ragini OS- the love that made me first shot

Okay guys I will post my ff as soon as possible
This idea came when I was reading story it is not my concept this is from one of my story which touched my heart.

Ragini ‘s pov
Growing up in broken family, I had changed in more ways than one.
I was recluse. I hardly smiled. My grades were average and even though people around me believed my potential, I had entirely lacked incentive.
Always being in the shadows of my father ‘s overbearing criticism had always devoid of any wish of being worthy of success of love especially admiration.
I was not entirely alone. I had my mother. And in the days that I felt like ending my life, she was the only solace I felt I had. And the only person I felt emotionally attached to. That was until the time he came into my life.

He was like a human tornado who took over my life with so much exuberance oozing out of him that first time we met, I almost considered punching him.
I was already having a bad day. My teachers had complained to my father about my lack of concentration. Everyone knew I sometimes zooed out. But like every time, I was pulled up for it. I reached my tuition place that day, I was already hyperventilating. As the class finally ended, I had annoyed my tuition teacher as well. Terrific.

I was worried about my mom ‘s reaction and my father ‘s subsequent anger which he will let out on her. I did not want my mom to interfere. She will always ended up receiving more insults from my father than I would initially be subjected to.
Lost in thought, I didn’t see where I was going and realized it too late. I had already bumped into someone. I had started mumbling half-hearted apologies and tried to get away as soon as possible. I was embarrassed. It was one thing to be caught daydreaming and totally another to just bump into a stranger while doing so I hadn’t noticed that in process I had spilled my books on the road. Awesome.

He bent down and started picking up my books while I just stood there looking like idiot.
I was startled when he stood up smiled at me. Like a genuine I am so happy kind of smile. Next moment he held out his hand.
‘ I am sanskar. It’s my first day here. I know you from your music classes. Though I think you hardly know me so? ‘
At that ‘so’, I finally regained my common sense. I had hardly talked to people I knew, let alone strangers. And here he was behaving like we already are friends. Yeah, right.
Shoving general courtesy aside, I kept my hand stiffly at my side and scowled. That was the expression I usually used to ward off unwanted attention. But sanskar was not to be easily shooed off.
‘you don’t smile, do you? Is it ugly? ‘he grinned.

I started seething. How dare he comment on my smile or the lack of it for that matter!
‘I do smile. Just not for strangers, ‘ I replied.
‘but I am no stranger. So tell me, can I walk with you? I live in same area and I really don’t like walking alone ‘

That was exactly what I wanted. To gather my thoughts and make new excuses for being late. Because this little accidental chitchat with sanskar costed me my precious minutes.
Without giving second glance I started moving forward.
‘oye. Wait for me! He started walking by my side. My scowl hadn’t worked so thought of another idea. To ignore him totally.
‘are you not going to talk at all? It’s a long way, it will be easier to pass time if we are conversing. ‘

Getting no response from me, he started humming a tune to himself. It was my favorite song. So he showcased his talent in mixing two totally different tones in one., i was tempted to correct him. But I refrained.
As we reached my home, I parted ways.

See you tomorrow? He asked
I just went on without replying.

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