Ragini- A Story (Intro)

This FF starts after Laksh ditches Ragini and marries Kavya. The Gadodia takes Ragini to baadi. Ragini cries alot hugging her dadi. She remembers each and every word of Laksh. She remembers how bad things she did with Swara and Sharmishta. She looks at them and feels guilty for her behaviour. She goes to them and ask there forgiveness. They hug Ragini. As it was night they all went to sleep. It was midnight and Ragini was still crying ? silently. She gets up and sees Swara sleeping. She goes to cupboard and start putting her clothes in it. She writes a note and keeps it beside her bed. She takes her bag ? and walks out of baadi. She is walking on the road. She reaches railway ? station. She goes to ticket counter and ask for the ticket. The man ? at ticket counter asks her which place she wanna go. Ragini sees a train ? standing and says – Bhaiyya iss train ke last station Ki ticket de dijiye. The man gives her the ticket of Mumbai central. Ragini goes inside the train. She thinks that her new journey begins and now she will never return to this city.

Precap- Gadodia get to know that Ragini have left them….

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  1. Oh god!! After a break u come back! I am so so so happy. Eagerly waiting for coming chapters

  2. super…i want to see a new ragini. i dont know if she is pregnant or not but still i want her to be brave and independent please.

  3. Back with ur new ff … welcome dear..

  4. Nice. Continue

  5. After long time u r back wt ur ff…. Very nyc intro… Show a brave n strong ragini….

  6. nice .

  7. Plz yr pehle do ff ka bhi update dedo……..abhi bhi wait kar rahe hi hu me

  8. Nice start…

  9. Very nice introduction dear

  10. nice start and waiting for next plz plz update soon n make it longer

  11. Nice welcome back

  12. i am soooo happy for your reback with a new one

  13. After so many days where were u r u ok

  14. I want to knew laksh reaction

  15. Hi dr u here

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