Ragini – It’s not love Part 3

Hey am back with the 3rd part .. and this part is dedicated to Tia.. she waa asking me to update for few days.. i made her wait . So tia.. this one is for you.. cheer up buddy. Hope you all like it..
Previous Part – http://www.tellyupdates.com/ragini-not-love-part-2/
Ragini reached the place.. she had thought that , Laksh was out of her system but no he was not . The moment she boarded the flight, her thoughts were about him only.. whether to call him r not.. she was having a battle inside with her brain and her heart.. it’s not that she is feeling guilty but she is scared because of some unknown reasons

She entered the venue.. she decided to not look sideways because she can feel his camera eyes checking her out. She didn’t want to encourage it.. she successfully avoided his gaze.. the show ended and she was at the exit point when she collided with a strong body.. she looked up and was shocked to see Laksh , standing infront of her smiling… she got lost in it.. but a jerk make her realise her awkward position.. she hurriedly rushes out without looking back . Laksh stood there blankly
Ragini was sitting on a bench.. thinking about Laksh.. the way he looked at her.. she was getting restless.. she want to be in his arms.. she wants to cuddle to him.. she just cudnt resist. She called him and gave her hotel address.. she was feeling so excited about whole thing..

They were more wilder more passionate… they cudnt get enough of each other.. they ddn feel like stopping it.. they enjoyed it to hell.. this is not something they have experienced before. It has got something special which both of us could feel but couldn’t define.. its not love anyways.. ragini was so sure about it.. but now she needs to talk to him about her being married .. she don’t know how will he react.. she cleared her throat
Ragini: I need to talk to yu about something
Laksh: I know that you are married
Ragini: how did yu know that, I was going to say it!!
Laksh: that’s Laksh dear. I cud sense it from ur awkwardness.. Come one.. how come Iam not aware abt yu being married to the Sanskar Maheswary.. the perfect couple..
Ragini smiles a lil bit

Laksh: Rags, yu need not worry about it.. I know everything about you.. what’s between us is something different.. I already said I wont force myself to you.. it’s upto you to decide.. anyways I just love this little adventure.
Ragini just rolls on top of him and gives a long kiss.. and lies back to her position
Laksh: so, how is he? Your husband? Do yu love him or is it a show off!
Ragini: Nope.. he is simply perfect and though it’s awkward, we love each other.
Laksh gave a plastic smile and dropped the convo. Then he talked about her ex and said that his friends are thinking that he is seeing her only.. and this thing pinched Ragini.. she wanted to know whether it was same for him with his ex also. But she cudnt ask it

Laksh: no Rags… with you it’s special.. something different.. and i know yu. Too feel the same..

Ragini was so shocked that how can he read her thoughts so well.. she ddn say anything and just laid like that.
Later the night they watched movie together . Having popcorns.. and then It happened.. RAGINI IS FEELING GUILTY… .
Sleeping with laksh didn’t make her feel guilty . But this.. watching movie and eating popcorns with him is making her guilty.. because it’s something else.. not physical but it’s something real.. and she ddn want this.. she had lied a lot to sanskar, but still she never felt guilty. And then they dozed off

They continued this secret affair… Ragini was so surprised to realise that she became so expert in lying.. when she is at home she is different.. she is Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswary then .. Sanskar was more into business… always in meetings.. came late at night.. sometimes he will be gone for many days.. she was not so bothered about it.. she knew that he was in pressure of launch of a new product.. .
Her career was also in question.. it’s long time she is waiting for a promotion and sanskar keeps asking her to resign because he feels that she shud reach more heights.. but she is little hesitant to resign.. she believes that she will soon get promoted because Alice loves her work.. but what affecting Ragini is that, her ideas are getting stolen.. her competitor Kavya.. she is stealing her ideas but she doesn’t know how.. and she cudnt share it with anyone else because she is nt sure whether anyone will believe her.. so she decided to keep it as a secret ..
She was at New York.. a show was going on.. and a designer had tried something different.. a blood theme and at the end a blood like liquid dripped on the stage which made Ragini uncomfortable because is phobic to blood.. she cudnt control and she screamed loudly and then fainted . She was taken to room.. she felt embarrassed but many of her colleagues are already aware about her condition so no one asked her anything.. she then checked her fone and saw Laksh’s message” hey, I saw yu.. are you ok? Tkcr” she replied she s fine..
Sanskar called her Late at night . He mentioned that he saw her pic I’m news and laughed it off.. he didn’t enquire about her condition.. she didn’t feel anything..

Months passed.. RagLak continued their meetings and Ragsan continued their life. Everything was same.. it was then when suddenly Ragini got a new job offer from a new fashion magazine. She git a higher post but magazine is nt a big one whereas”chic “ is an international magazine . She ddn know what to do.. sanskar asked her to accept the offer.. but she was nt sure and kept it in hold.. but when her ideas were continuously being stolen , whatever precautions she took.. and she cudnt bear it more and finally she decided to resign.. she didn’t do it wilfully but she was forced because of the situations.. sanskar was the only one who was happy about her decision and he asked her to take this as a challenge and she decides to do as he said. She took it as a challenge
Before joining the new office she decided to give a visit to Janki.. Janki was delighted to see her.. and as always she ranted about Ragini being too thin and not eating anything, advice about having kids. Etc etc which always irritated ragini but she tries to not show it.. but this time something was different and Janki cud see it .
Janki: Ragu, are you having an affair????
Ragini was shocked. She ddn know wat to say.. but she couldn’t hid it from Janki.. so she told her everything
Janki: dear, I won’t say anything about it.. I can see a difference in you.. yu should di what yu want. Make a wise decision
Ragini: but Janki ma, I said na it nothing else.. nothing emotional.
Janki: may be.. let the time decide who is right for you.. Sanskar or this guy.. Laksh.
Ragini was feeling so relieved after sharing it with someone else.. then Janki comes to her with a book.. it was her Mother’s . Her mother was a poet.
Janki: ragu, your mom had given me this saying give it to yu once you are a woman.. and now i feel that yu shud take over it
Ragini took it hesitantly. She ddn open it.. she accepted it because she ddn want to hurt Janki ma..
Janki: go through it once . You may realise how much she loves you.. ragu she needs you.. you should visit her dear.. yu will feel better.. hoe long will yu??
Ragini cut in
Ragini: Janki ma.. pls let’s not talk about it.. am nt ready for it.. I got to go now bye..
Janki : ok ok.. I just did my duty. Yu can do whatever yu want. Yu are an independent woman… All d best for your new job..
And Ragini leaves

Sorry for the typos.. probably this will end in next 2 parts.. and you will get to know all real faces.. But am nt sure when I will update next . Pls comment… and thanks to all the readers for supporting me and liking this story. I know raginis character is beyond understanding.. but isn’t she cute. If anybody is upset by her , i hope by last part yu will accept her decisions .. it happens na.. mistakes.. and am following the story outline of an English novel.. and we know it different from our culture.. so it may ne difficult to digest this extra marital thing for us. But when i read the book I really loved it ..
And as the title suggests it’s nnot love.. but which one is not love? RagLak or Ragsan? I ddn mention it. .. keep reading for it.
Precap – Ragini new job.. struggle . Ragini at Australia . Ragsan

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    Uff nitu thnk god u posted it!!it ws more den amaznggggg
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  2. Don’t know why but I felt laksh is playing with ragu, nice part

  3. nice but plzz don’t end it next part soon

  4. Awesome and I too feel like laksh is stealing the ideas of ragini .

  5. it’s amazing
    I feel its laksh who s stealing ragini ideas anyways waiting 2 know who is it

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    Great update Nitu. Ragini’s situation is really complex: on one hand she has her husband Sanskar, and on the other she has Laksh who she isn’t able to resist. It’s actually a really unique and interesting plot. And wow, Ragini got a new job. I wonder who stole her ideas that made her leave her old job. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

  7. Ragz_teju

    its amazing concept, though it is against our culture….i loved it..amazing one

  8. Really it’s very confusing but yet interesting want to know ragini decision even laksh character is also not clear who is he why he follow ragini from last one year waiting for next update

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    its an interesting concept, i dont know who is right or who is wrong but somewhere i felt sanskar really cares for ragini, dont know why i feel laksh is not a right guy for her. maybe my thinking is wrong let see what will happen next. update soon

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