Ragini…..All You Need Is Love (Epi-1)

Heyy guys i am naimi n i got a crazy idea of writing a ff n i am continuing it from current track ….first i thought to make it an os but i couldn’t so here you go n don’t worry i will complete this ff in less than 10 episodes n plz bear me…….so in my ff The story starts from kavya takes over the maheshwari bussiness n destroy it completely even their reputation n swaragini couldn’t stop kavya from doing that n after destroying maheshwari’s, kavya’s revenge is completed now n she leaves the scene ………now as maheshwari’s left with nothing ……swaragini brings them to baadi n they all stay there., shekar forgives n forgets everything even raglak became good friends….once all maheshwari’s n gadodia’s visit the fair held in kolkata n there occurs a bomb blast ……..BOOM…tragedy……as all the maheshwari’s n gadodia’s are safe with some minor wounds except raglak , as they are missing ….swasan searched raglak everywhere but couldn’t find them n even police also say that we can’t identify many dead bodies over here n maybe raglak are dead ……….all are shattered n tears roll down their eyes ……..they slowly accept the truth that raglak are no more………parish n swasan start their bussiness again as GM GROUP OF COMPANIES.pvt.ltd. they succeed
maheshwari’s n gadodia’s leave in same mansion, i,e., GM MANSION…

One fine morning:
A lady is shown doing pooja in mandir (house) soon, 6 other women join her n their faves are revealed they are none other than swaapsjsumipardidapari…..after the completion of pooja swara gives prasad to every one.
AP:swara beta did u prepared prasad for today’s pooja ?
Swara:yes, badimaa.
AP:it’s been two years that ragini n laksh left us , i wish they were here with us today……she gets teary eyed…..sujata consoles her.
Dadi:i don’t know why god did this injustice with two innocent kids.
Swara:dadi , please control yourself , even i lost my sister two years back this day …today is their barsi …i konw we all miss them but we can’t get them back.
Just then panditji enters the gm mansion n all greet panditji n all get busy in preparations of pooja.
In Darjeeling:
Far from the town , in a peaceful place , A beautiful independent house is shown not huge but big one ……named as “RA NIVAS” .

Now the camera focused to a room where a lady in 20’s trying to wake up someone……she is wearing a blue kurti n jeans with a scarf around her neck n left her open……..the room is well furninsed n there are many posters n pics hunged on the wall n there is a bed in between the room n there is a huge photo hung upright to bed ,we can see a handsome hunk in that pic ……but we cannot see clearly as it is blurred ……:-(
Lady:get up yaar , it’s morning , you promised me that you will accompany to temple with me today.
Man:please let me sleep for few more minutes Ragu……yes her face is revealed it’s none other than our ragini…..
Ragini:okay then i am leaving , bye …..she turns to go but suddenly a hand stops her from leaving n ragini turns …..the man sits up on the bed with bedsheet on his face still so we can’t see who he is…..ragini goes near him n pulls down the bedsheet n the face is revealed it’s our laksh with messed up hair n sleepy face.
Laksh:Ragu u said you will never leave me.
Ragini:yes i did , but to wake u up this the best trick i have n pulls his cheecks .
Laksh:this is not fair ragu n makes a pout face..
Ragini:Aww….laksh is upset with me now what to do …hmmm….she slow moves her hands towards him ,tickle him n he laughs ….
Laksh:okay , okay , i am not upset with you.
Ragini:go n get ready fast , i have taken out your clothes.
Laksh:okay ragu……he rushes to washroom.
laksh get ready n raglak leave to temple…..
raglak reach the temple n take blessings from panditji n do some shanthi pooja n some rituals ……

ragini’s POV:
why god ? why are doing this to me , first you took my mother n then being blind in love i did many wrong deeds for which my family stood with me n then everything fall into correct place , but two years back you again took everything from me my family is no more n i can’t cry out,(a thin layer of water forms in her eyes) but i didn’t loose hope in my life . sorry maa n everyone as i cannot do your all barsi in correct way , because i can’t see laksh in pain , that is the reason why i am doing only this shanthi pooja to your souls …….ragini’s thoughts were disturbed by laksh words…
Laksh:ragu , where are you lost , i am calling you from that time n why are you crying??? ….he is tensed…
Ragini(composes herself): me crying ?? no laksh n why were you calling me??
Laksh:lets go to a movie today..
Ragini:as you say.
laksh smiles…..

so howzz it?plz comment ……..:-) i hope u like it

Credit to: Naimi


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