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Raglak reach central park…laksh is holding ragini hand n walking n roam in the park n suddenly ragini gets call from office , that she have to attend an important meeting , so she calls someone n a man arrives there….
Ragini:raj , please take care of laksh , i have to attend a meeting , after an hour take him home n i will come home directly .
Raj:okay rags ( friend of ragini)
Ragini turns to laksh , who is upset with her…she holds her ears
Ragini:i am so sorry laksh , i have to attend this meeting it’s important , so raj will be with you n i promise i will come soon okay..stay with raj okay.
Laksh removes her hands n says okay , but come soon.
she brushes his hair n says pakka , bye n take care.

Ragini to raj: raj , do not leave him alone , you know about his health , so please be with him.
Raj:okay , i will not leave him alone.
rags waves bye to laksh n raj , leaves in her car ….as ragini leaves G’s & M’s enter the park n are walking feeling the fresh air……other side laksh n raj are sitting on a bench n laksh asks raj to bring ice cream , so raj leaves from there , now laksh is sitting all alone there is no one around him……G’s & M’s come to place where laksh is sitting but his back is facing them n AP feels something (mothers right) n she becomes restless n she notices a man(laksh) who is sitting on bench n goes towards him n places her hand on his shoulder n laksh thought it to be raj n he turned n said…
Laksh:you came back , so soon…..he then notices it’s not raj n remains silent
AP is shell shocked after seeing laksh …..she stood just like a statue …..all other who saw ap went there n are shell shocked to see laksh ……..all stood just like that n laksh is unable to understand why are they staring at him , he is scared but , tried to cover it up n gave a fake smile (laksh is standing opposite to G’s & M’s)
Ap: LAKSH!!!!!!
laksh is surprised as how come they know his name..
Laksh: how do you know my name??
Sanskar:laksh , you are alive i am so happy ….sanskar goes n hug laksh , but laksh jerks him n now he is damn scared n starts to leave from there n others just follow him by calling laksh wait , plz wait…n finally sanskar stops laksh by holding his hand n they are on the footpath.
Sanskar:what is wrong with you laksh , why are you behaving like this.(shouting)
Laksh:who are you n why are you all , following me??(scared to death)

Laksh:i dont know all please leave me …..he jerks sanskar’s hand n turns to leave , while leaving he looks back n suddenly a car comes n high speed , but stops in nick time , by seeing car laksh screams n faints……..M’s & G’s rush him to hospital n other side ragini is feeling restless …..poor raj is searching for laksh in the park n is damn tensed…
scene shifts to hospital..
doctor comes out n all rush to him n ask how is he
Doctor:he is fine , n will get consciousness in few minutes n he leaves n all go inside the ward n ap caress laksh face n all are teary eyed….n happy , confused…

other side raj called ragini n informed what happened , ragini reaches there n got to know about accident n drives to hospital.

Laksh get conscious n is scared to see G’s & M’s again…
Laksh:please go away..
DP:beta ….
Laksh:i don’t know you people , just getlost from here!! (shouts)
Sanskar:laksh calm down!!
Laksh:i want my ragu..!!!

he shouts ragu n messes the room by scattering all the things (he is still on bed ) AP couldn’t stop herself anymore so she goes to him n tries to hug , but laksh pushes her , ap falls down on the floor n by seeing this sanskar n swara shouts LAKSH!!! (on top of thier lungs) , by there scream laksh is scared to death n is at verge of crying…….just then ragini reaches the hospital n rushes to laksh room n she opens the door n is shell shocked to see her family………all are damn shocked n happy n confused n what not!!!!
All come out of the shock by laksh voice ….
Laksh:RAGU….!!(he is crying n guys i like when hero’s cry , they look so cute)
ragini is still in shock but moves towards laksh….n laksh hugs her tight n cries ….
Ragini:laksh calm down , i am here na , nothing will happen to you.
Laksh:ragu..i was so scared ….
Ragini:Shhh….stop crying now (she rubs his back) n breaks the hug n takes his face in her hands n wipes tears off.

Ragini gets teary eyed n swara comes towards ragini n hug her , ragini does so , but laksh breaks their hug …
Laksh:ragu , they are bad , they shouted on me . don’t go near them , they will hurt you….
G’s & M’s are shocked listening to laksh n rag’s is helpless…
Ragini:no , laksh they are good.
Laksh:NO …..they are bad ……(all get teary eyed), lets go home , please , i am very hungry .
Ragini:but….just then raj enters……
Raj:rags , i am so sorry..
Ragini:just , shut up raj , i said not to leave laksh alone , if anything would happened to him , i would have killed ..
Raj: but…
Ragini:don’t you dare to …..she was cut by laksh words…
Laksh:ragu , i said him to bring ice cream for me , he didn’t left me , it’s my fault.
Ragini: laksh keep quiet, n raj you know what laksh means to me you are my friend n you even know about him , how could you leave him , like that . thank god it was them n they took care of laksh , what if it was not them or if they have hurted laksh ah??
Raj:am so sorry , really sorry
Laksh:ragu , please don’t scold raj , please.

Raj:i am really sorry , it was my fault to leave him alone , i am so sorry.
Laksh:please, ragu i know that you are angry with me n raj , but please , talk to me , i am so sorry.
Ragini:okay fine , don’t start your drama now.
Laksh:thank you , it’s not beacuse of raj , it’s because of them i got scared n points at maheshwari’s n gadodia’s….
Ragini:no laksh , they are not bad …
Laksh:no they are bad , they shouted on me n because of them you scolded raj n because of them i am in hospital.
All are surprised at his talks…
Laksh:they know my name . ragu……i think they came to kidnap me n he catches ragini’s hand.
Swasan (unison):what!!!???
ragini n raj smiles…
Ragini: what will they get by kidnapping you??
Raj:if they want to kidnap you also , no one can handle you , accept your ragu.
Laksh:yeah , ragu lets go home please.
Ragini:okay , raj bring them all with you to home.
Laksh:but they are kidnappers , take them to police station.
Ragini:stop it laksh….they are not kidnappers , they saved you , so we have to thank them , so they are coming with to home.
Laksh:but …

Ragini:that’s final (in sharp tone)
ragini to others
Ragini: i will tell you everything at home please be patient n raj get them soon ..
raglak leave n raj takes M’s n G’s to Ra nivas…
Ra Nivas:
all reach at a time …all are in hall.
Ragini:laksh you go have bath , you were in hospital right , so go now.
Laksh:okay……he starts to n stops and turn back
Laksh:ragu , my clothes???
Ragini:oh sorry , i will back in two min’s n she leaves …n comes after few min’s.
Ragini:raj , am so sorry , i over reacted .
Raj:don’t be , it’s mine mistake , i left laksh alone n thank god nothing happened to him.
Ragini:yeah , but even the mistake is not yours , i was rude .
Raj:oh stop it okay , i know what laksh means to you , by seeing him in that condition , offcourse you will shout , i thought you will kill me , but all thanks to laksh who stopped you.
Ragini:yeah , i will meet you tomorrow.
Raj:yeah sure , bye tc………..raj leaves…swara rushe sto ragini n gives her a bone crush hug ….swaragini cries…
Ragini:swara , you are alive , i thuoght i lost my family.
ragini breaks the hug n wipes the tears n she hug’s the rest of the family n tells what happened …..after she woke up in hospital.
DP:ragini, beta then why laksh is behaving like that .
Ragini then narrates them about laksh.
Ragini:now he is left with the final stage of treatment , he will get cured but , there is no garuntee of getting his memory back .

AP:he doesn’t remember me??
Ragini:maa , please do not cry infront of him n try be normal….
laksh comes descending steps n calling out ragu!!!
Ragini:yeah laksh , am coming.
ragini goes to kitchen n brings the food n all are gathered at dining table. laksh is quiet …..
Ragini:laksh , are you alright.
Ragini:then why are you so silent.
Laksh:no…nothing. ragini understands..
Ragini:so laksh started to lie to me ah??
Laksh:no , they shouted on me , i don’t like them.
all get teary eyed n rags controls.
Ragini:tell me what happened excatly .laksh narrates…
Ragini:how can you push someone like that , it’s bad manners right??
Laksh:i got scared , they saying laksh laksh continuosly .
Ragini:they thought you to someone , it’s a misunderstanding.
Sanskar:yes , i am so sorry for shouting at you.
Laksh:hmm…without looking at sanskar..
Ragini:laksh , if someone apologize for their mistake , you should respect them.
Laksh nods n looks at sanskar n says it’s okay n i am sorry. sanskar smiles.
Laksh:but , i am not at fault , they thought me as someone.
Ragini starts feeding him ….
Ragini:ha , actually he is sanskar , he is searching for his brother n mistaken you as his bro.
Laksh:very funny.
Ragini:really , his name is also laksh , but he ran away from house , without informing to anyone when he was of 10 years n when they heard that your name is also laksh they thought you to their laskh ….
AP:haan beta…i thought my laksh is you.
Laksh:no no no , i am not your laksh , i am ragu’s laksh….he is tensed …while others smile at his innocence …
Swara: ha ha you are ragu’s laksh only n smiles naughtily…
Ragini:swara …stop it okay.

Swara:i am sorry laksh for shouting.
Laksh:no it’s okay n i am sorry too , for saying you are bad.
Swara:that’s okay.
meanwhile ragini complete’s feeding laksh n wipes his mouth n makes him eat medicines n all are happy to see raglak bond.

PRECAP:laksh bond with family.

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Credit to: Naimi

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