Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 8](CONFESSION!!!)


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Recap: Party.. Truth and Dare… Ragsan kiss..

Both didnt knew what to do…
With no option left they started moving towards each other…

“Am I smelling good?? How to pose should i hold her by her shoulders?? Really Sanskar by her shoulder no.. or by her waist?? Uff so much cnfusion i wanted to kiss her but not like this.. she is not comfortable… No I cant let this golden opportunity out of my hands.. I will make her feel comfortable…” Sanskar (thinking)..

Ragini was observing Sanskar who was nervous like hell…
“Oh my god… he z so cute.. poor him because of me and my stupid dare he is trapped… i cant let this happen” Ragini (thinking)..

Laksh was observing both ragsan moving towards each other…
“Godd plzz dont let this happen… I love her I cant see her getting close wid my own bro plzz do something..” Laksh thinking…

Ragsan’s eyes met and then their nose… Sanskar was breathing heavily… Seeing this Ragini smirked and gave a peck on his …….. Cheeks…

Laksh relieved…
“This is cheating yaar” Armaan…
“Kiss is kiss whether on lips or on cheeks” Ragini
“This… this you call kiss?” Armaan
“Yeah… and it wasnt specified whether on cheeks or..” Ragini…
“Damn it Sanskar u hv missd this chance dont worry there is whole life for this” Sanskar thinking..
“Party is over guyz come lets go to our homes” Laksh (trying to change the topic)..

M. M.

Sanlak at a tym thinking in their specific rooms..

“Its high tym… I should confess tomorrow… in a magical type…” Sanlak thinking..

Laksh’s room…

Laksh dialled Ragini’s no.
“Hello… Ragini” Laksh
“Yes Laksh wat happnd..” Ragini
“A..c..t..u..a..l..l..y…” Laksh..
“Laksh.. wait will yu be able to cmplete today??” Ragini
“Meet me at 2:00 PM at CCD” Laksh said in a go
“Man… Its okk take it easy… i ll reach there” Ragini and disconncted..

Ragini’s room..

She took a photo from the side table and hugged it…
“I love you… and see i am missing u” Ragini
Her thoughts were disturbed by a phone call..

“Yeah Sanskar” Ragini
“Ragini” Sanskar
“Hmm” Ragini
“Are u free tmrw” Sanskar
“Yeah but i am lil busy by 2 PM..” Ragini
“Dont worry I wont take much time… Meet me at CCD at 3:00 PM” Sanskar
“Okk than bye” Ragini…

Nxt day

“Where the hell is Ragini its 1:55 where z she i am waiting for her from one hour” Laksh
Ragini arrives just then..
“Yaa Laksh” Ragini
“Where were u i was waiting for since an hour” Laksh..
“An hour” Ragini almost shouting.. “but you gave me the time of 2 and i am 5 mins early..” Ragini…
“Leave it..” Laksh “actually.. actually..”
“Proceed” Ragini annoyed
“I Love You” Laksh
Ragini spills her coffee
“Are yu serious” Ragini
“I understand Ragini u need time.. Take as much as time yu want” Laksh “I am leaving bye”
Laksh left
“Strange creature” Ragini

On Road
“I know ragini u might be feeling strange about my suddent proposal and leaving the cafe in a haste but i cant listen NO… I dont know whatever will be your answer i ll accept”..

He texts Ragini

3:00 PM
Sanskar reaches there… Ragini was also there… she was in a state of shock.. she came to senses when her phone beeped… Yes it was Laksh’s msg.
Sanskar comes to her..

Ragini: yes sanskar u wanted to talk??
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini: Yeah..
Sanskar: Ragini.. actually the thing is that.. (long pause.. while ragini was listening to him carefully)..
Ragini: speak up damn it..
Sanskar: Ragini i love u i love u alot… will u marry me…
Ragini coughs… Sanskar was waiting for her reply suddenly his phone rang..
“Yes dad.. right now.. At CCD.. ok i ll manage” Sanskar on phone..
Sanskar: Sorry ragini i know its very awkward but i will wait for ur reply and i have an important meeting here so i hv to go…
Sanskar leaves..

Ragini’s room
Ragini was sitting there with the same photo in her hand..

“Wat yaar today u proposed me i cant believe my ears.. i m so happy… right now i m on cloud 9… but u r such an idiot u should have wait for my reply no but left that place in hurry… u know what i am feeling at this time.. i just feel to shout in the whole world that I LOVE YOU TOO… u know what you and your brother are so similiar… u both proposed me in a same way proposed me on the same day and also to same girl… but…. I LOVE YOU ALOT… AND I AM ONLY YOURS…

Precap: Proposal for Ragini..

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