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Hello guys it’s lovely, I’m here for a new OS on Ragini!
The story start when Laksh tell Ragini that he doesn’t love her but Swara!

Today it’s happy day everyone is busy making arrangement for Swara and Laksh engagement! Everyone is happy expect one, but then no one bother about her!

Shekhar- Ragini please go and make Swara ready

Sumi- Yes Ragini go and help her because in few days she won’t be here

Ragini just nod and hide her tears, she smiled at her parents and goes to Swara’s room. She knock the door and enter.

Ragini- Swara moment told me to help you! Do you want anything?

Swara- No Ragini you gave me the most precious thing: my Laksh. I cannot tell you how I’m happy

Ragini just bit her lips to stop her from crying and put a fake smile- you didn’t comb you hair, come I will make you ready.

She does Swara make up, braid. She was about to go but Swara stop her

Swara- Ragini rukko, are you happy with this?

Ragini just smile at her question and then reply- happy? If you was in my place will you be happy to see me marry your love?

Swara- Ragini…

Ragini- it’s ok Swara, I will just take time to forget him. He was my first love after all

Unable to stop her tears she turn around and goes out.
The engagement was finished, Laksh tries to talk with Ragini, but she keep herself away from him.

After two days, it’s Swalak wedding.

Ragini was crying in her room

Ragini- Why me? I love him a lot! I thought he too, but I was wrong no one loves me. Everybody just love Swara. Dad, ma, Nani, AP ma DP uncle… Everyone. Im all alone.
I cannot see my love away from me! After today, I cannot claim him as my love! I cannot forgive Swara, she know that I love Laksh, buthe she didn’t stop herself from falling in love with him.

Someone tap her shoulder, she turn around and found her dada.

Dada- Laado bêta, I know how you feel, trust me I don’t want this wedding, because I cannot make one happy and the another one sad.

Ragini hug her dada- dada Ji I want to go away! Please send me abroad, I don’t want to assist this wedding! It’s killing me to see everyone happy, and no one sees my pain

Dada- don’t worry, I will send you far away from them. I want you to be happy

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  1. Good start lovely… Is this ragsan /RagLak?

  2. This is the thing. How could Swara not understand her pain when she said she was ok?after all she knew that Ragini loved him so much.

  3. Nyc…ita ragsan think so..

  4. awesome

  5. Being a ragini’s fan definitely u ill gve us new swaragini…t story which v wanted…btw watz tat SS dr???

  6. make it ragsan.pls

  7. Awesome 🙂 who is our hero?

  8. Superb
    stupid swara how can she ask are u happy?


  10. Gud start….is it Ragsan or raglak

  11. i am agree with you Lovely, how could swara loves laksh? she should understand the pain of ragini and what to say that selfish, self-center and confused laksh.
    so i am loving ur story.

    1. Listen Akshata… We cant blame Swara for this.. Love doesn’t need permission it happens. We cant control our heart but heart control us. I hope you understand me.. Dont blame Swara..Laksh is the one who play with the feelings of Ragini not Swara…

      1. you misunderstood my comment. i think u r a swara’s fan.
        i dont have any problem with swara. its just that being a sister she should understand rags pain. i didnt bash her n u can clearly see that. i know love is a feeling and we r free to love anybody. my comment is not only for swara but also for rag, if rag was at her place.

      2. You are taking me wrong . I am not Swara fan . You have said that How Swara can love laksh. I have just given answer. Sorry for hurting you. Friends?

      3. of course we r friends. i am so glad that i made a new fnd. thank you.
        you didnt hurt me. if i have hurted u ,then i do apologies for that 🙂

  12. I hope its ragsan ff ???

  13. Lovely, yaar it is awesome. I love it. Please update fast. And long. 😛

  14. Awesome

  15. Swara is a saddist. Even after knowing everything she is snatching her sisters love from her. I want Lakshya to retreat badly for this along with her parents.

  16. nice lovely…..pls make it ragsan plss

  17. Love it. But it’s a short story, right? Pls make it Ragsan!

  18. Plzzzz some how make it raglak
    ……plz…and this was awesome start

  19. Awesome but plz make it raglak

  20. Ohhhhh myyy goddddd bechariiiii meri ragini….feeeeeelng soooo bad for her….but u hve written it amazinglyyyy plz conttt … dear ….hope soon someone wl b dere for ma ragsss…..jst loved it n plz update soon…love ragini…

  21. amazing start! pls continue

  22. Awesome

  23. Superb hope it’s ragsan

  24. Good start

  25. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M


  26. Nice start dear

  27. Awesome start

  28. awesome………….don’t understand how that idiot Laksh can say such things………I’m happy that dadji understood Rags pain when no one else did………..plzzzz update next one sooooooooon………………..by the by who is the hero ???????

  29. Plz update plz update

  30. Azure

    nice epi…waiting to see the story unfold

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