ragini- rishto ko jode ti ek dor CH-7



Ragini- Rishto Ko Jode Ti Ek Dor (Chapter-7)
Scene starts with Adarsh looking at Shekher angrily, while going.
Kavita- Papa, lets go home.
Swara- Yes…
Maheshwaris did not get what happened??
There Sharmishta, Adarsh & Ragini comes to Nani.
Adarsh- Nani , lets go…
They go to Neha’s parents.
Kavita- DP uncle can we ..
DP- Yaa, beta lets go… (Maheshwaris were still confused, they did not knew what happened.)
They to come to Neha’s parents. Nani sees them & Vice-versa. She was abt to say something but Adarsh signals her not to say.
Adarsh– Mehra Uncle, i think we shld leave, its quite late.
Mehra- But….
Sharmishta- No, Mehra sahab, its really late, i think we shld leave.
Mrs. Mehra- Okay, Sharmishta ji…. But it was great meeting u all, plz come again.
Sharmishta- Yep…. Ofcourse…..
They were leaving Just then, Neha comes….
Neha- Ragini, were are u going. Aunty , plz let Ragini stay here for tonight. We have to talk alot. plz…
Sharmista looks at Ragini, who signals her to say yes. Sharmishta nods.
Ragini & Neha gets happy.
Adarsh- But Mom…..
Shumi- Its okay Adarsh, let her stay here for tonight.
Adarsh makes a Sad face.
Ragini- Bhai, plz… its just a 1 night matter… plz.(She said making a baby face)
Adarsh- Okay… Take Care princess…. Haa….
Ragini Nods & hugs him. They both gets teary eyes. Nani & Sharmishta sees this and smile at each other. They break the hug. Adarsh kisses Ragini’s forhead & wipes her tears.
Nani- God…. Adarsh, u are behaving as she is going to her sasural….
Adarsh- Nani…..
Nani- What Nani…. Haa, she is just staying here for a night. .
Adarsh- Yaa.but…
Shumi- Adarsh….. now lets go…..
Adarsh- Yep, Mom…. He turns to Ragini & says- Take care & come home soon, okay Princess.
Ragini nods. They leave. Shekher was happy seeing there bonding, while Kavita & Swara somewhere feeling jealous of Adarsh & Ragini’s bonding.
Sanskaar smiles seeing Ragini & Adarsh bond.
Neha turns to Ragini & says–
Neha- Rags, lets go to my room, first i will change & we will have fun, chit – chats.. She takes Ragini with her.
DP to Mr. Mehra- Okay so we will also take ur leave Mr & Mrs Mehra.
MR & MRs Mehra- Okay, DP ji…
And they too leave.
Scene shifts to Sharmista, Nani & Adarsh–
They enters there house. Adarsh was very much angry, which could be seen on his face. He goes to a gym. (They have made gym in a big room of there Mansion) He starts running on treadmill as fast as he cld. Shumi & Nani sees this. They go to him. Sharmishta switches off the tread. She looks towards Adarsh whose eyes were totally red.
Shumi- Adarsh….. Why are u doing this??
Adarsh– Why Mom…. why has he came back… I hate that man , mom, i hate him….??
Shumi- Adarsh………
Adarsh– That too in neighbour of us…. He will again hurt us…. Mom, i & u will manage ourself somehow.. But what abt Princess…. She will be broken Mom….. And i will not allow that Shekher Gadodia to hurt my princess.. He cries…
Shumi – Adarsh…. nothing will happen beta, nothing.. haa…..
Adarsh hugs her….
Scene shifts to MM–
All enters.
Kavita- Dad, we are not going to stay here, especially in the neighbour of them.
Maheshwaris were confused.
DP- Beta, what are u saying? And who are they?
Shekher tells them abt him & Sharmishta. Maheshwaris were shocked.
Sanskaar (to himself)- It means Ragini is Shekher’s uncle daughter.
Swara- Yes, Dad we dont wanna see the face of that lady & her childrens.
Dadi smiles hearing this. She thinks– Sharmishta will never come again in my Son’s life.
Dada- Swara… Dont forget that she is ur mother.
Kavita- Mother , my foot….. she is no one… And Swara is right… We cant stay here…. Saying this Kavita & Swara goes from there…

Screen stops…… So how is this chapter……..

Credit to: ck1234

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