Ragini and sanskar ff full story of incomplete love (chapter 3) part 2

Recap :sanskar reaches Delhi. Shekhar is shocked to see sanskar ‘s news in TV.
As shekhar is shocked to see the news in TV.
Sujata asks him to take out one of the car as she has to visit outside. Shekhar replies “yes mam”

A lady is running with two loaf of bread in her hand. And shows it to young Rahul. She tells that she took it from shop. Rahul tells “she has stolen it” and he will return it to the owner.
The lady is revealed to be uttara (mentally challenged) and Rahul is her son who takes care of her. Uttara sees TV channel of sanskar news where they were going to recite the poem which is inscribed in his mother’s ring which he has.

But bored uttara changes channel without hearing the poem. Rahul changes back to channel and tells “mom I am planning to send your details to the channel as we can find your family as well “Rahul checks the chain in which ring is hanged in uttara ‘s neck and checks if anything is inscribed in ring.
Sanskar is done with the interview and suffers severe headache.sanskar is out of the elevator clutching his head. And walks in front of ragini who notices him but does not see his face clearly.
Ragini bumps into laksh ‘s manager.

Ragini :where is laksh?
Manager :mam laksh sir left the shoot in middle when they asked him questions about kavya mam ‘s new boyfriend.
Ragini is tensed hearing it .the manager shows the report about it. Ragini runs to stop laksh for doing anything destructive.
Laksh disrupts kavya’s shoot by blowing his car’s horn continuously. Ragini reaches in time.
Ragini :laksh stop your childish behavior. Media will start reporting about it. Please don’t spoil your image .
Laksh stops and walks out of the car to kavya and tells “I really want to kill your rumoured boyfriend “.ragini holds his hands.
Laksh cups her face and tells “don’t worry ragini I will not do anything wrong “.
Ragini :laksh calm down.

Laksh (sadly) :you know ragini now I know why kavya was not picking my phone.
Seeing laksh upset ragini goes to met kavya.
Seeing ragini coming towards her. Kavya hugs her.
Ragini :kavya why did you ignore laksh’s calls.
Kavya :oh please ragini I am tired of laksh I can’t put of with him.
Ragini :please be nice to him for my sake.
Kavya :ragini I am till with laksh for ur sake. Not more.

Ragini leaves kavya without telling her anything.
Sanskar is in hotel watching movie. When he receive a call to alert him.
In kolkata,
Kavitha is recalling her happy memories with sanskar. She hears Sahil instructing his men to bring sanskar to him and to search every corner of the country.
Kavitha :sahil why are back of sanskar anyway he is dying.
Sahil :i will not leave him.
Kavitha :he saved us Sahil. At least for this child sake forgive him.
Sahil :fine if he ever comes in front of him I will not spare him.

At the TV channel, the reporter shows uttara and Rahul to sanskar and tells that both of them have same rings. Sanskar sees uttara and tells reporter and that he is searching for his mother not sister and walks away.
Ragini comes near upset laksh and tells laksh please u have ur shooting schedules.
Laksh :why does not kavya love me.
Ragini :she loves you laksh. But she is like this only.
Laksh :its so strange the people who don’t have importance in my life is always back of him. Whom I have interest is ignoring me.
Ragini cries hearing it and tells ” I love you laksh “and then adds on “even your mom loves you, everyone loves you “.laksh smiles hearing it and hugs ragini
Laksh :even I love you ragini. Your my best friend. I just hope even kavya loves me as I can’t leave without her .

It’s raining heavily uttara and Rahul are running in rain without umbrella .sanskar walks up to them and asks “can I have look at her ring”.uttara does not respond, Rahul tells “mom is afraid of strangers “.
Sanskar :it’s raining come to my place for some time.

In this room, sanskar examines both the rings which is identical and looks back to uttara who looks afraid of him. He goes to her.
Sanskar :what is inscribed in this ring.
Uttara :i don’t know. I can’t read.
Sanskar asks Rahul about his mother and Rahul says that “my dad said that mom met with a accident from that she is like this “.
Sanskar :ur mom is mad?

Rahul:my mom is not crazy she just takes more time to understand things.
Sanskar : can you read this inscription.
Rahul:its written “my heart will take your name”
Sanskar approaches uttara and asks “do you know me “.uttara says ur my brother.

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