Ragini-meri maa Episode 2


Ragini is driving her scooty and drives to an office.
She was working as an interior designer… Actually the company for which she is working belongs to uttara’s husband karanmehera.. Ragini was an efficient worker there. She Don’t that he is uttara’s husband.

Mm :
Shanaya is in laksh hands and he is coming with shanaya to breakfast..
Ap is serving food to everyone expect laksh… Bcoz she will not to talk after betraying ragini..swara&pari served food from him

Ragini is asking her children to get ready they will go to temple..
After that to dinner..
Munni said to her what had happend in clsroom.. She become stunned..
Ragini:she slaps bunny hard.. For his sayings in clsBunny:. (crying):he left
Ragini can’t see her son crying..
She says sorry beta u r mumma loves u so
much… Pls don’t develop hatred upon any1 it will ruin u r life… I don’t want to see my son life like that i love u beta.
Ragini:beta say mumma i love u..
He takes ragini’s hand and wrote i love u she hugs him emotionally

She makes them sleep and says i will take u to temple&dinner tomorrow

Sumitra sees ragini worried for sumthng
Ragini is standing near window
Sumitra:ragu what happend beta? U told that u will take children to temple&but suddenly after listening about their papa u slapped him. &makes himfeel bad u too felt bad.
Ragini hugs her cries
Ragini:today i saw laksh.. I think he will know about my children soon. Then he will take them away from me… I don’t want that to be happened so i decided to ask god to help me but maa when i listened the word dad… From my children mouth i can’t resit myself..
Maa we can’t stay here anymore as my children. Are becoming old.. We have to do sumthng mom to save my children from laksh maheswari..

Screen opens at ashwin is listening all this and fumes in anger

Precap:sumone badmouths about ragini… Ashwin hits them badly.. He decided to go to mm to teach a lesson to laksh.. For ruining her mothers life&making her cry

Credit to: Harika

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  1. Very nyc… Ashwin’s anger for his father it’s right… Post the next part soon…

  2. It’s fabulous?? please upload the next part please…….I can’t wait to see the part when Lakshya realize that he have a daughter and a son?‍?‍?‍?

  3. awww so cute ashwin ….superb ff

  4. He is not a kid yaar he is shaitan ha ha ha

  5. superbb..

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