Ragini one shot (part 1 (a)) by folly

Hey my dear friends you guys are become so naughty haa?
I can’t even get what to write first because there are different kind of orders or requests so by now I wilk write the first one as itbget highest vote by now……
The story starts with swa_lak marriage was going to happen every one accept their relationship our Ragini too…

Ragini pov:
I know laksh you love swara by your heart I can’t force myself to you…And I am not a kind of too ..Swara yeah she is a cute girl with charm and brain Every one like her…But I am not a girl who is s*xy and hot …..But for me I am a queen I have a beautiful heart and my mom she is always with me looking at her mom pic in the wall….I am going to help sumi kaki she is alone na…Today is swa_lak marriage discussion at the evening..Kaki prepares snacks I have to help her said she going towards her door…Look back her mom photo said I love you MA……Be with me..
At evening:
Ragini in a full red salwar with loose hair curls at the ends….Swara in yellow kurti red pants….
Lucky in a black shirt blue jean…
He enters in with his family … Swara gets ready in her room comes out as her mom called her she comes out and smiles at laksh and he too smiles ..Said looking good through his gesture … Unknownly his eyes search for someone….
Ragini in Street fight with kids said chitu this for guests na I will get sweets for you all after they leave she runs and they follow her said ragu di plzzzz….
Ragini with a pout face without looking up said kaki see na chitu grabs four ladoo and now he wants all of them…Chitu ask ragu to bend his level she too does he kiss her cheeks said cute ragu I love you…..Said he runs out shouts come back after they leave ..
Ragini smiles and says ok….

Now only our doll look up to see the whole MM family looks at her with smile in their face…..Laksh just looking at her thinks I realised only now that red us a beautiful colour…..What the hell lucky swara us your girl just focus on her…..
When the elders start discussing about the functions…Lucky and swara speak with each other…Ragini just standing there like she has no one…Lucky notice Ragini in his corner of eyes thinks I have to speak with ragu she is alone…Tries to standup swara stops him by showing wedding card designs..
Just then a black jacquar stops infront of GH… Every one looks out there come a couple about nearly fifty..
Shekhar dumbfounded to see them they are Janki’s brother family (Jiten lalwani and Lataa Saberwal Seth) to other gift box in their hands…Shekhar welcome them said what a surprise….Jiten said we want to get our son Aryan to marry your daughter…Shekhar with disappointed look said but my daughter’s engagement is fixed already….Lataa says oh my god bhaiya it’s ok where is our Janaki ka only symbol (Ragini)

Just then Shekhar realises that he have another daughter…Ragini is a silent spectator of all the happening Shekhar said oh you mean Ragini she is there..He gestures ragini to come forward who is standing at a corner…jiten and latta eyes get moist after seeing their janaki’s Xerox Ragini…
Lata hugs her kiss her forehead said I am sorry beta I have to be with you when you are all alone…Ragini said it’s ok Mami you don’t know na that I am alone here if Mama knows that he would take me before itself she said with sweet smile….Jiten says Shekhar I want to meet raginis sasural walon..Shekhar says no Jiten Ragini is not engaged till now ..I was talking about my swara…
Lata says your swara ok then we will be free to take our Ragini right bhaiya…Said she caressed her head…
Shekhar head fell down in shame…
See Ragini beta you are going to marry your rightful groom Aryan Jiten Roy (Shravan reddy)MD of Jata industry….
Ragini blinks her eyes like a kitten said ok Mami…
Laksh feel like part of his heart got emptiness suddenly…
Shekhar says we are very glad to hear that jit-la just taking a smile…Where your son said he…He is in d way said lata….
Laksh closed his fist and look at Ragini with rageful eyes….She was confused why did he stare me like that??
A handsome guy in a blue shirt black pants black waistcoat came in looking only at Ragini she didn’t notice him..
Lata said he is there come Aryan..
Jiten says here our hero..
Ragini smiles at him
He said mom when is our marriage??I want to take my Ragini with me right now… Everyone burst out laughing..
Ragini blushed…
Lucky just stared her with a rageful eyes..
After sometime the elders panned to do the marriage in Roy mansion and engagement in MM..Ragyan shares a great bond…swa_lak swara speak spoke spoken…Lucky just stare Ragini…
Aryan in mind I will never let you feel alone Ragini….

Guys I thought to give it as a is but it takes two shots….
Ragyan or Raglak tell me….
Sorry for typos

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  1. Love Raglak, but in this i would like to have Ragyan

  2. Keerthu

    Its awesome story dr…………. Ragyan dr…………….

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks keerthu

  3. Ragyan

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks aleeza

  4. Make raglak dear…but want laksh to suffer more for ragini…make him jealous… Bdwn he got ragini only at d end dear

  5. Raglak..but want laksh to suffer wid jealousy

  6. Want raglak..lbut i need laksh and her family suffer a lot 4 ragini

  7. Nymisha281

    Awesome….I will not say anything abt the pairs….bcs u know hw and wt to write perfectly…waiting fr next part

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar will see

  8. Amul

    super……………… keep going folly

  9. Amul

    omg sharavan reddy…….

    1. Follybraverl

      Yeah SR my fav tahnks

  10. the update is just mindblowing continue soon

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar will see

  11. Awesome one dear. I really want Shekar to feel guilty for ignoring our doll who even sacrificed herself and gave her mother’s place to another woman. Being a RagLak fan I choose only RagLak but would love to see Laksh’s jealousy.

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks Gayu will see

  12. Asw

    Amazing ragyan keep going

  13. Raglak plss
    Awesome story

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar will see

  14. Amazing…..Ragyan

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks ashnoor

  15. Awesome. !!! Ragyan plss!!!! Sharvan reddy ?

    1. Follybraverl

      Haha thanks will see

  16. IQRA222

    but pls do make it raglak

    1. Follybraverl

      You are late iqu next part is posted do read and comment

  17. Aasthu

    ragya plzzzz…..Ragu looked very cute….felt sad when Shekhar said “my dau is already engaged.”…L’s anger was good….ragya will look cute together…

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar asthu next part submitted do read and comment

  18. Amazing update

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