Ragini…..All You Need Is Love (Epi-3)

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After knowing about raglak in this episode you will understand why i said “Crazy Idea” of writing an ff……..so here you go.
Ragini is the head of RL GROUP OF COMPANIES PVT.LTD & also runs NGO’s.
After the bomb blast in kolkata , she woke up after a week in the hospital n doctors informed her that none came to hopital in search of her n she even went to baadi , but baadi was also ruined in the bomb blast occurred (there were several bomb blast done in kolkata , one after other , so there was so much of loss n gadodia’s n maheshwari’s left the place n shifted to another place before the bomb blast occured in baadi n when ragini reached baadi , there was no nothing left there), so she thought she lost her family n was walking on road like a lifeless body n met with an accident n people there admitted her in hospital , where she saw laksh who lost his mental stability completely n also past , doctors present there couldnot handle him and then ragini went to him , she tried a lot to calm him down , but all in vain and then the doctors suggested ragini , to join laksh in mental asylum for which she burst out on them n support laksh. to control laksh ragini took two complete days n after that ragini moved to darjeeling with laksh n there he is going under treatment for regaining his mental stability . in these two years laksh had many phobia’s like:
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Acousticophobia- Fear of noise.
Acrophobia- Fear of heights.
Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places.
Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.
Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.
Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.
Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.
Arsonphobia- Fear of fire.
Astraphobia or Astrapophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning
in the five stages of treatment , laksh completed 4 stages n now is just scared 1) crowd , like if more two or three people surround him he get scared & shouts at them

2)if he see any fightings , so only ragini can control him in those situations ……..so inshort ragu is everything to laksh.
Laksh is normal now but cannot mingle with new people easily n for laksh there are few people only he can mingle…….i hope i am cleared everything n guys he will no act like sanskar did in serial , he talks normally only , but if come across new faces , he will get scared………..this is my “”CRAZY IDEA””

Morning in GM Mansion:
All are having there breakfast ..just then aadarsh gets call n after the call.
Adarsh:sanskar , today’s meeting with RL group of companies , is cancelled (video conference meeting).
Swara: not again , i don’t why they always reshedule the meetings??
Parineeta:yeah , swara this is not the first time , it’s better if don’t do projects any projects ,with that company further.
Sanskar:but , bhabhi you know it is one of the top most company in India right??
Parineeta:yeah , but this doesn’t mean that , whenever they want they will conduct meetings or else they will cancel.
Swara:yeah bhabhi . but we can’t do anything , as we don’t know who is the M.D of that company.
Adarsh:there was not even a single news about the M.D .
Sanskar:it’s okay , bhai as we will go to Darjeeling right , we will get to know.
DP:as there is no meeting today , then we will leave now itself.
Swara:yeah , bade papa , i will book the tickets.
After having breakfast all get their luggage n board a flight to Darjeeling …..It’s a 3 hour journey……

IN Darjeeling:
Ragini wakes up…
Ragini: i don’t know why , but i am feeling like something is going to happen , oh god please i don’t want more tragedy in my life , i have seen enough n gets ready in black skinny jeans n a grey full hands shirt n a black jacket over it , she left her hair open n did minimum make up . then she goes to laksh room n wakes him up n goes to kitchen n laksh comes down n he is wearing a dark blue jeans n white t-shirt n a blue jersey hoodie demin jacket.
ragini sees laksh n whistles n says …..
Ragini: offo , looking handsome.
Laksh blushes ….
Ragini:oooh!!! someone is blushing ah!!
Ragini:okay come let’s have break fast…
Laksh:what is special today??
Ragini:your favourite , aloo paratha .
ragini feeds laksh n she also have her breakfast…
Ragini:okay , today we will go to the central park.
Laksh:okay (tensed n rags notices this)
Ragini:don’t worry , i am also coming with you right??
Laksh smiles….
Ragini:that’s like my good boy , now take this medicines.
Laksh:Ewww!!…..how many more days ragu , i don’t like them…n makes a pout face.
Ragini:few more days , only …please take them for me , plz.
Laksh:okay , fine…..he eats medicines with great difficulty.
Otherside G’s & M’s land in darjeeling n check in ……..after a while swasan with great difficulty take them all to central park to get some fresh air……here raglak are on there way to central park………

PRECAP:G’s & M’s see laksh in the park n are shell shocked.

hey guys , i know that my idea is damn crazyyyyy infact stupid………..;-) n laksh is like a kid as he never come outside by himself , so he doesn’t know about the world n relations n all …..so whenever he comes across new faces , he will mess it up in ragini’s absense …so my story goes like raglak pure bonding n laksh recovery (not past) n laksh love for rags n jealously n confession n many more n i promise on swasan part also….don’t worry…….should i continue or not???? plz comment ……if u guys want me to end it i will do it in next episode itself ….so choice is your’s………n i know today’s was damn boring…….so sorry.

Credit to: Naimi


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