ragini OS- the love that made me shot 4

Ragini pov
Considering my expression, sanskar came closer. And said ‘try being the girl you are. Not what your problems have made you’
As I sat down on the grass, he began talking :’the first thing I noticed when I saw you singing was sadness in your eyes. And that suprised me. Because whenever I asked anybody about you, the response was similar. “try staying away from her. She wouldn’t think twice before insulting you for just being nice to her. “but I was intrigued. And that was when I decided that I’ll try getting through your facade. And I did ‘

Sanskar again sounded very smug. I shoved him against the tree and he started laughing. After a minute I joined in too.
At that moment I knew I liked him. More than I’d ever liked someone. Sanskar was everything I needed. Sensitive, funny, caring. Sanskar could make me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. He understood me. He had told me numerous times, ‘you could be great. If you just stopped being the symbol of grief ‘

I felt Hope surge within me. I didn’t want to fail him. So I tried to improve. I studied. I worked hard. And I started paying less heed to my father ‘s taunts.
I decided to be happy. When my mom asked me the reason behind my sudden good spirits, I tried to be nonchalant about it. Sanskar was my secret, and I wanted to keep it that way for now.

Me and sanskar started frequenting his spot, which he had now named after both of us. We found that zigzagging and interlocking bamboo leaves had grown to form a green canopy. We loved it!
Sanskar decided to put a swing on those branches. We installed it on the strongest branch we could find. We took turns on it. I loved the feeling of being airborne.

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