Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [INTRODUCTION]


Hello evry 1… Me Anaita here… The lead of my ff will be Ragini.. so here is the intro.. and do read the last para..

Ragini Singhania: Outspoken, free spirited and bold.. A very beautiful girl and the queen of hearts and princess of Mr. Shekhar Singhania.. She is an MBBS student and studying in medical… she is a topper and an active student… every college boy has a feeling for her but afraid to tell her because she has power as she is the daughter of the top businessman of India… belongs to high class family..

Hero: Humorous, caring and A kind hearted man but a lil naughty… A student of MBBS and regular towards competition.. surrounded with friends and a tough competitor for our heroine.. He is the son of the successful businessman… belongs to high class family..

Shekhar Singhania: the most successful business man of India… loves his family alot..

Durgaprasad Maheshwari: Not most but successful business man.. loves his family alot..

DP and AP are the parents of our hero whereas Shekhar and Sharmishtha are the parents of our heroine..

Guyzz about pairs its up to u… u have to vote for our hero… i dont even know that Swara is gonna be the part of my ff or not.. I want ur support to continue my ff and plzz comment.. hope so you liked it.. plz do cmnt as i dont know.. I am very bad writer but trying for Ragini. I want suggestions from you all. And you all have d right to scold me if i am wrong anywhere and if u want to make it as per your taste. And also one thing the duration of my ff depends on your comments.. I ll inform u all to close this ff if i dont get comments as expected..

Credit to: Anaita

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  1. make laksh.as hero…….

    1. Yaa lets see…

  2. Nice dear
    And dont go do comments because we will have 80% silent readers and remsing comentors
    Nice story and coming to pairs u decide your self dont go to voting system as it will mess everything

    1. Thank u… hmm thanks for the advice but i was confuse btwn raglak and ragsan so i left that on u people…

      1. If u confuse then make another guy as hero

  3. Awsm..plzz make sanskar as the hero

    1. Thank u… lets see…

  4. Nice intro
    ragsan plz

    1. thank u… lets see…

  5. Make Ragsan yeahhh…

    1. Lets see…

    1. lets see…

  6. Hey interesting introduction! Don’t think you are bad writer, in that case me too are a bad writer 😉 lol Everyone make his debut, it’s normal that will make mistake 😉 Do what you heart and your imagination want 🙂 If you want a ragsan story I will more than happy, if you made raglak story I will be happy too 🙂 Don’t forget just follow your heart and your imagination!
    Please if you start your FF please do it daily I’m eager to read the chapter 1


    1. Thank u lovely… i am telling this only to myself to encourage myself… Thnks for being so supportive…

  7. Sanskaar aka Varun Kapoor as hero….pls continue

    1. lets see.. sure

  8. Ragsan please

    1. lets see

  9. laksh………..plz………

    1. lets see

    1. lets see

  10. lacky is best.

    1. lets see

  11. Laksh pls…….. Raglak
    …………there are many ragsan ff…. So pls raglak…………………….


    1. Lets see

  12. plsz make the pairs as ragsan ……….

    1. lets see

  13. Plzz make sanskar hero.

    1. lets see

  14. I want sanskar as hero

  15. Raglak plzzzzzz. …laksh hero

  16. plz make sanskar as hero

  17. ragsan

  18. Awesome story

  19. Raglak please

  20. RAGLAK RAGLAK RAGLAK definitely!?

  21. Ragsan plz….

  22. Raglak please

  23. nice plot n donot go on comments n my vote is ua fav hero

  24. raglak/ ragsan both are nice

  25. plszz raglak nd swasan bcuz dey r deh cutest cuplszz…

  26. Nice ur wish about hero I dont care I want just rag to be main lead

  27. Whatever u like dear

  28. Sanskar plzzzz
    Die heart ragsan fan!!!!

  29. whoever it is…. i lov raglak n ragsan …

  30. Nice ragsan plzz

  31. Pls make it Raglak. Now most of the ff has ragsan or Ragini with others Atleast u write on the original pair

  32. very nice start……?

    make ragini with Pearl v puri…?

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