Ragini- Rishto ko jode ti ek dor (CH-5)






Scene starts with Ragini going back to her house.
Sharmishta- What had happened Ragu?
Ragini- Nothing Mom, uncle had just gas attack. He must have eaten something which creates acidity.
Kaveri- Go & get ready we have to go for Neha’s wedding na.
Ragini- Yep Nani, BTW were is Bhai.
Adarsh- I am here Princess, what happened, do you need something.
Ragini- Bhai chill, i was just asking. I dont need anything. BTW bhai, you are looking handsome. Today all the girls will be staring at you only. And who knows i may get my bhabhi.
Adarsh- Oh, really princess..He tickels her…
Ragini- Bhai. hahaha.. bhai leave na plz…I have to get ready.
He leaves & She runs to get ready.
Kaveri smiles seeing them & thinks may god never let any evil eye fall on our kids.
There in MM—
All of them were getting ready. Sanskaar was imagining Ragini & smiling to himself. Just then Laksh & Parineeta enters his room.
Laksh- Bhai, Are u ready. Dad is calling us.
He does not reply. Parineeta & Laksh sees him smilling to himself. They wink at each other. They both go near Sanskaar & shouts in his ears. Sanskaar comes out of his world where as Parineeta & Laksh burst out laughing.
Sanskaar- You both, when did both of you came.
Parineeta- When you were lost in your world,bhai.
Laksh- BTW bhai, in whose dreams you were lost.
Pari- Ofcourse Kavita Bhabhi’s right bhai.

The realization strucked Sanskaar hard. He gives a Sad smile & says you both go i am coming. They leave.
Sanskaar (to himself)- WTH are u thinking Sanskaar. How can u forgot that you are engaged to Kavita. You cant break her trust.
He goes downstairs. They all leave for wedding function. Sanskaar,Laksh,Kavita & Swara were in one car & others were in another car.
They all reach the venue. Mehta’s welcome them. They all go inside. They all stand at a place & talking.
Just then on stage….
Anchor- So ladies & gentleman we all know today is Mehta sahab’s daughter Neha’s sangeet ceremony. And Sangeet is nothing with Dance & Masti. I wld request the best friend of to be bride to come on the stage & rock it. Lights go off. Spot light falls on a girl, none other than Ragini. She dance on-
sukh dukh jhooThe
dhan bhi jhooTha
jhooThi moh-maaya
sachcha mann ka wo kona jahaan

prem ratan paaya
ni ni sa sa re re sa sa…
paayo… paayo…
laayo… chhaayo
aayo… gaayo..
saiyaan tu kamaal ka
baatein bhi kamaal ki
laagaa rang jo tera
hui main kamaal ki
paayo re payo re payo re payo re payo
prem ratan dhan payo
rut milan ki laayo
prem ratan..
prem ratan dhan payo maine
kya main dikha doon
yaa main chhupa loon
jo dhan hai mann mein
ye bhi na jaanoon
bajne lagi kyun sargam si tan mein
khushiyaan si hain aangan mein
chehre pe aayi mere rangatein gulaal ki
laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki
payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
prem ratan dhan paayo
mann gagan par chhaayo
prem ratan..

mujhko the ghere jitne andhere
ho gaye door sabhi
sab sapnon ki
sab rishton ki paa li keemat bhi
prem ko main samjhi
kisi ne na ki meri
tune jo sambhaal ki
laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki
payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
prem ratan dhan payo
aaj mann bhar aayo
prem ratan..
prem ratan dhan payo maine
prem ratan dhan payo
chhaayo.. aayo..
laayo.. paayo..

All claps as the song ends and Sanskaar was totally in aww of her.
So how is this chapter….

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