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Ragini – A Story (CH-6)
Scene starts in Mumbai–
Ragini names her Son as Ridhaan.
Savitri- Nice name , Ragini bete….
The baby smiles. Just then a nurse enters the room.
Nurse- Mam, this is Baby’s birth certificate, plz tell me his father’s name.
Ragini gets teary eyed remembering Laksh & his betrayal. She did not knew what to say.
Nurse sakes her a little. Mam plz tell his father’s name.
Ragini- Woh…. ab (she fumbles)

Kabir Mehra, a voice comes. His father name is Kabir Mehra, says Kabir. Ragini looks shocked at Kabir, while Savitri was happy. Nurse goes from there.
Ragini- Kabir.. yeh aapne kya kiya?
Kabir goes & sits besides Ragini. Dadi sensing the situation goes out of room leaving them alone.
Kabir- Ragini, i know what ever i did was not right, but i dont know why i felt like doing it. Ragini, u know today when i took ur baby in my hand i felt a strange connection. I felt as if i got everything in this world. My happiness knew no bound seeing him.
Ragini felt happy seeing his concern for Ridhaan.
Kabir continues- Ragini i wanted to ask u something. Can i ask.
Ragini nods.

Kabir- Ragini woh…. will u marry me….
Ragini was shocked. She was abt to say…. when,
Kabir- Ragini, i promise i will not touch u till u will be ready to take our relation ahead. Ragini infront of world we will be husband – wife but in alone we will be friends. Ragini i want to marry u for Dadi & this baby. U know whenever i travel outside Mumbai, dadi’s health tension is always in my mind. And if u will be there i will be free from that tension. And Ridhaan can also get a father’s name. Ragini u can call me selfish, i have told u my reasons. Last decision will be yours. Saying these he walks out of the ward.
Ragini gets thinking. She looks at the baby who was sleeping peacefully. She remembers her childhood. how she was dying for her mother’s love but she was not there for her. Only her dada, dadi & father were there. How she used to cry for her mother. She was thinking all these.
Outside the ward–

Kabir comes out & stands near the wall. He had tears in his eyes. Dadi comes to him.
Kabir- I did not do something wrong na Dadi?
Dadi- What wrong are u talking abt. By giving ur name as Ridhaan’s father or for loving Ragini?
Kabir looks at her shockingly.
Dadi- Dont look at me like this. I am ur dadi, i brought u up. I very well know u & i also know how much u love her. Ur eyes speaks about ur love for her.
Kabir hugs Dadi & says- Yes dadi, i love her, to the core but……
Dadi- But what Kabir…..
Kabir- She still loves her ex-husband…. He cries…
Dadi- Kabir, give her sometime. Everything will be fine.
Kabir- U are right dadi, till then i will remain her friend.
Dadi smiles. They enter the Ragini’s ward.

Ragini looks at Kabir. They share a eye-lock. It was broken by Ridhaan’s cry. Ragini picks him in the lap & tries to make him silent. But he was still crying.
Dadi- Ragini bete, give ridhaan to me… She takes him & tries. But he is still crying.
Then Kabir takes him. Ridhaan stops crying seeing him & gives a cute smile. Kabir smiles too.
Doctor comes & says – That since Ragini & Ridhaan both are healthy & fine. They are discharging her.
Kabir gives Ridhaan (who slept) to Ragini. He turns to go for completing formalities but sees Ridhaan holding his fingers.
Dadi- Kabir u be here, i will complete formalities.
Kabir- But Dadi…..
She signals him to sit & herself goes with doctor.
Ragini- Kabir, i thought alot & came to decision that… (she was cut of by Kabir)
Kabir- No problem Ragini, if u dont wanna marry me, u can live with us as long as u want. Its ur home too. He was controlling his tears while saying these. U wait i will be back soon. He was abt to go when Ragini holds his hands.
Ragini- Kabir, i am ready to marry u…….
Kabir was happy.

Kabir- Really, are u sure……
Ragini- Yes, but…. i wont be able to love u …..
Kabir- Its okay Ragini, i said na we will be friends till u will not be ready to take our relationship in next stage. Okay, we will do court marriage. I think ur are fine with it.
Ragini nods.
Dadi- But i am not fine with it. Marriage without Dhol, nagada and all. No way.
Kabir- Dadi plz, u know na i dont believe in show off. And think abt Ridhaan to he is so small. And how will Ragini handel all these. She too needs the rest na.
Ragini smiles seeing his concern.
Ragini- Kabir ji, its okay, if dadi wants…..
Kabir cuts her of.
Kabir- No way Ragini, i cant play with my wife & sons health. Court marriage is good in this situation. Dadi plz, u atleast understand.
Dadi- Fine, since u are giving such a nice daughter in law, i am fine with it.
Kabir smiles goes to make arrangement…….
Precap- 6yrs leap……..

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