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Today’s #sbs segment …
the gadodia’s are planning for ragini’s second marriage .. And ragini too complies thinking once she married by her wish but what happened..
As the guy comes to see ragini his parents agree the instance they see her but when the boys’ mother sees rag’s engagement ring in her hand she gets angry and says when she can’t forget her first marriage then howw will she move on
And the same kavya drama in MM kavy’s making laksh a fool and he willingly complies to her
Namish said ” ab laksh kya kare jaisa writer story likh rahe hai aisa usko karna padh raha hai, uske hath me agar hota , woh agar story likhta to smart ban jata… Par woh kya kare laksh befwakuf nhi banega to show age kaise badega..”
So guy’s what do you think about the new hero for ragini and one more news the guy they showed yesterday was kartik he will be the trouble maker for ragini meanwhile kavya trouble’s swara at MM. as ragini follow’s the mstery guy kartik she ens up in an unknown place now that whether the story turns out just as the ragsan one as in kartik changes being with our ragu and ditches kavya at the end just as our sanskar did for good is to be known and yea the new rishta wala guy for ragini what do you think does he suit her
what do you thinks guys will kartik be someone related to the maheshwari’s the wy they showed the house burning yesterday felt like it’s dp again this time behind the doings .
well anyways share your views through comments and the guyon the cover is the one gadodias chose for ragu compare the three and tell who suits our ragu the better
a). laksh (the all time ditcher but he’s cute though πŸ˜‰ )
b) kartik the mystery guy or even better the soon to be troublemaker
c) the new boy on the cover (and yea don’t mind his look, he looks khadoos but is good looking )
and do share if you got some new info on the show πŸ˜‰


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  1. if karthik turns to positive and pair with ragini i’m soo happy for that . after the marriage with kavya i completely hate laksh. he doesn’t deserve ragini anymore

    1. Kartik bilkul good looking nehi hai….i wish Ragini gets a good looking guy

      1. I agree??

  2. I think the new guy( raginis childhood friend)will be perfect with ragini to make Lakshya jealous. Still, I want raglak together at the end

  3. I think karthik or new boy vl suit ragini more than laksh.can u tel me that the meaning of ‘khadoos’

    1. khadoos means arrogant

  4. I want Raglak… Rag and lak are made for each other even though they r always fighting… no other guy suits best for Ragini other than Laksh and no other girl suits best for Laksh other than Ragini..

  5. parth will be nice for ragini

  6. Even i too feel that there should be a entry of ragini ka childhood friend…..who was in love with her…….laksh should be so jealous

  7. New guy will be gud..

  8. Laksh.

  9. No no I don’t want this Kartik for my Rags….please bring a new handsome entry for Ragini or unite Raglak

  10. Writters never plays it fair when it comes to ragini. I think kavya is druging laksh and by the time swasan and everybody finds out about kavya laksh will be a drug addict and he’ll need rags help to get out of it. Or she might be pregnant as they did had their golden moment s before kavyas entry . and somehow she’ll end up with him, again… Honestly i like the actor namish verymuch . he did handled sensitive shots verymature and in a recievable way before (during swalak). But nowadays and even before there is a bit lack of commonsense in his charector laksh… But still he is cute… ?

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