Ragini one shot (part 1 (b)) by folly

I am very much happy with all your all support and comments thank you so much everyone wants Ragyan yeah I accept laksh did a mistake but he is a immature boy didn’t know want to choose for him outer appearance means a lot than inner beauty when he fully understand Ragini he becomes her pillar of support be a raglakian I want to make it raglak but more than that you guys meant a lot to me so I make it as Ragyan

Engagement day:
Ragini in a red lehenga no jewels and losses hair(diya look)
Aryan in Crem kurti and red pants
Lucky in navy blue kurti and white pants…
Swara in yellow saree(devanshi look)
Aryan just forgot to blink for a moment by seeing Ragini my red angel said he..
Lucky just glued his eyes on Ragini….Swara nudges him asking how does she looks he said hmm..
Swara sense something wrong from the past few days of his behaviour..
Lata comes to Ragini says looking like a goddess beta like your mom you too not liking wears jewels
Jiten says no need of jewels for my daughter she is a born beauty…
Aryan comes to her drags her to the corner says I know you love lakshya but that is not a matter tell me one thing di you trust me..?
Ragini says yeah Aryan I trust you more than. Myself..
Aryan says I promise you RAGINI I will destroy the thing or Human if even they think to hurt you….I love you Ragini you know from childhood itself my parents told me that Janaki ma’s daughter is your girl..I started love you by not seeing you…Ragini with teary eyes hugged him says why don’t you guys come and take me before itself…..Aryan says because if they get you before itself I can’t control my feelings will definitely lose my senses if then your husband to be will not become a business tycoon my to be wifey..
Ragini just lost in his eyes and talks…

Laksh hears their conversation thinks I realised my feelings just now but you go away from me that I can’t even touch you…You know Ragini I missed you…
then the couples exchange their rings.
Ragyan…Friends surrounded them and says shouts Ragyan Ragyan……
Aryan friend says tell us about ragini yaar…Ragini looks at him curiously…

You know guys that dad and mom always said me atleast once a day that your wife will be Janki ma ka daughter…
I feel like what you want me to marry a girl who I didn’t know what if she not like me or live someone else…My mom used to say my Janki will united you both don’t worry….I was very much poor in studies my dad used to say if you didn’t study properly then how can Janki daughter will marry you…My dad didn’t give me his business he told me to build My own by threatening me with that same dialogue….
I studied…I fall many times while build my Empire…After many times I succeed in very young age it all because of her may be that’s why I fell for her without seeing her..Then my dad merge his company with mine and only after my 27years they show me my life…
By turning to Ragini he said you know Ragini by knowing or unknownly you became my part of life….
I love you Ragini I love you to the eternal….
Everyone stands and claps says Ragyan Ragyan…
Jiten and lata proud by their son
Ragini just fell on her knees by crying..Says I don’t deserve you Aryan why did you love me this much idiot I hate you said she beat his arms when he also fell on his knees to console her…..I hate you…..
Everyone happy to see them swara in jealous just get off from there.. laksh drinks drinks drinks…..
It’s Ragini turn said one of his friend…

When I was a girl I just know that only mom and dad are the one who will love you…Mom she is my everything when I started to speak before tell I love you Mumma she left me….That time to this time I am all alone then , I met laksh I loved him but.. I don’t know to ecen groom myself too ..he never loved me that was not his mistake I not his kind (lucky in bar counter just thinks about first meeting swaraglak encounter s)
By seeing swara with her mom dad and his love I think that I am the cursed one who will never loved by anyone….But like a saviour my mom’s memories in my life make me to live…
Then like a angel of my life Aryan and Mama Mami comes in to my life…
I felt father’s embrace whenever I am with Jiten Mama…Said she hugged him he kissed her head…
I don’t know whether Janaki maa will take care of me like lata Mami when ever she touch me or kiss me I feel like I am the only one who born in the world to loved by everyone…..Lata just hugged her and kissed her forehead…
And then Aryan just stare the ground when ragini started talking…
Aryan thaught me that how one should love and only by seeing the appearance or physical satisfaction is not a love…Love is the one which is connecting the heart and by feel them only you can love ….I don’t know whether I deserve your love Aryan..But I promise you I will never let you down….I will never let your dreams go away from you….I love you Aryan said she…Now only aryan look up at her his eyes full of tears…Ragini panics and asks are you ok…Aryan hugged her tight says I am sorry Ragini I will never leave you or let you feel alone……
Laksh with his eyes full of tears leaves the place….He goes and turns to Ragini said I love you Ragini…
Swa_lak marriage has been called off…Laksh become drunkard..

On marriage day…
Full swing every one there with smiles and teasing gossiping and some has steal glances of their loved ones…..
Ragyan in mandap do the rituals suddenly a gun shot …Ragyan shocked as it comes towards Aryan …..But somrone come infront of aryan…
Sumi is the one who shots…
Shekhar goes and slap sumi then sumi slaps him says don’t you dare I am not Janki…
He in mind says you will be never my janki…
Sumi says my swara lost her Love and her marriage stops..Ragini should feel the pain of leaving the loved one like me and my Sona…
Swara comes and hold her ma says what have you done ma…Laksh she shouts the one come between Aryan is our laksh…Aryan holds him and shouts please anyone call ambulance..Ragini holds lucky hands says breath lucky…
Lucky holds Aryan and Ragini hand together says I love you Ragini ……
Aryan smiles and lucky in Aryan ears says this one birth is Ragini will be yours next I will not give up….Aryan says never..With a smile….Ragini just cries seeing laksh…Lucky sees Ragini and take a deep breath says I love you only you Ragini….. Happy married life……Lucky dues in Aryan arms..

After one year:
Lata holds Aryan hands says no worries beta it happens and it’s a twin babies so they di surgery…. Aryan just stands with tensed face said ma this babies enough for us no more babies I can’t see her in pain ma…..Then they hears babies sound nurse comes out says it a boy and a girl..
Ragini is perfectly alright but unconscious due to the medicine…
When lata Jiten enters into the ward goes to cradle holds baby Jiten says my janki and hugs baby girl and lata says laksh by hugging baby boy…
Ragini with tired face look at the door there comes out Aryan he rushed to ragu and kissed her hair says i am sorry..Ragini says mad boy and kiss his hands..She is full tired…Lata and Jiten gives the babies to Ragyan and leaves
Ragini says thank you Aryan for making me complete…… Aryan just pecked her lips says you are the best thing ever happened to me Ragini….She smiles and both of them kissed babies forehead…..Jiten and lata comes they takes group selfie …..

Happy family…..
I am sorry for everyone who wants raglak I too love them like hell don’t worry guys raglak will be soon in my next os… Pardon me…Love you all……..

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  1. Rafeee

    Wow awesome?

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    Nice keep going

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    Than lucky aryan deserves ragu more ????

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    But feeling bad for laksh also

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    Awesome folly thanks for ragyan…

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    super yaar
    u rocked it again

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    Felt sad for swalak….Ragini’s and Aryan’s talk was nice…

  9. Why did u finish it so soon i badly wanted more of ragyan romance …..but anyways ur ff was just awesome …..loads of love

  10. Naz_Temish

    For this story I feel Aryan deserves Ragini…And that happened….Awesome folly?????

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    I’m feeling bad for laksh… Pls write a beautiful romantic tashanwala Raglak OS dear…plsssssssssssssssssaa?

  12. Awesome

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    Aww……Lakshya didn’t deserve that fate???

    Well, it was not about Raglak or Ragsan, it was about Ragini for me, and well, somehow Ragyan won my heart?

    It was a great OS Folly???

  14. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot….ohh our aryan love ragu thz much….but feeling bad for laksh…eagerly waiting for ur another os…tkcr dear….

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    only one word ….mindblowing.

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  17. awesome dear

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    superb os ka! Really awesome end!!! But feeling bad for Laksh! Let it be! Anyways awesome!

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    Awesome Folly. I have read all the parts of this os in one go… Really it’s amazing. But feeling bad for Laksh. Stay blessed.

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