Ragini and sanskar ff full story of incomplete love (chapter 2) part 2

Recap: sanskar still remembers kavitha decides to go to her engagement

Sanskar enters the engagement hall and moves towards kavitha ‘s room.
Kavitha was getting ready got shocked
Sankar: let’s go come. I can’t leave without you.
Kavitha :what the heck I said u forget everything and I am marrying.
Sanskar gets angry and drags her forcefully
Kavitha shouts to stop but he does not listen.
He forcefully makes her to sit in car and drives.
Kavitha :sanskar sahil will kill us both.
Sanskar :we will go away from here.
Kavitha :sahil will not let us to leave.
Sanskar : fine we will die together at least.
Sanskar deliberately dashes his car to tree but gets saved.
Kavitha gets relief and shouts
‘cannot u understand Mr sanskar I don’t love you I love sahil ‘
Sanskar is hurt hearing it.

Sahil is shouting at his security for leaving a random man to take his could be bride.
Sahil:i will not leave you sanskar.
A car comes in venue both kavitha and sanskar steps out of it. Kavitha runs and hugs sahil
Kavitha : sanskar has understood everything, misunderstanding is cleared come let’s do our engagement.
Sahil glances angrily at sanskar and moves with kavitha for the engagement.
Sanskar is observing their engagement with hard heart. Suddenly he sees a gun pointed towards sahil and runs to save kavitha as she is standing close to him.
As gun fires sanskar takes the bullet on himself saving both sahil and kavitha.
Kavitha cries seeing sanskar getting shot, sahil sees this and understands that she loves sanskar. Sanskar is happy to die in kavitha ‘s arms.

In Delhi
Laksh introduces his mother to the people in the concert and ask her sing as she is very popular singer.
Sujata sings a sad song which brings tears to ragini.
Meanwhile sanskar is rushed to hospital.

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