Ragini OS – Why not me (Suggestion needed first)


Amna back with next OS. Seriously guys I was overwhelmed with the response I got for my Raglak os – yeh laal ishq, yeh malaal ishq. Many of you said it was best. I will not say it was best but it was a big compliment for me that somebody thought my story as best. I didn’t thought that l will so early come with new story.

This one will be my gift for all Tejaswi aka Ragini fans on her birthday. coming to story, it will be a story on ragini with no pairing actually. Though there will be love but a kind of incomplete love in the story. A story with lots of emotion, unconditional love and all.

So the problem is I need a male character in the story who will be a very important character in Ragini life.I am in dillema whom to choose between Sanskar and laksh as l like both of them equally. I have written Two OS till now with one one with both of them. Though LAST LEAF was actually a story on friendship not on any couple love but usko fill karne ke liye hum Ragsan ff- REALITY likh rhe h. So whom to choose in this one. A very big confusion for me!!!!!!!!

So please help me in choosing between them by your votes. Pls vote for sanskar or laksh not for raglak or ragsan. BCoz this will be a incomplete love. Vote fast as I will write story tommorow or day after tomorrow.

Credit to: Amna

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  1. Ragsan plz

    1. Oh leela Aapi l said na there will be no pairs.?? l will take it for sanskar

      1. oohh so sorry,. then plz do Sanskar

  2. Laksh is the best one for Ragini

  3. Sanskar or Laksh as you wish because even I like both, preferably Sanskar as he is the best pair for Swaragini

  4. hey dear don’t get confused . for a change why can’t you take the character from other serial.
    or choose that what your heart says.or make the story based on women empowerment or against any evil things in the story. or if you need this story in happy manner plz do watch charlie movie(malayalam) for an idea. plz do reply

    1. I will search for this movie on Google. Thanks for ur suggestion but l can’t help with story as l have already planned it. But how to follow my heart as l don’t have a wish for anyone of them currently.

      1. And if you really want a story on women empowerment or social problem than read my ff reality. It’s totally on that topic.

  5. Please write on Raglak.

    1. Oops sanskaar ☺☺

  6. Choose LAKSH
    he is the best for ragini
    They make a wonderful couple

  7. Laksh as the couple really look good together

  8. I also dono whom to choose…so itz ur choice…I love both..

    1. U r as confused as me???

  9. Raglak will be awesome

  10. di…ragsan or raglak…i l choose ragsan…but i want u to pair ragini with namik this time dont know y i m feeling to read them as a pair….but if u ask btw ragsan or raglak….i l choose ragsan..

  11. Sanskar

  12. pls take laksh

  13. laksh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. SangerSangar

  15. Laksh looks good with ragini. But anyone is ok with me. BTW when r u gonna post???

  16. I’m big fan of ragsan bt individualy i like both of them and if its than i can chose bt its between the boy so I’m confused i like both of them so its depends on you chose anyone

  17. U r choice… both share good bonding with ragini

  18. Sanskar and sanskar only ❤ him

  19. I will prefer Laksh dear 🙂

  20. Sanskar please

  21. I like both of them but with ragini i would prefer laksh.
    Or u can take character from some other show. (I would like this option better)

  22. pinkChocolate

    Anyone Amna?! Its just ur ff that drives me crazy??So am waiting for it…Waiting.

  23. Megha

    Sanskar for me as well.

  24. Shipra

    Sanskaar please xd

  25. Thank you all for your suggestion. Sanskar got three more votes than Laksh so the role will be played by Sanskar but pls don’t expect it to be a ragsan OS. l really liked someone else than them( especially Parth aka namik. I persoanally liked RAGANSH jodi in Halima appi ff heart connection) but if l will take him for this character than many people will be dissapointed as they expect it to be one of them. I promise I will take him in my next story.
    l have started writing & u will get it by tomorrow. A request to all to read it inspite of choosing Laksh or someone other.

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