Ragini- Rishto ko jode ti ek dor (CH-2)



Scene starts in London–
A big mansion is shown. Its Maheshwari Mansion. It is decorated beautifully. Some function is going on. Its Kavita-Sanskaar & Swara-Laksh engagement.
DP comes on the stage.
DP– Attention Ladies and Gentle Mens today is the big day for us. We (he said pointing to Shekhar) are turning our business relation into a strong Family relation. Your both the sons Sanskaar & Laksh are going to get engage to Kavita & Swara.
The ritual starts–
Kavita & Swara are brought by Dadi & Parineeta.
First Kavita & Sanskaar exchange rings & then Laksh & Swara.
Laksh & Swara were happy as they were in love with each other from chilhood days.
Kavita was happy, but Sanskaar was not. He likes Kavita as friend but does not love her. He was doing this engagement only because of the pressure of Ram Prasad & DP.
After sometime ceremony was over. Kavita & Swara leaves with Dada,Dadi & Shekhar.
Sanskaar was in his room. Laksh comes there.

Laksh- So bhai, what are you thinking, about bhabhi.
Sanskaar- No lucky, i was just….
Lucky- What happened Bhai, i notice at engagement also, you dont look happy.
Sanskaar- I dont Love Kavita, Lucky. She is my friend but not love.
Lucky- But bhai, she loves you.
Sanky- I know lucky & that’s why i am ready to marry her. But i dont know whether in future i wld keep her happy or not.
Lucky- Bhai why dont you talk to Chachu and Papa.
Sanky- You very well know Lucky what will they say.
Lucky- Should i talk to Swara, she will…
Sanky- No lucky, promise me that you will not tell anything to anyone. I am ready to marry Kavita.

Precap– Shekhar & Family as well as Maheshwaris come to Kolkata.

Credit to: ck1234

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