Ragini – It’s not love Part 5


Hey it’s Nitu back with my short story Ragini – It’s not love. I am really sorry for being so late.. I was si busy with my office and works.. and this is the last part.. I know it’s boring.. response from readers shows it.. sorry for that… anyways will end it.. Thanks to all who commented and supported me.. love you all…
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Ragini is back at thier apartment. She hardly seen Sanskar since her return and it suited her because it tool the pressure off having to pretend that she is fine, when she was anything but not fine. There was no physical or emotional intimacy between them. They were growing apart.. Ragini felt that Sanskar ia going through a tough time and I giving her space ..
Office situation was not better… launch date was getting closer and closer but all are so confused.. they liked the pics I got clicked from Australia.. Laksh… I miss him.. the moments spend with him.. we didn’t communicate with each other after that except for a mail by him.. it was a picture of me amidst flowers clicked by Laksh.. it was so beautiful and the wonderful thing was he named it “Bud” itl mother’s poem about me.. yeaa he had got it and read it . He loved the poems and said that my mom loves me a lot.. though I skipped that convo I knew it.. and it felt different when laksh talked me about it whereas Sanskar always avoided talking about my mother .
One day Janki may called her.. after initial casual talks she got into her favourite topic.. my mother.. she wants me to visit her.. at mental hospital.. she doesn’t even recognise me and why should I visit her.. Janki maa saying that she is bettee now and is asking for me.. I am not ready for that .. I hung up phone after making it clear that I don’t want to meet her..
She was furious and hurt.. she really doesn’t like this topic.. she just dont like to talk about her family.. it’s makes her depressed.. which she doesn’t want so avoiding it..
She came back home.. took her mother’s book and flipped through its pages.. she felt that it’s right time to show this to Sanskar.. she wanted to talk about it.. this was her way of acknowledging her mother without going and seeing her.. sanskar was sitting at drawing room watching TV.. she showed it to him.. he made all right noises and was suitably acknowledging my mom’s poems so she left it with him to read it..
When she came back , she saw that he left it in sofa so she picked it up and placed on their book display area and went to sleep.. but found it sitting on my bedside table next morning
Ragini” Did yu bring it back it here sanskar?
Sanskar” yes darling
Sanskar” well it’s not something we should prominently display,ryt? We wil have parties at our home and we dnt want anyone to ask about your mother ryt?

Ragini stood there stunned.. her eyes turned red short with anger. How dare her insult her like that? She wanted to kill him .. want to tear him into pieces… she never had a fight with Sanskar.. they always talked before fighting . . Or Always avoided such situations by laughing at it..but this time Ragini couldn’t control. She was shaking with fury . She wanted to scream and shout and claw him to death

Sanskar”why are you looking at me like this?
Ragini”you are a jerk.. self centred, judgemental, superficial jerk..

Before he could reply she grabbed the book and left the room ..
Ragini went to Britain .. stayed at her apartment near office.. she didn’t talk to Sanskar.. she was furious with him.. Sanskar sent a message to her that he never expected Ragini to say such unacceptable words and he won’t speak to her unless she apologise to him . Ragini also eas equally stubborn that she wont talk to him unless he apologise to her for insulting her mother..
Though all this disasters were going on she felt happy.. and dont know the reason.. she felt content after a long time..
Ragini went for shopping to relax… her fone rings.. it was an irritating media reporter. She hates him.. and he hates her more
Ragini”Hi karthik
Karthik “ hi Ragini
Ragini” anything special? Yu never Calls ne unless it’s some hot news
Karthik” i just wondered how you felt about your husband having an affair with your former colleague, Nikita?
Ragini” stop kidding.. come off it.. anyway what did yu really ring about?
Karthik” iam calling about the affair your husband is having with the editor of Chic Interiors?
Ragini began to feel a little uneasy, but it was so ridiculous.. sanskar is so choosy.. he can never have an affair with someone as plain as her
Karthik” Ragini for your information, Sanskar is having an affair with her for past one year.. he used to live with her when yu wre away for your stupid fashion shows..
Ragini felt dizzy because it all started seem possible. She cut the phone.. she was in the middle of street. .she could really connect many incidents.. his sudden interest in interiors.. holding parties for them.. allowing them to shoot in their apartment.. everything now makes sense . Hee handsome, successful, secure husband is having an affair with her former colleague
Sanskar was cheating on her.. but could she complain when she was being unfaithful to him too? And frankly, the way he was behaving recently, she ddn evn care about it.. she didn’t know.. she didn’t know what to to think.. she did the only thing she could do.. she rang him
Hello Sanskar,its me Ragini
Sanskar” ehm ehm.. yea Ragini
He was clearing throat.. she was getting suspicious . She just told him what she heard and said I cant believe that you could be unfaithful to me for someone quite so unattractive abd humourless.. and frankly, iam not even sure how much I care , but I would like to know one way or the other
Sanskar” ok.. it is true.. iam involved with her.. and for your information she is not unattractive and humourless.. she is wonderful.. and am leaving you for her

Though ragini was prepared for it.. she couldn’t breath hearing it so straight from him.. she would be single.. she will have to leav the flat.. where would she go
Ragini” is that it? Aftee all this years of marriage?
Sanskar”i wouldn’t teach morality if I were you Ragini.. I know what you did in Sydney. .. hooking up with a Australian photographer at a party.. publicly. .. unbelievable .. atleast we have been discreet about it.. so please shut your mouth
Then only something clicked to Ragini..
Ragini”thats why you made me leav Chic? You didn’t want me to stay in that office with your girlfriend.. you made me get that offer and forced me to accept it.. you ruined my career for your so called affair.. you are a jerk..
She threw her phone and started walking aimlessly. She was dizzy.. she lost the way.. when she looked around she saw a butcher shop.. and saw a butcher cutting the throat of a goat.. blood spurted out.. as she saw it another image flashed into her head.. her father.. lying on the floor of his studio.. with a knife in his hand and blood pouring out of his throat.. and she ten years old , standing in the doorway, watching.. she screamed as she stumbled and fell forward to the ground.. her head hit against the road hardily.. and then it fades.
Ragini woke up in a dark room.. her head was splitting with pain.. it took her few minutes to realise that she is at a hospital and what brought her here.. she thought about her father.. she tried to get away from that thoughts but she couldn’t.. her father killing himself, not knowing she was watching.. and she managed to convince herself that it was a brain hemorrhage for all these years.

She talked with doctor and came to know that she had a serious concussion.. lesion on her forhead.. and been there for two days under sedation . And can leav hospital after taking an x-ray and confirm that everything is fine.. hospital had informed about her in embassy sine they ddn knw anyone to contact . They only got her passport from her bag as she threw her phone..
She knew Janki maa’s no. By heart.. she got a fone from the hospital staff and called her. She sobbed down the phone until she could explain whatever happened to her. .
Janki “ my baby, you must come her immediately, God i wish I could come to get you but I can’t, you know I can’t d the flight.. okay wait.. I will call the embassy and will do necessary arrangements.. you need not worry.. just tell me the name of you hotel and I will call back with details.. I will look after you
And Ragini knew, she would

Aftee few days she reached hotel room and found her room messed up.. people who came with her for shooting left her there like that.. dumping all her stuffs in her room.. she felt so left out . She threw all the clothes and laid down on bed . She desperately wishes that she had her mum’s book with her . And she started to mutter the poems she knew off by heart over and over again
Aftee a while she got up and took her diary.. she started writing on it.. then without realising it she was writing a letter to her mother. .. she poure out her heart in that letter.. she begged her to understand how traumatic ws her few visits to her . How she Missed her.. how much she loved her. And how much she hated her.. she grieved for her ruined childhood. And had decided never to have children herself .. she told her everything.. the truth.. about Sanskar.. about chic.. about laksh.. each and everything happened in her life.. she sobbed over that letter until the paper was wrinkled but she kept on writing.. finally she completed it and after sealing and addressing the envelope.. she hadn’t realised that she knew the address by heart.. and then she falls asleep..

She was woken by a gentle tap on her door.. housekeeping people.. she didn’t answer until someone called out her name . She jumped up and opened the door..
It was Laksh..
She collapsed into his arms too exhausted even to speak.. he carried her over to the bed and held her in his arms like a child
Laksh: my rags.. everything is going to be alright..
Ragini was in shock.. she ddn have enough energy to ask him how he reached there . Laksh ordered breakfast for her.. and fed her with all thr love in the world which she wanted now very badly.. love..
And the he said.. Janki maa had called him.. she knew his name and profession.. so she called her friends and colleagues and got his number
Laksh “ now am going to take you home
Ragini”wheres that?
Laksh” to Janki maa unless you want to go to your husband
She sighed and put her hands on her face , shaking her head.. laksh gently pulled her hands down
Laksh”does he evn know where you are and what happened to you?
Ragini” no, I dnt think sanskar knows anything . And I think he cares even less
Laksh looked at her and asked to tell everything.. she told everything.. laksh said nothing . Just pulled her into a tight hug until she fell asleep
Next morning, Ragini woke up sweating.. a bad dream
Laksh “ everything will be alright ragz. I am going to look after you now.. you dont have to worry anymore.. iam.not letting you out of my sigh. And he kissed her forhead
Ragini” don’t get involved with me Laksh.. my life, my childhood.. Sanskar didn’t knwi the whole story.. but I can’t pretend anymore.. it’s too much Mess
Laksh” you mean all about your father committing suicide and mother being at mental hospital?

Ragini was amazed
Laksh” I knew it before rags. Your father was a well known painter. I knew it.. it’s common knowledge . I ddn want to upset you so never mentioned it especially after what happened in the fashion show, with the blood, all where talking about it.. because all knew about what had happened to your father and y you reacted like that.. and no one mentioned it to you because the matter itself is so sensitive

Ragini” and how about my mother?
Laksh smiled at her curiosity
Laksh” I googled her.. her poems attracted me.. so wanted to know more about her.. so searched and found about her.. there are many websites on her
Ragini” what? My mother is on internet? Websites?
Ragini was so surprised..
Laksh” she sounds a fascinating character, I would really like to meet her
Ragini laughs.. she laughed so much that she has tears pouring down on her cheeks.. she laughed like never .. and she became normal after a while and noticed a twinkle in his eyes
Ragini” what!
Laksh” nothing. You look so beautiful while laughing.. never let this go off Rags..
She hugs him tightly .. as if she doesn’t want to lose him
Ragini” I love you Laksh.. thanks for being with me..
Laksh” I love you too ..
They spent that night blissfully. . peacefully.. with lots of love..
And before leaving to Janki she posted the letter to her mom..
The End
I dont knw how this was.. pls forgive me if it’s boring.. less romance. Thisnis more about Ragini.. her life. Thanks for reading this. Pls comment your views.. pls pls pls.. . This is the last part . So pls..

Sorry for the typos.. I typed it in a rush..

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