Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 7] (Truth Or Dare!!)


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Recap: Sanlak confession and dp infrmng sanlak about a business get together…

Both of them were overjoyed as they were going to meet their love.. They both were imagining being a part of Ragini’s life and their future with her…
Their thoughts were broken by Ap which even broke their hearts for a second…
“Lucky wat will my devrani think that I am not taking care of her child and Sanskar u should obey your old parents” Ap acting being emotional (uff this much melodrama…)
“Its okk Ap if they dont want to go then dont force them… let them do whatever they want… I dont have any problem if u r not going” Dp lil smiling
“Pa” sanskar
“I know Sanskar u think that I am being melodramatic but for me dont come” Dp
“But p” Sanskar
INTERRUPTED(guyz now he is habitual u should also be habitual)
“Its okk beta i dont wanna talk about it further” Dp
“Sanskar will u be able to convince him till today..” Laksh whispering in Sanskar’s ears..
“Very funny” Sanskar
“You are really unlucky.. seriously.. dont worry i am here to reduce your pain because I am Lucky..” Laksh whispering in Sanskar’s ears..
“You wont understand Laksh.. Because I want to go for Ragini and u dont wanna go there” Sanskar in his mind
“Bade Papa… I think we should also come in the party… and meet ur daughters also” Laksh
Three of them gave him a confusing look..
“What… I mean we will meet your business partner’s daughters..”
“What happened to him… Why is he intrested in going there” Sanskar’s mind was repeatedly adking him these questions…
“I know bhai.. I am sorry because of me you have to go there” Laksh pleading…
“Its okk” Sanskar replied..

All four of them were ready for the party…
(Laksh was wearing Dark blue Three piece suit with matching pants.. Sanskar was wearing Dark green three piece suit with matching pants)

They entered the venue..
Everything was well decorated… Sanlak started to search for their ragini… Suddenly they notice a heaven beauty coming from the right side of Sanskar…
Both Sanlak were not able to take off their eyes… Shekahar and Dp hugs..
They introduce sanlak to ragini..

“Hmm… so u r cousins…” Ragini
“Not cousins.. we are more than bros” sanlak..
“Ragini I am really sorry for my behaviour… ” Laksh
“Its okk.. by d way this party is lil boaring come lets go to our party.” Ragini..
“Our party” Sanskar confused..
“Yeah” she.

She dragged them to a hall attached to her house.. There was a seperate party going on… Swara and Armaan and other friends of Ragini were present there… We can say that youths were present there nd it was a youth party..

All were enjoying to its full…
“So guyz lets play Truth and Dare” Swara said…
Every1 agreed…
“Guyzz today is not Friday nor Saturday so lets have a drink” Anisha one of their friend demanded…
“No Anisha… not now…” Swara..
“Yeah Swara is crrct will have it in the end” Armaan..
Swara felt irritated seeing his behaviour…

The bottle was rotated…
Firstly it came on Ragini…
“Truth or Dare???” Rohan another friend…
“Hmm… Dare” Ragini
“Ok than…” Rohan
“Rohan wait.. I have a better idea… Ragini u have to kiss Sanskar… what say guyzz??” Swara
“Not bad… hmm” Armaan..
“No way” Ragini shouting..
“Whoa.. man u scared us.. huhh” Rohan (acting)
“Ragini.. stay cool yaar calm down its just a kiss… u can do it… ” Armaan encouragingly..
“But why me??” Sanskar
“Yeah why Sanskar” Laksh..

Laksh realised wat he just said and everyone’s eyes were staring him with a confused look on their faces while Swara was just busy in smirking and eyeing raglak

“I mean to say that why Sanskar you can choose anyone like Rohan.. Armaan..” Laksh covering up for his outspoken behaviour and avoiding eye contact with ragsan… and took a bottle of water from the nearby table and he started drinking it…
“Why not u Laksh… I mean u r a better choice” Swara
Listening to this Laksh started coughing badly… In the mean time Ragini comes and caresses his back and calms him… Laksh was on cloud nine with the ongoing happenings and was staring at her continuously not even caring about others
“Enough of you all… Its just a kiss and Ragini will kiss Sanskar only.. And Sanskar you should be happy nd infact u dont have to do anything… Ragini will be doing everything you just have to sit and close your eyes…” Armaan agressively..
Rohan and Armaan started cheering for them… While Ragsan moved towards each other hesitatingly… Sanskar was happy in himself as its gonna be the first kiss of his life with his lady love… While Ragini was unknown of the feeling she was experiencing that tym maybe that was nervousness or shyness or her frst tym OR …. (will continue in the nxt epi..)

Precap: Hold on your breaths…. Get set go……

Sorry guyzz i know it was a bit boaring i ll try my best to entrtain u all… and all guessed it really very well as i said that i ll reveal the pair whn the ri8 time comes and i ll try to brng the ri8 asap..

Link to previous episode:

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Credit to: Anaita

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