Ragini- Rishto ko jode ti ek dor (CH-1)


Scene starts in India—
A big mansion is shown. Its Gadodia Villa,Kolkata. Two ladies are sitting in the hall. Lady 1– Shumi, beta were these both are. They did not woke up till now.(She is kaveri, shumi mother). Shumi signals her to see. They see a man ? coming out of a room with eyes closed. He is Adarsh.
Adarsh- Still with closed eyes princess where are you, u know na I don’t start my day before seeing your face. You are my lucky charm. Shumi and Kaveri smiles.
Shumi – Adarsh she is still sleeping in her room.
No mom I am awake. A girl said. She goes to Adarsh and says bhai open your eyes, I am here. He open his eyes.
Adarsh- Good morning, princesses
The girl does not reply.
Adarsh- What happened Ragu are you angry with me.
Ragini- Bhai you forgot.
Adarsh remembers something. He takes out a chocolate from his pocket.
Adarsh- How can I forget, my princess fav chocolate.
He gives her. She hugs him. You are the best bro in the world. She said. And you are world’s no1 sister.
Shumi- Okay now you both get ready. Adarsh you have some important meeting line up na and Ragu beta u have to go to hospital.
Adarsh and Ragini- Yes Mom.
They went to get ready.
Shumi smiles and says don’t know when there childish behaviour will go. No one will say seeing them at home that Adarsh is a business man and Ragu is a doctor. They both act like kids.
Kaveri – Shumi, you shld be happy they are so close.
Shumi- I hope that Adarsh and Ragu wld have same type of bonding when they meets Swara and Kavita.
Kaveri– Shumi they will never come to India beta, Shekhar will not allow them.
Shumi- They will come Maa, its a mother trust. I want to see my 4 children’s together.
Just then Adarsh comes there after getting ready. Ragini to comes. They star there breakfast. They were eating just then Ragini coughs a little.
Adarsh- What happened princess, drink some water. He gives her a glass of water. He has tears in his eyes.
Ragini drinks water and looks at him. He was angry, his eyes were red. Shumi, kaveri and Ragini knew what was coming next.
Ragini – Bhai I am fine. Its just that food is little spicey.
He signals her to be quite.
Adarsh- Kaka, he shouted.
The cook comes.
Adarsh – You know na princess does not like spicy food so how can you give her spicy food. If something wld happened to her then. He said angrily.
Kaka- Beta by mistake I…
Ragini- Chill bhai I am fine. Look at me, she said calming him down. Kaka you go.
Adarsh- But princess because of this spicy food you coughed. And u know na I cant see u in any pain. I will throw the thing out of this house which will give my princess a pain. He hugs her. Shumi and Kaveri smiles.

Precap– Kavita and swara entry..

Credit to: ck1234

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