Ragini one shots (preview)……By folly

Hey guys now a days I am out of thoughts for my ffs you know …lazy mind you know
So thought to give you os guys will update only one shots as I am interested in writing os too….I am very glad to write on your request as if anyone want the swaragini track should be like or that ,as everyone wish to have such things right?? I know because I too have felt I have given some ideas you can choose or else you can tell me what ever you want love teju doll…….

1.From starting laksh loves swara(but atlast he fall for our doll)
2.kidnap by laksh
3.divorce sign Kavya track
4.swaragini joined hands dislike by laksh while pari Adarsh track
5.Abhimanyu track
If you want is out of swaragini track then too tell me…..
Love you guys…….

I am glad if you ordered me too write is on your wish????

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  1. Crystal089

    kidnap by laksh i think that’s best and unique idea to write from their waiting for one shot

  2. Naagin

    Kidnap i want . I love kidnapping ????

  3. Saghi

    Divorce sign kavya track that’s an order:) hehe just kidding yaar!!

  4. Jayanti

    the first point…liking swara then falls for ragini….also that kavya track

  5. Amul

    first or third

  6. Shrilatha

    From first u know what I want..love u folly

  7. Akshitha

    Kidnap by laksh track oror divorce sign kavya trackk

  8. First one

  9. Lovely7


    Waiting for your os

  10. Pls first one.l would love to read in that storyline

  11. AMkideewani

    Out of Swaragini track

  12. Asra

    first and second dear…

  13. Aditi.Ayansh

    first second or third di 🙂

  14. 1,2,3,4,5.. I want all…
    But pls post 1st one soon..

  15. ManjuAkalya

    1,2,3 as a combo 😛

  16. Kabi...

    I want out of swaragini track.

  17. divorce track

  18. Yashu24

    Hello didu..
    I loved​ 1&2 options..
    And rest your wish..
    I would love whatever you will write..
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love you ????

  19. Harinipriya

    hi akka! First of all a very big applause for ur os. I am very happy that I am going to read new os. If u ask me I will say I want in all the 5 tracks. I am a crazy fan naa? 😀 Its ur wish akka. I will read any os. If u want u also give it in out of Swaragini track. So akka, I am eagerly waiting for ur os! All the best and love u!

  20. Dharani

    i want all yaar all are interesting

  21. Asw

    Abhimanyu track keep going

  22. Nimika

    Kidnap by laksh will be interesting

  23. third one

  24. Follybraverl

    Guys thanks for your lovely comments…

  25. Second one

  26. I love to read all the above tracks dear

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