Ragini…..All You Need Is Love (Epi-2)


hey guys here i am with the other part n thank u so so much for ua valuable comments , they mean a lot……here you go…
Episode starts with gadodia’s n maheshwari’s performing barsi of raglak n crying ….:-(
after pooja ….all sit in the hall.
Shekar:i am such a bad father i didn’t even fulfilled any wish of my daughter ….that is why god gave me this punishment , i couldn’t even see my daughters face for the last time…..he cries
DP:even i am a bad father i never talked to laksh with love , i always used to scold him, when my laksh was with me i never cared for him , but when he is not with us , i got know his value, i am sorry annapurana , please forgive me.
AP:ji what are talking , please don’t say like that.
Sanskar:bade papa n papa please , you should be strong n console us , but u yourself are crying , please control yourself , i know we lost them , but atleast for us , please , we can’t see you in pain , if it was in our hands we would have done something , but it’s fate ,we can’t help it ,we have to move on.

swara enters the scene
Swara:badepapa i am thinking of taking a break.
DP: what do u mean swara??
Swara:i mean after raglak left us , we got busy in making our bussiness develop , infact we ourselves did that to avoid the fact that ragini n laksh are not with us , so i thought of going to a trip, by the change in the surroundings we can get out of our sadness.
Dadi:you are correct swara, i agree with her.
Sumi: but maa…
Dadaji:no sumi beta , your maa n swara are correct. by the way which place are planning to take us all.
Swara:woh…actually we cracked a deal with RL group of companies , which is in Darjeeling so anyhow sanskar n aadarsh bhaiyya n me have to go there to attend the meeting , so i thought why not all of us go there n have some change.
DP:okay , swara beta .
Swara:we will be leaving tomorrow evening.
all: okay.
all leave to their rooms, respectively.
After completion of shanthi pooja , raglak leave to some cineplex

Laksh:lets go for a horror movie.
Ragini:are you kidding me ?? (with an amused look) last time when we went to an horror film the hungama which you have done is not enough or what ?? now again you want to go for a horror film.
Laksh:but , i want to watch a horror movie , plz plz plzzzz ragu.
Ragini:okay, lets do one thing , now we will watch a comedy movie n at home we will watch a horror movie .
Laksh:super idea…..you are the best ragu.
Ragini: i know that…….ragini smiles……….raglak go to a comic movie n enjoy a lot there n go to a restaurant to have lunch n then they visit to the park n play with kids there n spend there evening there itself.
swasan room:
swara was standing near the window n crying…sanskar enters the room n see swara is crying…
Sanskar:swara, please don’t cry , i know that it hurts you, but you know that i can’t see you in pain , we have to move on.
swara runs to sanskar n hugs him…
swara:i am sorry sanskar , but i am not able to forget my ragini, what is her mistake sanskar, why always she is the one who gets punished.
Sanskar breaks the hug n takes face in his hands n wipes her tears n say :swara whatever happens with us , will happen for a cause , we have to accept it …..to be honest even i can’t believe that my brother n my best friend are not in this world……they both pacify eachother n they pack their stuff n doze off……
raglak return home n freshen up n sit in the hall n they playing tennis in t.v …….
Laksh:ragu, this time i will win definitely .
Ragini:nice joke laksh.
Laksh:i am not joking okay, just wait n watch.

Ragini: fine………..ragini wins the game ….n imitates laksh……”wait n watch” n laughs out loud..
Laksh:ragu……!!! he chases her , they run here n there n finally they get tired n sit on sofa….breathing heavily…..n then they look at eachother n start to laugh…….
Ragini:laksh , i am not in the mood of eating food yaar.
raglak:PERFECT!!!! n give hi-fi …….they order pizza n coke n enjoy a lot…..after completing their eating …..
Laksh:come now we will watch a horror movie.
Ragini:laksh you are so tired go n sleep now. we will watch it tomorrow for sure.
Ragini:ha baba pakka.
Laksh:what about you?

Ragini:i have to do some office work n you go to your room , i will get milk okay.
Laksh:okay….laksh leaves , after sometime ragini takes milk to laksh room n see that laksh had already slept….she smiles n covers him with blanket n kisses his forhead n leaves to her room , ragini’s room is painted in lite purple n there many pics hung on the wall , with a spacious balcony , she goes to balcony n calls someone..
Ragini:mr.sharma sorry to disturb you at this time, but cancel all the meetings for tomorrow , if it is urgent , just give me call.
Mr.Sharma:sure mam.
Ragini:thank you , bye. disconnects the call n does some work n dozes off.

precap:maheshwari’s land in Darjeeling n about raglak.

once again thanks a bunch , any doubts ,do not hesitate to ask n any ideas , it will be my pleasure …..thanks for reading it n i hope silent readers are liking it….fingers crossed…comment plzz.

Credit to: Naimi

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