Ragini- Rishto ko jode ti ek dor (CH-4)






The scene starts with Maheshwaris & Shekhar’s family landing in Kolkatta. They go to a big mansion. Its Maheshwari Mansion. It was next to Gadodia Villa (Sharmishta’s house) but Shekhar did not knew that Gadodia Villa’s owner is Sharmishta.
DP- You know Shekhar, we made this mansion since we used to come to Kolkatta for business purposes. We have same type of mansions in Mumbai, Delhi & other places of India.
Shekhar- Okay.
They all go inside. Servants show all of them there rooms.
Swara comes to Kavita’s room.
Swara- So dii we are finally in India & that to Kolkatta. We will visit each & every tourist place here. You know dii i am so excited.
Kavita- I know shona…
Swara- What happened dii, anything serious, What are you thinking?
Kavita- Nothing, just thinking abt that lady, our so called mom & her children i.e. our so called bro & sis. I hope we dont meet them.
Swara- Chill dii, even if we come face to face we will not recognize them& vice-versa.
Kavita- You are right Shona…..

In Sanskaar’s room–
Laksh comes there.
Lucky- So bhai, did you talked to Kavita ji.
Sanky- No Lucky, i will talk to her at right moment, not now.
Lucky- As you wish bhai, i will always support you.
Sanky- Thanks Lucky.
Just then they hear Parvati Dadi calling everyone. They rush downstairs. They saw Dada ji lying on couch. He had a severe pain in his stomach.
Dadi- Shekhar see what happened to your father.
DP ask the servent to call an ambulance.
Servent- Sir, in next villa there lives a doctor, Should i call her, if she wld not have went to hospital.
DP- Yep go & call her.
The Servent runs to Gadodia Villa. He rings the bell. The servent enters. Shumi was in hall.
Servent- Madam, is Ragini mam at home, actually its an emergency.
Shumi- Yes, she calls Ragini.
The servent tells Ragini to come with him. She goes.
Ragini enters the Maheshwari house. Sanskaar feels like a fresh air hitting his face. He turns to see Ragini. She was wearing a Anarkali suit. He was mesmerized seeing her beauty.
Ragini comes and check dada ji.

Ragini gives him a injection & says- Its nothing to worry, it was a gas attack, he must have eaten something fried in oil, that’s why. It will be fine in sometime.
Shekhar- Thanx beta, what’s our fees.
Ragini- Its okay uncle. Neighbours comes to help when need arises. Today i helped you all, tommorrow if need arises you help my family.
All smile hearing her talks. Shekhar feels as if he has some connection with her.
Shekhar- What’s your name beta?
Ragini was abt to tell them her name when her phone rings.
She excuses herself & go.

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