Ragini – It’s not love Part 2

Hey it’s nitu … sorry for not being regular.. I doesn’t get time.. last part was updated when I was in train.. and now also am travelling… the only free time I get with my fone.. my leav is over and am nt sure abt my next update.. bear with me.. sorry.. and I read all of your comments.. am glad that yu all liked it.. sorry that I cant reply to everyone.. a big thanks to all readers including silent ones who had no time to to comment,just Like me.. I can understand it .
And about story am glad that yu like this bold Ragini.. dnt misunderstand her.. she is not a bad girl. She s good at heart.. am clueless abt what am going write now.. if it’s boring pls forgive me..
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Ragini, laid on bed, thinking about her and sanskars life.. Sanskar Maheswary, business tycoon.. media’s favourite.. hot and handsome.. every girls tried to woo him.. Ragini then was working in a local magazine.. was not so popular.. met sanskar at. Part.. he asked her for a dance on that party which made all other ladies present there envy at her.. and Ragini was literally shocked.. she neevr expected” The Sanskar Maheswary” to ask her .. they danced.. he was attracted towards her.. after that he asked her out.. but Ragini being the The Ragini didnt accept him.. this made sanskar more interested in her.. he used to sent her flowers daily asking for a date.. she kept on rejecting which made sanskar more n more interested in her because he is not used with rejection, al girls used to run behind him.. and her this simple girl is having guts to reject him.. and Ragini knew it very well that he was getting more and more attracted towards her .. finally after 3 weeks she accepted his offer… it didn’t take much time for them to get media attention.. Ragini used to attend parties with him.. “ RagSan “ because most talked couple.. Media referred them as the “ it couple” Ragini enjoyed his company and al the attentions she received.. and he to started falling for her.

One day they were traveling in car .. and Ragini decided to talk hi about her family because he asked her to accompany him t his family. So soon he may ask her about her own family.. and she ddn want it to be awkward. She told him about her father, who was a well known painter, but died at an early age because of brain hemorrhage.. her mother who us mentally unstable and staying at a mental asylum. Her brother who is living with her uncle.. she was brought up by “ Janki “ her father’s friend who is unmarried. Ragini adores Janki.. she loves her more than her own mother. Infact Ragini doesn’t visit her mother because she hates to . Last time she visited her when she was 15, and her mother was behaving hysteric and ddnt even identify her.. which broke her.. so she decided to not visit her anymore..

Sanskar listened to it carefully… when it was over he stopped the car and gave her a tight hug.. she was crying.. then he asked her to move in with hi for which she obliged without giving a second thought. Janki was never fond if sanskar. She found him fake.. when ragini broke the news of her engagement with sanskar, Janki was disappointed.. she ddn want this to happen but she can’t deny also.. so she remained silent.. and Ragini knew that Janki doesn’t llke sanskar at all so she always was careful to not talk about him with Janki.. and finally Ragsan got married.
They were in his posh flat.. she was having all luxuries and a very understanding and loving husband. He always wanted her to achieve heights.. asked her to focus on career. Most interesting thing about him was , he never gets bored with her shopping spree . Infact he loves it . He talks to her about brands.. asks her what all she bought.. gave her suggestions . Encouraged her.. it was during a party he made her meet Alice, her present boss. She showed her works and Alice was impressed and gave her the job.. at this news more than Ragini it was Sanskar what was excited.. he jumped in happiness because he wanted this for his lovely wife. They were having a perfect life.. only thing which irritated ragini was his business mind.. he tried to find benefit in everything . Even in relations . He is purely business minded without much deep emotions.. he doesn’t hhve problems with her travelling almost all the time . Spending less time with her. He very well understood it and never complained. . also they took mutual decision of not having kids.. they both preferred to have a life without kids . Which irked Janki..

This memories brought a smile on her face.. and she still didn’t et why is she bt feeling guilty for her encounter between Laksh. She cheated on her husband and she is nt at all affected by it.. she was feeling weird about herself. Her thoughts were broken by the alarm rang on her fone.. she got up and went to get fresh. He had to go for shopping
She was walking through the streets.. she was feeling so content today. She was in a cheerful mood.. she bought herself 2 pairs of Prada boots.. which she knows is lil extreme but she was feeling happy . After finishing all this shopping she came back to her room.. little worried about her credit card bills.. it happens everytim when she shops..
Her phone rang and it was her hubby . She picked the fone
Sanskar : hey love, what’s up?
Ragini: hello, I went for shopping abd just came back.. how was ur meeting?
Sanskar: as usual it went we . After all it me my dear.. the Sanskar Maheswary.. and what all yu bought
Ragini: I bought myself a Prada boots ( she lied bcz though he never confronts her about her shopping, she herself felt that buying 2 boots os little OTT and he may not like it)
Sanskar: oh Really.. good.. when are yu coming back.. am missing yu
Ragini: I miss yu too dear( still not guilty!!!) I wil return by evening flight.. will yu be der?
Sanskar: oh n.. I got a meeting. Yu go straight to our home.. I will come son..kk now I got to go.. bye..dear . Tkcr.. love you
Ragini: Bye.. love you too.
Ragini threw her fone and went for packing her things. Then only she noticed the card laksh gave her. Laksh, that name gave her chills. She will nevr forget that night. He was so good.. she felt different with him.. his thoughts made her blush.. but what’s xt.. it was just lust.. nothing emotional. But as he said he won’t approach her.. she herself has to take the decision. She can burn that card so that she will nevr be able to Cal him but she doesnt do it.. she keeps it safe in her purse.. what of someday she might need it.
She had another show to attend before leaving.. she was sitting on the front row. But she was having a feeling that someone is staring at her.. she looked sideways and noticed a camera lens pointed towards her seat. A smile came on her face. Ahe knew it was Laksh who was checking out on her.. she made funny faces… showed out her tongue. She was behaving like a teenager.. and then he raised his head . With a blo*dy smirk which made her blush. He chuckled at her expression and nods his head .. she didn’t look at him then.. Show ended and she had to go back.. anyways she knew that Laksh would be present in all those fashion show which she is going to attend. If she needed he wil surely come to her..

Ragini reached at her doorsteps . Opened the door to enter and saw their living area decorated with flowers, with a note saying”Welcome back love, I will.come back soon, get ready by 8.. we are going for dinner”
His gesture again brought a smile on her face.. and she is nt sure about Laksh but she had decided to keep him out of her thoughts.. and she successfully did it though deep inside her heart he was disturbing her.. still it didn’t visibly affected.. she was old Ragini herself..she ddn feel anything different.. even sanskar also ddn feel any difference in his wives behaviour
She got back to hr normal life once returned… they had weekend parties.. went for dinners.. made love.. watched movies together.. she cooked food which she enjoyed the most. Weeks passed and another shows is coming up.. she has to attend it and she packed her bags to leave
That’s it. Sorry for this boring update.. and about next part , may br I will write it today itself. Not sure. Anyways i want to finish this SS soon.. One more sorry for all the typos.. am typing in rush and also in my fone.. I cudnt proof read it .:(

Precap – Ragini at fashion show … Laksh at same venue.. hw will dey react? Will she call him?
I knw many are confused with the twist f ragsan being happy married… wait nd watch for the climax.. and final couple can be RagLak or Ragsan . Which one yu want? Though I won’t chanhe it, just curious to know

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