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Ragini- A Story (CH-7)
Scene starts with Kabir going out to make arrangements.
In hospital–
Dadi- I am so happy, to get a daughter-in-law like u.. Ragini. I know u will always keep my Kabir happy.
Ragini- Dadi can i ask u something?
Dadi- Yes ofcourse beta…..
Ragini- Dont u have any problem with my & Kabir marriage. I mean u are marrying ur son to a girl who is a divorcee & a mother of child.
Dadi smiles & Says- U know Ragini, for me happiness of my childrens matter then to what society will say. And abt being divorcee or not, its not always the fault of a girl. And i have seen this world more then u , i can tell who is the person who has a golden heart & the person who has a black heart. Ragini, u are a girl with golden heart. What problem wld i have with such a nice girl. Abt this child, see by coming in this world he has given so much happiness to us.
Ragini gets teary eyed listening to dadi. She hugs her.
Dadi- Okay now get ready we have to go home. Ur discharge formalities has been completed.
Ragini gets ready. Kabir to comes there.

Dadi- Is the work done.
Kabir- Yes Dadi, registrar will come to our home in evening. Lets go home.
Ragini was abt to take Ridhaan, when Kabir picks him up from cradle. They go out of the hospital.
In the car Kabir was sitting beside driver with ridhaan on his lap & Dadi & Ragini at the back seat. Kabir was playing with ridhaan.
Dadi- Kabir, u can play with ur son later. Give him to me. i wanna play with by grandson.
Kabir- Dadi, he will be with u & Ragini in the home. Let me play with him.
Dadi- Kabir……
Ragini smiles seeing Dadi & Kabir fighting for Ridhaan.
They enter the mansion. As they enters, Ragini sees whole Mansion decorated with flowers. In the hall there was a big board with “WELCOME RIDHAAN” written on it.
Ragini- Kabir u did this arrangement.
Kabir nods.
Dadi- Wow Kabir its beautiful.
Ragini goes to her room. She sees her room full of toys. Kabir comes.

Kabir- Ragini , i thought u will like it so, if u did not liked it, i will ask servants to clean it up.
Ragini- Its awsome Kabir. And i am sure Ridhaan must have also liked it. Right Ridhaan. She says looking at the baby. The baby gives a cute smile.
In the evening–
The registrars came. Kabir & Ragini signs on the marriage deed. They get married.
Scene in Kolkata–
Kavya realised her mistakes. She apologized to the Maheshwaris. They forgive her & accepted her as the bahu. Laksh to apolozied them. He seeks apology from Gadodia’s too. They forgive him…. Swara remembers Ragini & thinks- I know wherever u are u will be happy….. Plz come back to kolkata Ragini…. plz…

Precap– 6 yrs leap…….

Credit to: ck1234

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