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Next day

Ragini and Sanskar came together at the office, which irks Swara! She looks at Sanskar with love, while Sanskar laught with Ragini and kiss her cheek. Ragini blush and Sanskar whisper in her ears

Sanskar- Maiya you know red is my favourite color

Ragini- Sans chup kar! Concentrate

Sanskar- Hey, I’m concentrated but you always disturb me

Ragini- Jaan, stop it what Uncle will think?

Sanskar- Kaun?

Ragini- buddu, DP or RP uncle

Sanskar- Toh? I’m young and I love flirting

Ragini- Stop flirting now, everyone will see us and you know

Sanskar- Yes I know! I think you start to be unromantic

Ragini- Kya kare, I have to be like you

Sanskar- Ragini ki bacche

Ragini wink at him and goes to her cabin and lock herself. Sanskar to goes to his cabin and stare at Ragini. They have one big cabin but a wall of glass separate them, giving them two cabins. Ragini comes near the wall and kisses the wall, Sanskar too comes near the wall and kiss on the wall. He gives Ragini a puffy face and Ragini just smile at his condition.
They romance stop because of Swara entry in Sanskar cabin. She didn’t see what happened and just enter.

Sanskar angrily- MRS Maheswari aap ki tamiz nahi hai kya?

Swara- Look Sanskar I know I hurt you in the past but please you have to understand my situation that time

Sanskar- You didn’t reply my question? How dare you to enter in my cabin without my permission?

Swara- Sanskar please I’m sorry

Sanskar- Sorry for what?

Swara- I know I broke your heart, that’s why you leave

Sanskar smile at her- I leave because my parents need me that time, and not because you rejected me.

Swara- So you forgive me?

Sanskar- Yes

Swara- Saach?

Sanskar- Yes

Swara comes and hugs Sanskar, but Sanskar doesn’t reply back. Ragini just enters at his cabin without knocking disturbing Swara’s dreams. She turns around and looks at Ragini with a black glare.

Swara- Ragini how dare you to enter in Sanskar cabin without knocking.

Ragini- I’m sorry but…

Swara- No but, don’t you see we are busy?

Sanskar- Excuse me Mrs. Maheswari, but with which right are you scolding Maiya?

Swara- Sanskar she has to know where is her place!

Sanskar- Her place?

Swara- Yes her place, I know she is like you PA or secretary!

Sanskar- Who give you this information?

Swara- Nobody, just guessing

Sanskar- Bad guessing then, Ragini is not my PA or secretary, she is my partner.

Swara- How can she be your partner, I mean she didn’t have any degree?

Sanskar- And you have? before talking nonsense, see yourself! You are at this post because you were Laksh wife. Ragini is not like you, she pursues her degree and became a successful businesswoman.

Swara- Sans you are scolding me in front of her? The Sanskar who used to love me as not like this

Sanskar- Yes that’s because Ragini changes me.

Swara without uttering a word storm off and Ragini come and hug Sanskar.

Ragini- Jaan please don’t leave me.

Sanskar- Never Maiya, I love you

Ragini- I love you too

This scene is watched by Laksh. He enters in Sanskar cabin, but before he knocks.

Sanskar and Ragini part off when they heard the knock.

Sanskar- Come In

Laksh enters and greets them- Good morning Ragini and Mr. Singh

Ragini- Good Morning Laksh

Sanskar- Good morning Mr. Maheswari

Laksh- Ragini I want to talk with you ( looking at Sanskar) alone

Ragini- You can talk everything in front of Sanskar

Laksh- First I want to ask for forgiveness, I know I break your heart by marrying your sister, but trust me, I didn’t do it intentionally. I thought that you don’t love me, you were just agreeing at your dadi’s demand.

Ragini- Laksh it’s ok, we were not mean to be together. I was the one to unite you two, I’m not angry at you, I was sad and hurt, but times heal my wound.

Laksh- Why you are not talking with Swara?

Ragini- She didn’t come either! You know I treat Swara like my own sister, thought her mom take my mom place. I give them my love, my mom love in return I didn’t get anything. When I was in Australia I see another culture which is very opposite to Indian culture. Now my philosophy is: live your life like you want and don’t wait for others.
I don’t know why Swara is angry at me when she will, she herself will come to me.

Laksh- You know Swara is like this because when you leave, dadi and dada never spoke to her. They blame her for your sudden departure. When we divorce, ma and dad were furious at her, mom doesn’t talk to her, dad sometimes is obliged to talk with her because of work. Chacha and Chachi support us with our decision. It’s been 5 years since our divorce, and Swara changes a lot. Mom keeps taunting her, and always comparing you two, how you are, where are you, how you value relation, while she didn’t care about society nor the relation.
I know why she wants divorce because Sanskar and she were in love after our wedding right Mr. Singh?

Sanskar- Yes, I was in love with her but she rejected me saying that she is married and love her husband. When she told me this, I was like an idiot. The first girl I loved rejected me, but then we keep texting and talking. With time, I saw that she was just an attraction to me, and when she came to me, I left for Australia, because my mom and dad need me. She changes me, I like going to race, dancing, do sports extreme, for her love I quite them.

Laksh- I know she told me that she loves you, and now I want to know do you still love her?

Sanskar smile at him- And you do you still love her?

Laksh looking away- No

Ragini comes to Laksh- Laksh will you be able to see with another man? Trust me seeing your love marrying someone else is hard! I can see in your eyes, that you still have love for her.

Laksh looks at Ragini- Yes I love her, that’s why I want her to be happy. I know her happiness is with Sanskar

Sanskar comes to him- And my happiness lays on Ragini, my Maiya.

Laksh- What about Swara?

Sanskar- It’s true I liked her, but she is my past, she has to move on now

Laksh- And who will tell her that?

Ragini- You should explain her, guide her. I’m sure your love for her will win, if not then think that you were not destined.

Laksh- Thank you Ragini
With that he hug Ragini, leaving an angry Sanskar. Swara who was passing saw Laksh hugging Ragini and misinterpreted them.

Swara- How dare Ragini? How can she hug Laksh like this? And where is Sanskar?

Swara cannot see properly the cabin, she just saw Laksh and Ragini hugging.

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