Ragini- A Story (Chapter 9)


I hope u guys have not forgotten this ff of mine. As i was out of station, i was unable to update… So, Here are the link of previous chapters–

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Ragini- A Story (CH-9)

Ragini come to office. Its Mehra groups. She enters her chamber.
Ragini- Amar (her PA) tell me abt today’s schedule.
He tells her abt it.
Ragini- Fine. So today there is only two meetings.
Amar- Yes Mam…
Ragini signals him to go. Ragini keeps her head on the chair & closes her eyes. She goes in the flashback–
6 yrs back–
After signing the marriage papers, the registrar announces Ragini & Kabir as legally married couple. They take blessing from dadi.
Dadi- Okay so now, u both go to ur room & Ridhaan will stay with me tonight. Right ridhaan.
The baby gives a cute smile.
Ragini & Kabir goes to there room. They see the bed decorated with flowers & room with candels. Ragini felt little uncomfortable in such a environment. She sits on the bed. Kabir senses her uneasiness.
Kabir- Woh Ragini, i am sorry, i did not knew when dadi has planned all these. If i had knew all these , i wld have told her not to do so. I am really sorry.
Ragini smiles & says its okay.

Kabir- Ragini, u sleep on bed & i will sleep on couch.
Ragini- Kabir no formalities, as u said we are friends first , so cant we share bed. And i have full faith on u.
Kabir smile seeing Ragini’s beleive and trust on him. They sleep.
Days keep on passing like this. Kabir has fallen in head over heels love with Ragini. Ragini too have started to have feelings for him.
One day Ragini was out for the shopping. She sees Lakshya there. She gets shocked.
Ragini thinks- Laksh and Kavya in Mumbai… No this shld not happen. I will have to go from here. Ragini goes out of mall. She goes to Mehra mansion.
Kabir & Dadi was there. She enters hurriedly and asks for ridhaan. She sees him with dadi & hugs him.
Kabir- Ragini are u fine, what happened.
Ragini hugs Kabir.
Ragini- I saw him Kabir. I saw laksh here in mumbai. What if he gets to know abt Ridhaan. He will snatch him from me. I cant loose my child. She cries.
Kabir breaks the hug & cups her face.
Kabir- Ragini look at me, nothing will happen, no one will snatch Ridhaan from us.
Ragini wipes her tears and hugs him again.
Flshback ends… as some one calls on intercom.
Ragini composes herself.
Ragini- Yes
Receptionist – Mam, someone has come to meet u.
Ragini- Who.??
Receptionist tells the name.
Ragini- Yaa, send them inside. She keeps the call.

Precap- Who is the person??

Note– Guys u will know everything… in coming chapters….

Credit to: ck1234

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