Ragini – SS Part 2 By Aahana (changed from TS to SS)

Hi everyone. Sorry for being late. I felt very happy after seeing your response. Thank you so much for the response. I am thinking about all your suggestions. I am unable to think how to give an end to this. I thought it differently but after seeing all your suggestions I thought to change it as per your wish. So now I will give you the next part without any delay.

In the hospital
Laksh is crying continuously and he fails to notice that there is a moment in ragini as his tears fell on her hand.
Laksh says please ragini, don’t leave me. I want u in my life. I realised it now. I can’t stay without u ragini. U can’t leave me like this and go away. If u really love me then u will not go anywhere leaving me ragini. U will be with me. I want to spend my whole life with u and have our own little family. Please ragini please don’t leave, I realised now how u might have felt when I said I love Swara not u. How stupid I am see ragini, it was just infactuation and I thought it as love. Even Swara told me that she doesn’t have any feelings and I am just attracted to her but I never listened to it. It’s my fault only, how idiot I am that the feeling I had towards you is love but I thought it as friendship. Such a mindless person I am. I want u ragini in my life to guide me in all the situations in our life. He goes and goes on but stops when he hears a faint voice calling Laksh. He turns and sees that ragini is calling him.
She has tears in her eyes but also a smile on her face. She heard whatever Laksh told her and happy that her love is back to her. She is happy that god at least gave her the love she asked for.
Laksh is very happy seeing her. He gets up from his place and hugs her. He says I am very happy ragini. Thank you God for giving me my ragini back. She tries to sit but Laksh stops her and kisses on her forehead. Wait ragini I will call doctor.
He goes out and all rushes to him asking what happened. Laksh with smile says my ragini is perfectly fine. No one missed the word my ragini and all felt happy. He calls doctor and asks him to come inside.

Doctor asks them to stay outside and enters inside. All are happy and Laksh hugs AP saying ma she is fine. She smiles and caresses his hair.
He goes to Dadi and says Dadi I am very sorry, I hurt her many times but now I promise that I will see that she never cry again. Please Dadi give me your laado. Dadi smiles and blesses him. He speaks with all and all forgives him and agrees for marriage. He atlast goes near Swara and says Swara I am sorry but she stops him and says it’s ok jiju, promise me that u will take care of my sister all your life. Laksh nods and then sanskar hugs him and congragulates him. Sujatha also changed and now all the Maheshwari family members are happy to see their Laksh happy.
After sometime doctor comes out and all goes near him. She is perfectly fine.
Swara says can we meet her doctor. Doctor says u all can meet her but first she wants to meet some Swara and Laksh. It’s better if they go first. Swara and Laksh nods and goes inside. All are seeing them from the window.

In the room
Ragini is sitting on the bed leaning backward with the help of pillow. Swara rushes to her and hugs her. She starts scolding ragini.
Swara : why did u do that ragini, u didn’t think about me. How did u think that I will live without u and I already told u that I don’t love this stupid Laksh. Then why did u do like this ha. Ragini just smiles listening her and here Laksh is fuming with anger. (Fake anger)
Laksh : dare u call me stupid. How am i looking to u? U should respect elders ok and learn it from your sister. Eventhough she is smaller than u she respects elders but see u are saying your jiju as stupid. He turns other side faking anger.
Ragini is surprised that Laksh is calling himself as swara’s jiju. It means whatever Laksh told her before is true. She gets happy tears that atleast someone is reciprocating her love. On the other side Swara and Laksh are fighting like cat and right.
Swara says my laado will support me only where Laksh says no my ragu will support me only. You only say ragu whom u support and both turns towards her. By seeing tears they panics and Laksh rushes towards her and cups her face.
Laksh : ragini what happened, why are u crying. Please don’t cry.
But swara understands that they are happy tears and says jiji u speak with her, I will go out. Laksh nods and Swara goes out. All asks her what happened and she says give them some time to solve all their matters and don’t peep into room now. Let them have their privacy. All nods and goes to the waiting hall.

Inside ragini’s room
Laksh : ragini please don’t cry na, I can’t see your tears. They are hurting me a lot. I promised everyone that I will never make u cry and u are breaking my promise. U know wives should keep the promises of their husbands but here u are breaking.
Ragini is shocked as he is calling her as his wife. She says Laksh do u really love me. U are not doing this as I committed suicide na, please don’t say lie, I can’t take it again and she cries
Laksh is shocked with her words but he knows that she wanted confirmation from him that he will never leave her.
He sits on the bed in front of her and holds her hand and says ragini I did many mistakes in my life, but I never regretted them but the way I cheated u there is no punishment for that. Ragini will u for once trust me. I promise u that I will never let you break your trust. I really love u ragini and want to spend rest of my life with u. Will u be my better half ragini. Don’t think I am doing this for anyone. I realised I love you when u are in danger. Please ragini for once give me chance. Ragini is very happy as she understood that he truly love her says I love u Laksh. He smiles and hugs her saying I love u too ragu. They stays like that for some time and then he breaks the hug and kisses on her forehead. She feels shy and bends her head down and her cheeks are red. Laksh smiles and kisses on her cheeks. Now she is red with shy and hides her face in his chest. He laughs and hugs her.

After sometime
All the Gadodia family members had an emotional talk with her and asks her to forgive them for their ignorance. She just smiles and asks them to forget everything. All smiles and hugs her.
Doctor along with maheshwaris comes Inside. All blesses her and our Laksh is seeing her only. Sanskar sees this and teases Laksh.
Doctor : let her be in hospital today and u can take her tomorrow. All nods. He says only one can stay here . Laksh wants to stay but don’t know how to ask everyone about that.swara understands seeing him and says I will stay with her now, u all go. All agrees. Laksh is sad. All says bye to her and goes out. Swara stops sanlak and says jiju if u want u can stay with her
Laksh sees her and says really
Swara and sanskar laughs seeing him and says ha jiju if you want but first go to home freshen up and come and I will leave to home to get ready. Laksh nods and says thank you saali sahiba.
Swara smiles and says u are welcome jijaji. All smiles and he goes near ragu. Kisses on her forehead and says take care. She nods. Swara and sanskar whistles and they feel embarrassed. Laksh goes out and ragini turns other side. Both swasan smiles and as sanskar leaves. Swara goes and sits beside ragini. Ragini slept already and she just sits beside her and caresses her hair. She feels happy seeing the smile on her face and kisses on her forehead.
Part ends here

Precap :
AP : Laksh and ragini we called panditji to decide marriage date
Ragini blushes
Laksh : Maa I don’t want to marry now

Why Laksh don’t want to marry. What is the reason behind his no. And I am changing this to SS as I want to extend it.

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