Ragini and swara (epi 1)

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All characters are same as in serial.

The episode starts with Ragini seeing her and laksh divorce papers.She becomes shocked and cries a lot.
Annapurna calls her and tells her to bring some groceries from shop.Ap sees her eyes and asks her were you crying …rags says no Maa some dust had gone in my eye so I rubbed it…so ap asks her to come and tells her to blink her eye in cold water..rags again becomes teary eyed because of the concern of ap..She remembers herself insulting ap..After sometime she goes to shop but she is walking on the road like a dead woman..She is not hearing any horns of vehicles. ..only thing going on her mind is her wrong doings and the divorce paper…She says Laksh why did you do this. ..as she is going a truck is coming in front of her…The driver is pressing on horn continuously but she doesn’t see this..at the same time Sanskar passes by ..and he sees the situation and suddenly get out of the car and saves ragini from accident. .but both have got some minor injuries. .Ragini comes into sense and asks Sanskar for what did he save her..Sanskar sees her forehead bleeding heavily so she tells her to come to hospital but she resists..She says I want to die because of her wrong doings. ..He slaps her hardly and takes her to hospital.

Doctor treats both of them and says to ragini that you should be very careful as you pregnant. .Both Sanskar and ragini are shocked..

No precap
Guys should I continue

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    Good start continue

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  8. Ohhh she is pregnent ohooo worst situation for her

  9. superb introduction dear. yes. pls do continue.

  10. Good start… continue…

  11. Of course continue. It’s very interesting.but make it swasan and raglak

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