Ragini and sanskar ff full story of incomplete love (chapter 3) part 1

Recap:sanskar is rushed to hospital.
The doctor informs sahil and kavitha that sanskar is out of danger for now but the bullet can’t be taken out .
Sahil :kavitha sanskar is out of danger. Go to home now.
Kavitha :sahil I don’t want to go. He saved us sahil at least have humanity.
Sahil :I Am your husband. Obey my orders.
Kavitha nods her head. As she was leaving, doctor approaches and tells that sanskar will soon get headpains and his memory also can go, his survival is a question. Kavitha gets tears in her eyes as she hears it. And leaves.

Sanskar gets well. Kavitha comes to meet him.
Sanskar is happy to see her and hugs her.
Sanskar :i knew you love me.
Kavitha :sanskar please leave kolkata and go to find ur biological mother.
Sanskar :but why?
Kavitha :because I want you to fulfill your last wish. I am sahil’s wife now. If he finds me near you he will kill us.
Sanskar :why are acting as if I am dying. Am I dying?
Kavitha goes away without answering.
Sanskar vists sahil’s office. Sahil throws bundle of money and asks sanskar to leave kolkata.
Sanskar :its too less.

Sahil throws another bundle. Sanskar points gun on him and ask him to handover all the money to him. Sahil unwilling does that.
Sahil :i will definitely seek revenge sanskar.
Sanskar :you know what, I already have bullet struck inside my head, I am bound to die but dying now or than is no different. You robbed me of my love and life. I robbed you of your money.
Sanskar leaves the place.
Sanskar reaches delhi
Sanskar :(to himself ):when I was dying I was having no reason to live but I just want to meet my biological mother once before dying.

Sanskar is on live TV show where the host asks him about his mother to which he replies that. Till now he could not find her, and he is back in Delhi to find her.
Ragini rushes to studio to meet laksh. Laksh sees her and complains about his new manager.
Laksh :see na ragini I have to work with some weird fortune teller in my show.
Ragini smiles and tells “good na at least you will know about ur future”
Laksh holds ragini’s hand and tells”lets go to home please “ragini frees her hand.
Ragini :no way be a good boy complete ur work first.

Laksh leaves from there unwillingly.

At ragini ‘s home
Ragini’s mom(janki) was glued to TV where sanskar interview was telecasting .she diverts shekhar ‘s attention to it. But shekhar was frozen at his place when they showed sanskar ‘s adoption details and ring of his biological mother.

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