Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 9]

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Recap: Sanlak confession… Ragini talking to the photo..

“Hmm… but mister i will not open my mouth so easily… let me see how will u look when u will suffer to listen those magical words… so done tmrw i will pretnd as nothing happnd…” Ragini…

Next day
Ragini went to her medical everything was usual for her but the feeling of not finding him near him was unusual..
Then Sanlak entered the campus.. A sweet smile came on her face but went unnoticed by Sanlak…

There class started… both Sanlak were sitting in opposite direction while Ragini was sitting in middle… Both were staring her in btwn their lectures like mads.. her grace made them smile…
“Wake up class ur first prof are from July so prepare for it be attentive and its gonna be a tough cmptition for this batch because of sanraglak.. Lets see who ll take the gold medal this tym… So guyzz as u know today is ur last day of this year so enjoy will meet soon.. ” Mr. Kapoor

Swaragsanlak were in canteen… Swara was speaking continuously while three of thm were in deep thoughts..
“Guyz m telling u so many ways to be a topper but u guyz are just disgusting..” Swara
“Shut up Swara” Ragini
Swara left the place annoyed..
Sanraglak were left there..
There was no eye contact btwn them neither ragini tried to say smthng nor did Sanlak… The trio was frustrated that how will they survive without each other for a month… May be they can meet at home or cafe but if Ragini refused their proposal thn what will happn… Ragini left the place without speaking a single word.. They both were expecting this kind of behaviour from her or may be she needed tym..

Days passes…

“Only 8 days has been passed and I feel that i havnt met u it seems that it has been a decade.. I m missing uh so much.. I love you Mr. MAHESHWARI…” Ragini talking to the photo
All her conversatation were heard by Sumi but she was unable to see the photo…
Ragini was sitting in her room caressing the photo when sumi entered her room… She hid that photo as fast she could..
“Hmm.. I was doubting u since that party..” Sumi
“Vo.. actaully maa…” stammering
“Rags..” Sumi “Go down beta and see who has come to meet you”…
“Someone has come to meet me??” Ragini wondering..
She left her room and made her way to the stairs leading to the big hall of the big mansion.. In the hall Maheshwaris (AP DP RP and sujata) were present..
“They have come here with a proposal for u…” Shekhar
“Yeah.. Our son will take care of u just like a princess” Sujata…
“Sujata is right afterall our son is the best” Ap

Ragini’s happiness has no bounds she felt like she was flying in the sky due to which her face was glowing..

“Have you accepted this proposal beta” Dp
“Kya bhaisa… Her face is showing how much she is happy with it” Sujata…
Ragini nods…
“Congrats… we are going to become relatives dp ji” Shekhar..
“Same to u…” Dp
“Our son will give u all the happiness of this world” Ap
Ragini blushes


Sanlak were sitting in hall… there was a huge silence didnt knew how to react… Love has no cure…
Evryone enters.. They all were very happy..
“I m very angry wid u… u didnt even told me about it” Ap facing Sanlak
Both were confused that with whom she was talking to..
“I came to know evrything… I know u love Ragini” Sujata
Both stood there in completely unbelievable look..
“Dont stare us like that…” Rp “That day Sujata listened whatever you told about Ragini to urslf in your room…” (i hope you guyz remember the same day when they confessed there feelings to themselves)
Both were shell shocked this tym…
“And u know what beta Ragini has accepted this proposal… now ur bachelorhood is going to end soon” Dp

Both were on cloud 9 thinking that their Ragini will marry them soon… Both hugged each other in happiness…

Precap: Wedding preparations and rituals…

I am so sorry for this boaring epi… i will try my best to entertain u all… and about rituals i wanna tell you that rituals will be held separately in groom and bride side… SO SORRY FOR THIS BOARING EPI

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