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Sorry for the delay but my mother was not allowing me to sit on computer for long hours bcoz of roza. As sanskar has got more votes so the role will be played by him but thier is no pair. I noticed a thing that in all my previous stories there was emotional and senti part of me and my funny part was almost miising. So l have tried to make this one enjoyble to. A request for all to read it and don’t leave it in between where you feel dissappointed.

“Sanskar what is this! You do this every year. It’s 2 am and I m still writing your stupid presentation on ‘Indian trade and economics’. And leave that apple, it’s mine.” Said Ragini yelling at sanskar who was sitting comfortably on her bed and was munching the apple which her dadi left for her.
“Oh meri topper. I forgot na. You couldn’t do this for your bff. And coming to apple jo tera hai wo mera hai.” Answered sanskar.
“ ha ha you forget doing it every year. And what do you mean by bff.” Ragini being irritated.
“ simple boy friend forever” Sanskar

“haw you are not my boyfriend”Ragini
“ why not? I m a boy and I will remain your friend forever so hua na boy friend forever. And if you are questioning over my boyhood then you can ask about it from any girl of the college.” Said Sanskar winking at Ragini

She hit him with the same set of files which she was writing for him and said “chee Sanskar! You are so cheap! Now this is complete and leave from here before dadi sees you”
He showed no sign of gratitude and started heading out of the room but was stopped when Ragini said from behind “ don’t forget the silk which you promised to give in return of the work.”
He turned with a mischievous smile and said “ which silk! I will not spend my 80 rupees on you. And if you will eat so much chocolates, you will get fat and then all the suitors of your dadi will refuse you for marriage and then at last I would have to marry you.”
She threw one cushion on him and shouted “ You liar! I will never marry you. Leave from here.”
He showed her his tongue and left from her room.

She was resting in her bed and smiling thinking many things. This was sanskar her best friend or boy friend ever since she has shifted in this house when she was 12 years old. Their friendship occurred when one the very first day she fell in the mud due to her heavy frock. Yes he laughed on her but he helped her too to get up. This was the first and last time he helped her as after it was she who always helped him in every ways. Whether it was completing his homeworks or helping him in his study. She would help in every way she could. Often risking her own self. In short she was his doraemon to whom he will come running crying ‘Raginiiiiiiiiiii’ whenever he is in any problem. He also knows this very well, this is the reason why he always exploit her in his every need. But little did he know why she does all this. The reason for all this was her love, her unconditional which she developed for him slowly from her childhood. She could do every little and big thing for him without him to know anything about it. She never liked when he called her topper but she was delighted when he joined ‘meri’ infront of it because she always wished to be his, only and only his. She knew that he was always joking when he said that he would marry her at last but she would wish that that all her dadi proposals which are coming for her ever since she reached 21, rejects her so that she could become mrs Sanskar maheswari. She could leave all her world for him but never could she confess her love to him with the fear of losing his friendship too because of her love.

Days were passing. Her love for him was increasing day by day and he was not having slightest news of it.

But things started changing suddenly when one day she fell on ground on college and tore her dress slightly from the back. Whole college was laughing on her and she being a timid girl was not able to answer them. It was then when he not only gave all of them a splendid answer but also gave her his jacket and carried her in his arms to medical room. She was staring him lovingly all the way but the surprise was that he was doing the same too. He consoled her in a very lovingly manner and left her home too. It was then when something popped in her little mind that he might be loving her too!! She was extra joyous by only thinking about it but she knew that all these dreams will give her immense pain when they will be shattered.

That day she was washing dishes on his flat. He had arranged a party and bcoz of his pleadings she has somehow convinced her dadi for allowing her to go there. Suddenly he came from behind and held her from behind. They were very close to each other, so close that they could hear each other heart beats. Their proximity was sending shiver down her body. She tried to go out of his hold but he was reluctant to leave her. He was just nudging her neck and caressing it with his nose. All this was increasing her confirmation on the thought that he also loves her. Their closeness continued until Swara, their batch mate did not disturbed them with her fake coughs. They immediately dispersed and went away shying.

It was their college fest and Ragini was looking no less than a fairy in her red saree. She was sure that today Sanskar would propose her and she will become his for always. Sanskar approached to her smiling lovingly. He came to her, they were just looking in each other eyes. He proceeded directly “ Ragini I lo……” but they were disturbed by swara in between who yelled on Sanskar “ stop it Sanskar. I was so wrong to refuse your love proposal but I have realized my mistake now. Pls I can’t see you with anyone else. I love you pls don’t do this.”

Ragini was stalled by her words. She was expecting that Sanskar would tell Swara that he loves only her but his reply completely broked her. He said “ I always loved you only swara. All this was just to make you jealous and make you confess your love.” She was hurt very hurt. He played with her feelings, used her just to make a girl confess of his love. What about her love? her unconditional love? But it was not his fault too bcoz it was always she who made castles in air. He could not question him anyways as her love was unconditional from starting.

He turned to her and said-“ I know it was very tough you to bear my closeness for these days. But Ragini you are best. I have always got what I have want with your help. I love you, I love you very much ragini.” With that he hugged her and left from there with Swara. She just smiled on all this as she knew if she would open her mouth she would end up crying bitterly. After his departure she immediately locked herself in washroom and cried her heart out there. She had only these words to ask him-

Escaping nights without you with shadows on the wall
My mind is running wild trying hard not to fall
You told me that you love me but say I’m just a friend
My heart is broken up into pieces
‘Cause I know I’ll never free my soul
It’s trapped in between true love and being alone
When my eyes are closed the greatest story told
I woke and my dreams are shattered here on the floor
Why oh why tell me why not me?
Why oh why we were meant to be
Baby, I know I could be all you need
Why oh why oh why?
I wanna love you
If you only knew how much I love you
So why not me?


Ok ok l again made a sad ending but atleast il didnt kill anyone in this. Actually this idea came in my mind while I was reading a raglak ff- is pyaar ko kya naam doon? Trust me l love it but il was feeling so sad for Arjun that this idea came in my mind. Many a time l see that someone become victim in uniting to love ones. l know there is no fault of those people but someone is being hurt on all this. So this one for all those people’s pain.

Pls love this one too and give your feedback.

Credit to: Amna

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  1. LovelyAliya

    It’s fantastic Amna! <3 Continue, I really like your OS 😉

    1. Thank you so much dear. You will get more OS in future

  2. oh so awesome and emotional story…i like it very much…are u fan of arjun mmz because in a way it was like revenge…in is payar ko kya nam do ff ragini refused arjun n here u make shanskar refused ragini just my thought…all over nice story

    1. Thank You so muchfor liking it. Did it was character of any serial? actually it was my 10th board last year so my father cut the cables off. I was only following Swaragini through net since last one year.. He did the best thing by doing it as it did not only helped me in my grades but also I m hear bcoz of it.

  3. Awesome

    1. thank you dear.

  4. pinkChocolate

    Hey Amna? I really felt bad for Ragini?Awww! She was so sweet but as you said people always make someone their prey! He shouldn’t have done that? But a big thanks for doing this?I loved this story a simple one yet very good to read?And I am waiting for Reality?Please upload it when you find time dear?Take care?

    1. Yup she became victim of his love. Thank you so much for loving. I will try to update it soon. Pray my mamma is in good mood today.;0

      1. PinkChocolate

        Lol?All mommy’s are same??

  5. Superb os.but sad also

    1. thank you. Promise not said ending next time.

  6. Sofia

    Nice one but feeling bad for Ragini

    1. thank you. ya u shld feel a little bad afterall she was such a sweetheart.

  7. Awesome

    1. thank you

  8. Piya


    1. thnk you.

  9. Amna where u from norway

    1. No l m from india only. What made you ask that? the song?

    1. thank you

  10. Lila

    Awesome OS Amna… loved it.

    1. thnk u so much. Are u the same Leela Aapi?

      1. Lila

        Yes I am same Lila?

  11. Pavani

    Its amazing really poor ragini

    1. Thank you so much Aapi. Glad that you liked it. ?

  12. really need continuation for this part dear, nice

    1. I will think about it but some stories remain unfinished forever.?

  13. Anaita

    Superb OS yaar… ?? emotional too..

    1. Thnk you so much dear. Glad that you liked it.?

  14. SPP

    It is really really Awesome
    What you said is absolutely true and I totally agree with you yaar
    Come back soon with another OS
    I just love your dear
    Thank you so much for this OS

    1. Thank you so so much.? Yes yaar we remember bajirao mast ani for their love but did we remember kashibai for her sacrifice.

  15. Awesome os.love it

  16. Nitu1992

    Amna… m glad that you got inspired from my ff… it ws. Brilliant one.. kw would like to see some more parts to it.. cz I want ragini to ignore him.. nd Sanskar shud realise what he had misses.. and regret.. nd yea our laksh sud come to her life with wat she deserves…. love…

    1. Thank u so much for liking. I will think about continuing it bt beufulness of some stories remains in thier incompleteness. Some pain always remain in our heart to remind us of roses wih thorns>

  17. Megha123

    U exactly portrayed the character of ragini loved it to the core❤???❤

  18. very nice ….

  19. RUPA

    Well every story have happy endings…….
    And regarding story it was very sweet and well written.
    Do come back with more such stuff.

  20. Awesome os

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