ragini OS- the love that made me shot 2

Ragini’s pov
The next day was the same. After class, I tried to hurry off. Though after my behavior the precious day, I didn’t except him to follow me.
But sanskar was waiting for me. Acting like it was nothing unusual, he started walking beside me. I had to give it to him -he was resilient. This walk became his routine.
He didn’t try talking to me after that first day but whenever I glanced his way, I could see a satisfied smile on his lips.
Finally, after four weeks of arrogance, I was overcome by curiosity.
‘why do you always have smile plastered on your face ?’
‘people tell me I look handsome while smiling. And really, Who wouldn’t want to look great in front of girls! ‘
‘there aren’t many girls around here, you do know that, right? ‘
‘one is enough for me ‘he countered.

At that, I couldn’t help smiling. And he started his iconic babble.
‘you know you are not taxed for smiling, yet ?’
‘yes I do ‘ I frowned.
‘so why don’t you try smiling a bit more? A smile a month is seriously wrong ‘
I didn’t reply. He may had reasons for smiling always, I didn’t.
‘okay! Don’t get so sulky. I was kidding. So we are friends now? ‘
‘I don’t know ‘
‘come on! I made you smile. I earned it!
‘okay, we are friends or okay, you are annoying? ‘
My reply made him sulk. And his expression was so cute and I started laughing. He looked surprised.
‘Now we are definitely friends! ‘thus he sealed our bond.
I ragini gadodia failed to resist sanskar maheshwari. He was so full of hope and light that even the eternal night of my life was starting to get affected.

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