Ragini – It’s not love Part 4

Am back.. lol.. I know am late.. sorry. .. both sanlak doesn’t have hands on Ragini ideas getting stolen.. thats a different story which am skipping because i cant drag the story.. hope you like this part because it’s full of love..

New office. biggest mistake of her life .. it was in no way an office.. just a room and a table.. the editor in chief, didn’t even have slightest idea of how to run a magazine.. she don’t even have enough budget for a proper photo shoot . Launch is in one month and all are clueless.. she regrets her decision to quit the chic.. she evn tried to get back in there but she already lost her position.. Ragini is getting to know bitterness of life.. life beyond shopping.. She had to move in to an apartment near the office because it’s far from Sanskars Flat.. even Sanskar was too busy.. he rarely comes home. So he too didn’t have any problems with her decision. Once in a while they meets.. but often turned out to be very formal.. but Ragini was not bothered about it.. she was in a big mess, from which she can’t escape..
Finally after so many discussions, decision was made. Ragini is going to Australia for photoshoot.. actually she had to go there for australiana fashion week.. so she suggested this Photoshoot idea which they agreed to.. she is provided with enough fund. She has freedom to do everything which she likes .. a relief after all that struggle..
She is going to sanskar before leaving for photoshoot.. on the way She was not getting sleep.. recent happenings took a toll on her.. she was always in a comfortable shell . Now out of it she is getting restless.. Laksh came into her thoughts occasionally which she rubbed off because she don’t Have time to think about him.. even Sanskar was not there beside her. Who always supported her.. he was too busy in his business that he doesn’t even calls her to ask about her work. She wants to get rid of these thoughts and so she takes it. The book.. Her mother’s poems.. finally she decides to read it. And it’s written the first poem “ Bud”
Tiny flower
Once a bud
Now unfurling
Your folds
And creases
Smoothing out
Growing up
Towards the light
A vital mass of cells and water
That is Love
That is my daughter

A tear slid out of her eye and then out of the other.. then she read all the poems in the book one after another.. she even by hearted few of them
She reached home and took a nap.. Sanskar came late at night. The didn’t talk much. Both were tired. Their weekend passed just like that.. parties and dinners . Meetings .and then she had to leav. Sanksar bid her bye.
She is flying to Australia . She decided to not meet Laksh.. so she didn’t inform him about her arrival.. she find it little weird to meet him at his place.. a similar thing happened with them..
Once Laksh called her and informed about him being in her town.. in fact he was just few blocks away from her apartment.. but she asked him to not meet her because she didn’t wanted anyone to notice them.
But by coincidence they got bumped into each other at a coffee shop.. their expressions were beyond description when their eyes met each other. Both of them felt to run and hug.. but they can’t. Since they met, they are supposed to sit around for a coffee. As formal colleagues. Since both belongs to same industry, no doubts .. there she poured out her heart to him.. about her new work.. why she left chic. Everything which she coudnt get to talk with sanskar. He listened to it patiently and gave her a new confidence . As an effect she convinced everyone for this Photoshoot.. She felt so comfortable around laksh. She dont know why. But yea she doesn’t love him. She told to herself
FB ends
She reached Australia. Checked into her room. She was unpacking her stuffs and then her phone rings
“ I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were coming over” a familiar voice
“who do you think it was?”
“ But how did you know, I was here?”

He laughed. After all they are from same industry . Its not that difficult for him.
“anyways get ready.. am coming to get you”
So here is Ragini, just a couple of hours after landing in Australia, in the arms of the most attractive guy she has ever been with.
Laksh took her for a ride.. they visited so many places . She enjoyed it.. they were at a beach. , She leaned back in her seat with her eyes closed. Enjoying the sun , then it hit her. She was doing something normal with Laksh in public
She opened her eyes and lookefd at Laksh who was staring at her with a gentle smile different from his usual naughty smirk
“its good to see you in sunlight Ragini”said laksh holding her hands gently
Ragini,pls take care of yourself. You look so pale abd thin.. you don’t eeat anything or what? I know that this not a diet plan so dont lie.. you look so unhealthy.. am scared for you.. .
Ragini was surprised by his concern . It was only Janki ma who used to say all this t her.. even sanskar considered this as her diet plan to maintain her zero size.. she was touched by his concern.. but didn’t aay anything because she was worried about this growing closeness..
Return journey was rather silent. Even laksh was looking serious.. when they reached her hotel
“ what’s up ragini?” laksh asked
“Too real” she almost whispered
Laksh face changes.. hurt or disappointed.. couldn’t identify.. there was silence between them..
“ I can understand Ragini, sorry i got little carried away.. I was so excited to show you around that I forgot what between us is not supposed to be real.. it’s k.. as usual yu take the charge. I won’t call you. It’s upto you.. bye. ..
She was so relieved that he understood her. And gave him a soft kiss on his cheeks.. they bids bye
She didn’t call him.. but she didn’t forget him.. In fact she met him daily but formally . Australian fashion week.. they bumped into each other. Passed glances. She felt weird about him.. seeing him amidst the crowd but not personally.. so she texted him saying that she ddn forget him.. but need some space.. he replied it’s cool.. but he insisted on not seeing her so he started avoiding her in the fashion week.
And the fashion week was over.. it’s final day party. She was dancing like anything on the floor.. then she felt someone come up behind her.. strong arms wrapped around her. Lips nuzzled her neck. And she breathed in his Smell.. she knew who it was and closed her eyes while laksh nibbled her ear.. then he turned her around and kissed her.. really kissed her right there on the dancefloor.. she joined in.. she couldn’t control. Her practical mind went off. They slightly moved into a corner and kissed and kissed.. lot more happened.. she was sitting on his lap in that dark corner.
“Rags, let’s go” he said it very softly
“To my place, don’t say anything. Iam taking charge today.. just go with me.. trust me”
And she followed him
His place was half floor of an old warehouse but it looked so awesome. She woke up with the Smell of coffee . He was there standing with a cup of coffee and breakfast for her
“ you are getting a bit thin. Eat it.. I like enough of you to get hold of ,you know”and he kissed her in the end of her nose
He played music
“I love this track” said Ragini
“ I LOVE YOU “ said Laksh
She looked back at him..

“i do, I can’t pretend anymore.. it may have started as something casual, but it has turned into something much for me and I can’t lie about it anymore. I know it’s against the rules set up by us” .she was about to speak up but he kept his finger on her lips to stop. He continued
“Its the truth. Watching you, the most amazing woman I have ever known, walking in and out like a stranger to me.. it was terrible. Like you are kept behind a glass. What happened between us is not just physical, It have never been like this for me before with anyone.. even you know it’s different”
Ragini finally speak up.. “ come here”
She ddn have that breakfast.. she postponed her return journey and moved in with Laksh.. she wanted to live those days with laksh.. without any other tensions.. Sanksar was least bothered… he was having his business deals al the time.. didn’t call her once.. so she also decided to not bother about it
RagLak went to market.. bought stuff.. cooked together. Eat together . They were living the moment without thinking about future.. he helped her in alll the photoshoos also.. one week passed just like that

“Whats next Ragini? You are going home tomorrow, back to a job you hate, husband you don’t talk about. Where does that leav me? What about us? When will we meet? I don’t want that quick make out sessions ina hotel room.. is it enough for you? I will tell it straight up, it’s not enough for me”
She remained silent
“ Do you love him , Ragini? Do you love being with him, as much you love being with him?
“I don’t know, I love being here with you but I love my life out there.. I am not ready to give it up”
“ Really? Does it really make you happy? Would a woman who was real happy be starving herself? You are just bones now.. you’re thinner every time I see you Ragini, is that sign of a happy woman!
She doesn’t have any reply so she just burst into tears . Cried like never cried before .. she had to leav..
He saw her off, looking so hurt and she just felt liek she was made of stone. She wanted to hug him and ask him to keep here there forever but she couldn’t .. and she left leaving him numb
Oh God. I decided to end it today but can’t write anymore… I guess it’s a long one.. handbags and gladrags written by “ Maggie Alderson” is the original book.. in today’s part I used few dialogs as such because I ddn want to lose the essence of the story.. if I had use my own words, I wudbt have been able to communicate it properly. I will update last part probably next weekend. Till then bye.. love you all.

Sorry for typos. Cudnt check it. Am tired baa
Hope you guys loved it.. please comment and let me know..

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