Ragini- A Story (Chapter 3)

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Ragini- A Story (CH-3)
Scene starts with Sanskaar getting to know that Ragini has left Kolkata. He remembers his & Ragini friendship. He to get tears in her eyes.
Scene in Maheshwari Mansion–
Annapurna, Sujata & Parineeta were in kitchen.
Parineeta- Ragini, please pass on the knife i have to cut vegetable.
Sujata & Annapurna get tears in there eyes. They remembers how Laksh insulted her
& they could not do any thing.
Parineeta (without realising)- Ragini, pass the knife plz.

She turns & sees Annapurna & Sujata in tears. She realises her mistake & tears to come in her eyes. Kavya enters the kitchen & says- Its better u guys forget Ragini, asap… & remember i am the owner of this house. So you will have to do whatever i will say. Is it clear.
Annapurna- Kavya, what is this way of talking.
Kavya- Aee Bhudhia, keep your mouth shut. And yes, you (she said pointing to Parineeta) make chicken for me.
Annapurna & Sujata get shocked.
Sujata- Jiji, will chicken come in this house now.

Annapurna- No Sujata, i will not let this happen. Kavya, mind ur tongue, we are vegeterians & we dont eat all these neither it will come in this house. She shouts.
Hearing Annapurna’s voice all the men too comes out of the room.
Laksh- What happened Maa, why are you shouting.
Annapurna- She what your wife is speaking Laksh. She wants to bring chicken in this house.
Laksh- So what Maa, its her house too, she can eat anything which she want too, what’s the big issue.

All are shocked to see Laksh supporting Kavya.
DP (shouts)- Laksh…. you know na, non-veg does not enter in this house. How can you support her.
Laksh- Common Dad, time is changing, ppl are changing, how can you be so old thinking person.
DP shouts Laksh & raises his hands on him. He was abt to slap him when Kavya holds his hand.
Kavya- No papa ji, control ur hand, remember i can throw u all out of this house.
She & Laksh go to there room.
Scene in Badi–
Sanskaar asks Shekher’s permission to take Swara with him to MM. Shekher was reluctant but gave his permission after Dada, dadi & Sharmishta made him understand. Swasan leave for MM.
In MM–

Annapurna & Sujata welcome Swara & Sanskaar. They tell them what happened few minutes ago. Sanskaar gets angry on Laksh. He was abt to go to his room but was stopped by annapurna.
Annapurna- No Sanskaar, i dont want any more tamasha in this house.
Annapurna asks Swara abt Ragini. Swara gets teary eyed. Sanskaar tells them that Ragini left Kolkata & went somewhere. All feeel bad…..
Precap- New entry…..

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  1. Sathya

    Karan Wahi, pls. I would love to see Teju with Karan. And today’s episode was awesome. Post soon. Thank you

  2. mridulakrishman

    Hey dear pls make Ragini pair with karan wahi…..they will be awesome together…..pls make laksh to regret badly…but I want Ragini doesnot forgive him…and move on with her new hero……?????

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