Ragini- A Story (Chapter 2)

Chapter 1

Ragini- A Story (CH-2)
Scene starts with Ragini getting down on Mumbai Central. She thinks that its her new start & she will never look back at her past from now onwards.
Scene shifts to Badi–
All are crying.
Dadi- How can Laddo go away like this. She did not once think abt her Dadi. How will i live without my Laddo. She cries. Shumi tries to console Dadi but she herself was unable to stop her own tears.
Shumi thinks- Why Ragu, why u went like this, we were there for u na, i was there. You would not have done this if Janki wld have been here. You proved that i am ur Step-Mother. Tears flow from her eyes.
Swara- She is a cheater. She left me alone once again. Why shld i cry for her. Haa. Who was i to her, no one. She used to say me her sister, her life but she did not think once before leaving. How will i live without her. She breaksdown.
Shekher was like stone just sitting on chair & tears flowing from his eyes. Dadaji was also crying.
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
Ragini was walking on the road. She thinks ” I have come to Mumbai, but i dont know anyone here. Were can i search for job & house.” She thinks abt her family. Tears fall from her eyes. She feels dizzy & was abt to fall, when two hands save her.
Scene in Baadi-
Sanskaar comes to Baadi to meet Swara & take her with him. As he enters, he is shocked to see them crying. He goes to Swara. Swara sees him & hugs him tightly.
Swara- Sanskaar look Ragini left us, she went away leaving us alone.
Sanskaar was shocked. He remembers his & Rags friendship . Tears flow from his eyes too…..

Precap- New entries…..

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