanskar remembers the promise) and says ragini is changed . She has become good.
Ap : I know Sanskar and I’ve been seeing this from past 20 days there is so much change in her behaviour
Sanskar really wants to share about pregnancy of ragini but I’d bounded by promise
Ap : Why are you standing like this what about injury. .
Sanskar : Tells about the incident but not about the divorce papers but now both of us are fine.
Laksh was coming from office
Laksh hearing about accident gets concerned (real one )about ragini
Laksh : where is she now
Sanskar gets angry and thinks why is he showing fake concern
Ap : why do you want Laksh?

Sanskar thinks that ap might also got to know about the divorce I should slove this and he goes to his room..
Laksh also goes to his room and thinks why did I get sad when I got to know about accident whatever Ill divorce her after one month I’ll be free from dhokebaaz

Precap : Swara receiving post containing ragini and Sanskar hugging photos
Laksh is not able to sleep..as ragini said that she will be in baadi for 2 days…

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