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Thank you so much for your comment, and I’m really sorry for not replying! This is the first time I reach 39 comments, and I cannot tell you how I was seeing your comment 😉 S Priya SS means Short story 🙂 I will end the story after the 10th or 11th part <3 Big love From my side
I hope you will enjoy this little story of mine :p

The character is same as the serial. DP and AP are Laksh' mom and dad.
RP and Sujata are Ardash parents; Pari is his wife.

Leap of 6 years

Maheswari mansion

AP, Sujata, and Pari prepare the table for breakfast. DP and RP come down, following by Ardash and Laksh. They sit on the chair and DP talk

DP- I want to tell you that an important partner of mine will come today, and the presentation is advanced.

Voice- Good morning everyone

DP- Good morning Swara beta, how are you?

Swara- I'm fine and you uncle?

DP- I'm fine

Swara- And you aunty? ( turning to AP and Sujata)
AP left in anger and Sujata just smile at her. Swara is sad but then put a smile on her face.

DP- Beta, it's good you came because my partner and friend will come today, so the presentation will be advanced.

Swara- When we have to lead the presentation?

DP- Tonight

Swara and Laksh in the same time- What? Tonight?

DP- Yes why are you reacting like this?

Swara- It's too quick uncle

DP ( angrily)- No, I give you two the responsibility so don't make me ashamed before my friend ok?

Swara nod and DP ask again turning to Laksh- Is that clear Laksh?

Laksh- Yes dad, we have to pick them up at the airport or you will do?

DP- I and RP will do this, you two just focus on the presentation, because if we don't get this deal, it won't be good for you two

Laksh- Dad he is your friend he will give you the deal so don't worry

DP- In business we don't make friend nor family! In business we are partner, and we don't mix up personal and private thing. We are good friend, in fact, best friend, that's why I want everything to be perfect! I don't want anything goes wrong!

Laksh- Ok dad don't worry we will be conscious

DP- I don't ask you to be conscious nor cautious! I want you to be perfect, you and Swara!

Swara who was silent till now- Uncle don't worry we will be perfect like always

DP without looking at her- No you two are not perfect together

Swara- Uncle…

DP- I just telling you what you said before giving divorced to my son.

Laksh- Dad please stop, we decide it together

DP- Yes when you can take your own decision who I am to come between! But this company is my life, one mistake, just one mistake of you two, you will regret it!

RP- Bhai let it go, they were young! They did a mistake, forgive them

AP- Devar Ji, if Ardash gives Pari beta divorce will you be ok?

RP- First we will try to solve their problem and if it doesn't work then yes, I will be ok! We are in the 21st century, we have to move on with society, with the generation. Lekin before agreeing to the divorce we will help them to sort off their difference like we didi with Laksh and Swara.

Sujata- haan bhabhi, I love my DIL a lot, she is like my daughter. Pari is this house pillar, but see Swara and Laksh are friends and now they are going to be a partner in business, what do you want more? Maybe if they were together, they will fight again and again till they kill each other.

AP- I'm not like you! Swara made fun of my motherhood, I treat her like my daughter, but she betrays me. Ragini was much better than her, she sacrificed her love for her sister.

Swara is hurt by this comment and thinks- Even if she is not here, everyone appreciates her! I never told her to sacrifice her love for me, I never put knives under her throat, that she is obliged to give me Laksh! If she loves Lash sincerely she should fight for her love! Here everyone is praising her, and make me the villain! Uff thank God she is not here, and nobody knows who she is, if not she will be like a mahaan.
Swara was very angry at Ragini, she didn't know why.

Swara angrily- Laksh, Ardash bhai if you are done, we have a presentation to give tonight.

She leaves angrily, Laksh look at his family helplessly, and then follow Swara.

AT Airport

DP, RP is here waiting for their best friend. RP is on call

RP- Krish ( RP PA) all preparation is done?

Krish- Yes sir, Everyone is waiting for you all to come.

RP- Ok Make sure everything is under control

Krish- Yes sir

RP cut the call and come to DP. Just then they saw Dada and Dadi waiting too at the entrance of the airport. They came to them and take Dada and Dadi blessing. They were shocked to see them here

Dada- DP ji RP ji what are you doing here?

DP- A friend of yours is coming, so we are here to pick them and you?

Dada stammers- Umm.. wo… We are here to pick someone.

DP- Oh ok how is everyone

Dada- Fine

Just then someone come and hug Dada and Dadi leaving DP and RP shocked.

DP- Ragini beta?

Ragini turn to DP uncle with a smile and bend down to take their blessing.

Ragini- How are you, uncle? How is everyone?

DP looking at Ragini from top to bottom- Fine beta, and what about you? Where were you? And you change a lot, more beautiful than before.

Ragini smile- Thank you, uncle. I was in Australia continuing my studies.

DP- Oh ok. You know my best friend too will come from Australia, we are waiting for him.

Someone tap DP shoulder and he turn away.
( Yes our Hero Sanskar)

Sanskar- Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheswari?

DP surprise- Yes, you are?

Sanskar- Your friend son and…

DP stop him- Oh Sanskar? Your dad didn't come?

Sanskar- He will come after one month, he have some meeting which he cannot postpone.

DP- Yes work come first, come beta, shayyad tum tag gayi, you will rest at my place.

Sanskar- In fact uncle no, I'm not tired, I want to assist at the meeting so that I'm free after.

DP- Yes you are right, come
He was about to go but then stop and say

DP- I'm sorry I forgot my manner, I want to introduce you ( turning to Dada, dadi and Ragini)
But this time Sanskar stop him- Don't worry Uncle I know them, This is Dada, dadi. He bends down and takes their blessing.

Ragini- Yes uncle we know each other very much
Sanskar smirk at Ragini and Ragini look down.

DP eyes them suspiciously and Sanskar adds- Ragini is my partner, she will accompany us. She is one of the most talented businesswomen
He said with pride in his eyes. DP and RP were very happy to see a bold Ragini.

DP- Challo?
They nod

Ragini bid bye to her grandparent and goes with Sanskar, DP, and RP. Sanskar put his arm around her waist, Ragini takes his hand with hers, and they walk together.
DP watch this and think- What happened to Ragini? Maybe she has moved on. I'm happy for her if she has moved on.
They drove till Maheswari office. Sanskar helps Ragini getting down take her hand and walk till the gate. The security salutes them and the four enter at the building.

DP and RP wait for the lift when it's open, some people were already in, so DP says- You two wait and take the next one

Sanskar- Ok Mr. Maheswari

Sanskar look at Ragini with a piercing gaze, Ragini look at him- Sans behave, stop looking at me like this, please?

Sanskar- What? You are at fault who told you to wear this s*xy jean and red top. I'm not at fault if you are so much s*xy and hot.

Ragini- Sanskar please shut up, see people around us, we are not in Australia! India people are very conservative

Sanskar held her waist hard making her crushing at him- I don't care about other people, they are not my family! I'm just watching you, it's not a crime nor a sin

Ragini- Sans I'm afraid

Sanskar- Jaan we are together, together no one can beat us

Ragini- I know Sans

The lift open and they enter. Sanskar didn't leave her hand, and she looks at Sanskar with a smile on her face.

Sanskar- Just smile like this!

Ragini kisses his cheek and rests her head on his chest. The lift open and they head toward DP and RP who was announcing them.

DP- I'm happy today because I can introduce you, two people. One is very special because after many years I'm seeing her, and the another one is my partner's son. Let me introduce you, Sanskar Singh and Ragini Gagodia.

Everyone applause except Swara who was happy but then angry. Laksh came to Ragini and Sanskar

Laksh- Hi Ragini, how are you? Where were you?

Before Ragini can reply him, Sanskar cut them- I'm sorry, Mr Maheswari, do you know Maiya?

Laksh confused- Maiya?

Sanskar- Yes I'm sorry Ragini

Laksh- Oh yes, we were friend

Ragini- Laksh I don't like mixing professional and personal life. We are at the office so if you don't mind just focus on the deal rather than the past.

Swara who was listening to them was very angry. She came to them and look at Sanskar

Swara- Sanskar how are you? You know how much I miss you? and how are you Ragini?
Then she smirks at Ragini

Sanskar- I'm fine Mrs. Maheswari! and Maiya too is fine, thank you for your concern ( he said sarcastically)

Swara- Sanskar, why you are calling me Mrs. Maheswari, call me Swara, like you, used before

Sanskar- Like Maiya said, we don't like mixing professional and personal life, so better concentrate on work when we are at the office.

DP come to them and look at Swara- Swara will you give the flower to Ragini or you will stay like a statute?

Swara- Yes, take it Ragini. Initially theses flowers were for Mrs. Singh but she is not here, so take it

Ragini smiling at Swara- Thank you, don't worry Mrs Singh will come soon.

DP and RP then told Swara and Laksh to go to the meeting room. Swara was looking at Sanskar with love which irks Sanskar who held tighter Ragini. Laksh watches Sanskar and Ragini and smile seeing them like this. He turns to Swara and then takes her to the meeting room.

DP and RP show Ragini and Sanskar their cabin and then they head to the meeting room.
Laksh and Swara give their presentation, when they finished, DP ask Sanskar and Ragini if they have something to add

Sanskar- Mr. Maheswari, Laksh, and Swara give a good presentation but I want Ragini's consent.

Ragini looks a them then talk- I agree with Sanskar, you two gives a good presentation, but something is not right. Mrs. Maheswari if I'm correct you said that for the wedding, this time, we should do something modern because this is the tendance, occidental design.

Swara with attitude- Yes

Ragini- I don't agree with you, I was in Australia from past 6 years and travel all around the world, and with my experience, I can clearly say that we have to mix modern and traditional design, mixing the tradition

Swara- But we are in India, Indian people won't buy theses type of cloth

Ragini smile- Who told you that I'm talking about Indian people. Our company makes deal with many international companies. We have our branch in France, America, Canada, England, Italia, Spain etc… And trust me they occidental people like Indian dress, because they don't have the habit to wear theses type of cloth. Coming to Indian people, if now they can wear occidental cloth they won't have a problem with the new design. We have to modernize our style.

Swara- but…

DP- I think it's a great idea, with your support we can ship into the world. Ragini you gave a great idea

Sanskar- I told you Mr. Maheswari, Ragini is the most talented businesswoman.

DP- No doubt

Sanskar- So MRS Maheswari correct your presentation and then we will sign the deal. I'm sorry gentlemen we have to go now.

They nod and shake hand. Ragini just smiles at them and Sanskar helps her waist leaving a furious Swara

Swara ( in mind)- How dare she? she just came and she made fun of me? in front of Sanskar? And why Sanskar are praising her? Why does he call her Maiya? He used to call me that name before, I know he is using Ragini to make me jealous.

Lakhs see Swara lost- Swara where are you lost?

Swara- You know why Laksh!

Laksh- Yes I know, but maybe he has moved on!

Swara- Oh please Laksh, Sanskar loves me and no one! What do you think, Ragini can replace me? No way!
She leaves in anger, and Laksh sight at her.

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