ragini OS- the love that made me shot 3

Ragini pov
As the days progressed, I got to know more about sanskar. He was only child Of an army officer. His mother died at a young age and he hardly remembered her. I in turn told him about my mother.
Sometimes we bunked class. It was his idea that we roam around and be explorers.

‘bunking is healthy. You are already a nerd. How much more can you mug? ‘
‘I don’t mug. And where will we go, if we do miss the class? ‘
‘let me show you sanskar ‘s heaven’
‘there is no such thing as that ‘.i cut him off.
It was another of his quirks naming things as he pleased.
‘there is, dumbo. Just come along ‘

He never liked it if I didn’t believe him. To humor sanskar I followed. Finally we stopped at a forest
‘what is this place? ‘ I asked.
‘this once used to be a bamboo farm. Nobody comes here now, it’s seculded ‘
‘you don’t like it? ‘sanskar sounded disappointed.
‘no I like it. It’s peaceful here ‘
‘yeah. It is. That’s why I come here whenever I feel like being alone ‘replied he

‘I thought you were kind of person whose life was perfect ‘I mused aloud.
‘nobody’s life is perfect, mine definitely isn’t. Perfection is overrated. How will we grow better if we were perfect already? ‘ and problems exist in each person’s life. It’s on you how much weight them against your happiness ‘
That struck a chord. I had let my problems consume my life completely, he had decided to live with them and not let them hinder his liveliness.

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