Ragini – Phir Nayi Shuruwat (Character Sketch)

Ragini – Phir Nayi Shuruwat

Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar As in Ragini Gadodia/ Maheshwari & Diya Rajvanshi – Daughter of Janki & Shekher. Ex-wife of Laksh Maheshwari . Wife of Karan Rajvansi. Lives in Mumbai. Mother of Ridhaan Rajvanshi. A Doctor by profession. Works in “The Raizada Hospital” as Deputy head. Best friend & is like a sister of Samar Raizada & Roshni Raizada.
Karan Wahi As in Karan Rajvansi – A business tycoon. MD of “Rajvansi Empire”. Best friend of Samar Raizada. Treats Roshni as his sister. Husband of Ragini/Diya , father of Ridhaan. Loves them alot.
Ridhaan Karan Rajvansi – 4 yrs old , cutie – pie , fun loving kid… Loves his Mom & Dad alot. He is very close to his buddy aka Sidhant Samar Raizada.
Shaleen Malhotra As in Samar Raizada – Is a doctor by profession. Own his hospital “ The Raizada Hospital”. It is number one hospital in Mumbai. Treats Ragini/Diya like his sister. Best friend of Karan Rajvanshi. Husband of Roshni. Father of Sidhant.
Surbhi Jyoti As in Roshni Raizada – Wife of Samar. Mother of Sidhant. Best friend of Ragini/Diya . Is like a sister to Karan. Works in “Rajvansi Empire” as joint MD.
Sidhant Samar Raizada – 4 yrs old, handsome & charming like his father. Loves his family alot. Best friend of Ridhaan.
Maheshwaris & Gadodia’s are same as were in Swaragini. Kavya is positive here 3 kids in Maheshwari family..
Parsh Adarsh Maheshwari – 5 yrs old. Adarsh & Pari’s son.
Sanya Sanskaar Maheshwari – 3yrs old, Swara & Sanskaar’s daughter.
Krish Laksh Maheshwari – 2.5 yrs old. Laksh & Kavya’s son.

My story starts 6 yrs after Ragini leaves Kolkata after Laksh married Kavya . Karan , Samar & Roshni knows abt Ragini’s past… She has changed her name to Diya, as Janki always wanted to name her diya. ……
So hwo is the Intro…….

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  1. Sorry to say but I think I have read this intro before which belongs to another story only n that was ur’s ff only. Please dont show kavya n lakshya (positive ) as you have introduced like this because the way lakshya got married to kavya n treat ragini badly noone will do like this who is positive he insulated her in worst possible way n how can maheshwaris acept them easily if whatever lakshya n kavya did was acceptable then why not ragini thats not acceptable for me at least for me.n which positive lady will marry someone like lakshya who was already married n he has done wrong with ragu from start still marry him by cheating his wife for divorce sorry but I cant accept it at all this is completely my opinion.if you can please remove kavya’s character from ff or make it as negative dear its a request.let lakshya be alone at least that will be acceptable.n if you are the same writer of” RAGLAK ff Love or Revenge” from swaragini india forum then please please please post that ff here as well n please update its next part too n sorry if you are hurt because of the comment but I felt to share this with you.

    1. Ck1234

      Yes, I have written Raglak ff love or Revenge on IF. Glad you liked it… And ya one of my previous story to had same pairing of wahi & teju… But this story is diff

  2. N not to forget lakshya have used ragini physically just for the signature on divorce papers n still you think that a lady who is positive can marry such a guy can be positive n after doing all this please don’t show that kavya n lakshya are happily married couple yar . I have read ur previous story that is heart wants what it wants n truly love it . because I have read it more than 5 times.n I really appreciate ur work dear please don’t get offended by the comments.

  3. Nice story line please continue it

  4. A.xx

    fab and Karan wahi with rags xx

  5. Awesome

  6. Asra

    awesome dear….whn u r going to update ur other ff’s…eagerly waiting for ur ff’s…plz update soon…tkcr dear…

  7. Superb… Nice start?

  8. Awesome start dear

  9. Hemalattha

    Interesting and nice

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