Ragini – SS Part 3 By Aahana

Hi everyone. This is Aahana back with a new part. Thanks for the comments. I am very happy with the response. I thought may be I shouldn’t have extended but seeing all your support I guess I made a right decision. And everyone were slightly shocked with the precap right. So let us see today why Laksh said that.

Maheshwari house
Laksh goes to sanskar’s room. He sees that sanskar is in different world thinking something as he doesn’t responds when Laksh called him. Laksh shakes him and sanskar comes out of his imagination.
Laksh : what happened Bhai. what are u thinking
Sanskar : Laksh how bad I am, I thought to harm my own family without thinking of the consequences. If not ragini I would have surely done something to all. He has tears in his eyes.
Laksh hugs sanskar and says Bhai forget about everything. Now u are with us and promise me that u will never leave us again. Sanskar says sure Laksh. I realised that one can stay happily only with his family. Both smiles. Sanskar says and ha lucky why did u come here.
Laksh : see Bhai how stupid I am. Swara says correct only, I am a big stupid.
Sanskar smiles and says Laksh we all know that, and now say what u wanted to before u again forget it. Laksh nods and says vo bhai actually I want to go to hospital but how can I say that infront of all. Everyone will tease me. Sanskar smiles and says come let’s go. We will say that we both are going out somewhere. Laksh nods and both says we are going for shopping and leaves.

At hospital
Ragini is sleeping and Swara was playing games in her mobile. Both sanlak comes and swara decides to go home. Sanskar thought of giving privacy to raglak and says Swara come I will drop u, I have some work near badi only. Swara nods and both goes out.
He drops her and goes on his way saying Swara u call me, I will pick u up. Swara says it’s ok but he says I am free and I can’t go home alone. If I go everyone will ask about lucky. She smiles and they exchanges their numbers. Swara goes inside and all asks her why did she leave ragini alone. They questions her continuously without giving a chance to speak. She gets irritated and shouts enough. Let me answer. All stops and looks at her.
Swara : laksh is with her, he want to spend some time with her so i left them together and i will go by taking lunch. Ok. All smiles and nods.
In the hospital
Laksh is beside her holding her hand and she is smiling in sleep. She is looking cute and he feels happy seeing her smile. He thinks ragu I always made u cry but u always loved me, now i will see that u will not at all cry and fulfil all your dreams. He then remembers something and says I will fulfil your dream ragu and i will make everyone agree too. he kisses her forehead. After sometime she wakes up and smiles seeing him.
Ragu : laksh u here,u left with everyone and where is swara? Laksh chuckles and says ragini from when did u become a question bank yar. She sees him with a pout face and he smiles and cups her face saying ragini don’t worry, she went to get fresh up and i am here because i want to spend sometime with my love. She blushes listening to it and Laksh laughs seeing her red face. He hugs her and she too hugs him hiding her face in his chest.
At that time only swasan comes and sees them. They immediately turns other side and says “ we didn’t see anything ” then raglak comes out of their hug and blushes. Swasan laughs seeing them full red. Laksh says don’t u people have manners that u should knock before entering room

Sanskar raises his eyebrows and says lucky i think this is hospital and generally patients stay here and takes rest. Not romance. Laksh turns his face other side not able to take his bhai’s teasing and swasan bursts out laughing seeing Laksh’s embarrassed face. They teases raglak for sometime and then all had their lunch.
Then sanskar says ragini I am very sorry, i fooled u and played with your emotions.i am also your culprit. U made me your friend but i cheated you. I am very very sorry ragini. Ragini says its ok sanskar, i am happy that u are fine. I know everything as swara and Laksh told me and ha i am happy that u realised your mistake and spoke with everyone and all forgave you too. So i don’t have any issue but i have a request.
All are seeing her as how she said that she is not angry on him. He thought to take revenge using her and she is saying that she is not at all angry on him. She is very innocent and never hates anyone. They smiles at her and sanky says what is that ragini, u should not request but order me.

Ragini smiles at him and says I don’t want to be your friend, sanskar face fell but her next set of words made him speechless. She says I don’t have a bhai from my childhood and want to make u bhai. Is it ok to u. All smiles at her and sanskar hugs her saying sure my dear. From now I have 2 sisters, one is ragu and other is uttara. He teasingly says I have a brother too and if u want u can make him your brother. Laksh gets shocked and shouts nahi. Ragini and swara giggles and sanskar bursts out laughing. Laksh keeps a puppy face.
Sanskar says Laksh why did u say no, Aadarsh bhai is also her bhai right and looks at swaragini. Swaragini nods and laksh sighs and murmurs that i thought u are speaking about me. Swasan hears it and they again laughs. Ragini asks what happened and they explains it to her that how they fooled Laksh and how he reacted. She just smiles and Laksh keeps a puppy face. By seeing that swasan again laughs and at that time only both the families comes inside.
AP : sujata see the new mall, how nice and well furnished na. How many designs are there here see. Sujata agrees and says ha jiji see many dresses are here and we will also buy. No one understands what they are saying except sanlak. They moves near sanlak and holds their ears tightly and says mall is very nice and how much did u shop. Sanlak says sorry ma, please forgive us na, please mama. Ladies smiles and leaves their ears. Sharmista asks what happened and sujata says what happened at house. All laughs at them and sanlak are embarrassed.
Ragini gets discharged evening itself as she is fine and all goes to Gadodia Mansion. ( A small change please, in my SS Gadodia’s are also rich and has a very big mansion )
All are in the living room and AP says parvati ji let us call panditji and fix marriage date. I want to take my daughter home as soon as possible. All smiles and ragini blushes.
Laksh says ma i don’t want to marry. All looks at him shocked and sanskar says lucky what are u saying but Laksh stops him and says bhai one minute, i am not done totally saying this Laksh continues I want to get married after 6 months. Listening this all are relieved and sujata says why Laksh?
Laksh : actually swara told me that its ragini’s dream to become a singer and I want her to fulfil it. Ragini sees him and smiles, she gets tears but there is also a smile on her face. She is happy that he understands her. AP says beta she can do it after marriage but Laksh stops her and says ma no, i want her to do whatever she wished and after that only we will get married. I think even we need to understand eachother more and this time will help us. And ma and papa i want to work and make my name. DP says Laksh u are right and I agree with u. Laksh is happy that for the first his father agreed to his words.

DP says Shekar ji if u don’t have any problem, we will do their marriage after six months only according to their wish. I think its time to build their career. Shekar too agrees with him and then DP says everything happens on your wish but this weekend we will do your engagement. Raglak says ok and elders starts speaking about arrangements.
Swasan and raglak goes to ragini’s room and then swasan goes out giving space to raglak. After they left ragini immediately hugs Laksh and he too hugs her back
Part ends here.

Precap : Engagement and raglak moments

Sorry for being late. I thought i posted but i didn’t press submit and it didn’t get posted. Sorry for the late and i will give next part on Friday night for sure. Its not proof read so sorry for the mistakes. If u like it then please comment .

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